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NFL Picks: September 28

Yesterday was a crazy day in college football. I was able to go just 3-4 on my posted plays, a day that I said was going to be a little off. And I knew things would happen like they did with Penn State, the line was 15 before the game and the Nittany Lions only win by two touchdowns. It’s things like that that make picking so frusturating. Anyway, here are a few NFL plays for today:

San Francisco (+4.5) The Saints are beat up and Niners are looking good. O’Sullivan has a high rating against a team that gives up 250 passing yds. a game. Saints also allow 5 yds. per carry to a guy that leads the league in rushing. I like the upset.

Houston (+7) It’s possible! The Jags came off a win last week that took a lot out of them. Houston were just a mistake shy of beating the Titans last week. If you don’t take the upset, take the points.

Washington (+10.5) I personally feel like that’s too many points in a division rival game. I don’t want to be a homer, but I think the Skins win this game. Don’t think so? I’m hoping they won’t lose by more than a TD, take the points.

Washington (+380) I’m a homer.

Good luck to everbody. Bet with your head, not over it.


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College FB Picks: September 27, 2008

The card for college football this week isn’t great. However, there are a few plays that may mix it up a bit. This week could be good for upsets. I’m trying to improve my 1-2 record thus far.

Bowling Green (-3) They’re coming off a bye and Wyoming is pretty bad, BG covers.

Virginia (+7) UVA has faced good teams (see: USC) and they know how to play, Duke does not. UVA may lose, but not by a touchdown.

Georgia (-6) I like Georgia over Alabama by a touchdown, maybe 10 points.

Maryland (+11) The question is whether the Terps can stop Spiller and Davis. 11 is too many points.

Maryland (+350) I think the Terps will pull out the upset this week. Clemson has a good backfield, but Bowden is scrambling for wins so far this year.

New Mexico St. (+135) New Mexico lost their QB and is definitely beat up. NM St. always plays them tough and this game won’t be any different. I like NM St. with the upset.

Penn State (-16.5) Nittany Lions are at home with the “White Out” and Illinois didn’t have a defense to stop Mizzou earlier in the season. Penn St. puts up 50 points a game. I like Penn St. to cover.

Good luck to everybody. Bet with your head, not over it.

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What is happening in Missouri?

If I could write out what circus music sounds like, I would. Then I would put it on big speakers and take it down to the St. Louis Rams’ facility, because what is happening down there is a complete CIRCUS! The Rams were a team that was considered a playoff team last year, injuries obviously hurt those chances. The Rams declined to pick up Issac Bruce’s $2.5 million contract in 2007, but signed Drew Bennett for $30 million and $10 million was guarunteed. They currently have NO defense on their team. And yesterday they announced that they will sit starting quarterback, Marc Bulger. Are you crazy? Did the clowns take over the franchise?

I may not be a football expert, but it doesn’t take the brain of Don Shula to realize that Marc Bulger is not the reason the team is winless through Week 3. What is the reason for their huge failures so far? Basically everything but the quarterback position. The offensive line gives the QB no protection. The receivers are invisible except for Torry Holt (he’s great), so it’s easy when opposing defenses need to worry about just one guy. And I’m not even sure if the defense shows up on Sundays. As a result of those weak positions, other positions are directly effected. Marc Bulger has no time to throw, Steven Jackson can’t run when there are no holes, and each side of the ball becomes exhausted.

Benching Marc Bulger, who has an enormous contract by the way, and replacing him with 104-year-old Trent Green is not the answer. The answer is to calm down and realize that your defense is not there. Realize that you have now entered the rebuilding stage and you need to focus on defense during the upcoming draft and free agent signing period. I’m not saying to tank this season from here on out, but don’t be stupid. Don’t bench your best quarterback, who has a better rating than a third of other starters including Peyton Manning. Don’t panic, every team goes through it. Just look up the road at Kansas City, they’re not very good either. Their problem, however, needs your well-designed solution. Bench the quarterback. The only problem with benching the quarterback in Kansas City is that there is no one to put in the spot. The rational thing for the Chiefs to do is to see if Larry Johnson and Dwayne Bowe can play every position on offense.

And speaking of Missouri; what’s up with selling Budweiser? To a foreign company? That’s harsh guys. I guess all I have left to root for is Mizzou football, go Tigers.

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Lucky Seven: A shot at NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings are entertaining. Although they are based strictly on opinion, because really anyone could think the Pats are still number one, it’s fun to try and do it yourself. In fact, without even looking at ESPN’s latest power rankings, my idea of the top seven are somewhat similar.

1.) Dallas Cowboys – Dallas has so much fire power and they are certainly the team to beat now that the boy wonder has gone down for the year. Two of the three teams they have beat this year are certainly playoff teams (PHI & GB), so they have definitely shown it.

2.) Philadelphia Eagles – They crush who their supposed to (STL), they beat out the physical and tough teams (PIT), and they play a hell of a game against the best team in the league (DAL) only to come up a bit short. If McNabb stays healthy and Westbrook makes a solid return, look out for the Eagles to possibly win the NFC.

3.) New York Giants – I still think Eli needs to find consistency, but the Football Giants are the defending champs. The defense is incredible, Plaxico makes big plays, and their backfield is a scary threat. I don’t think the Giants hit the SB again, but they should make a solid run at the playoffs.

4.) Pittsburgh – Their upcoming game against Baltimore is going to be huge. The Steelers are a very physical team, but they take on the Ravens’ defense without Willie Parker in the backfield. Roethlisberger is beat up already and they have their work cut out for them. I think Pittsburgh comes close, if not winning, the AFC Championship.

5.) Tennessee Titans – The Titans are hard to figure out. They haven’t beaten the great teams yet (CIN, HOU) but I think that the defense could do it for them. They did, however, beat jacksonville, which I think is a strong squad. The addition of Chris Johnson to accomodate LenDale’s strong power running is key. Kerry Collins and the lack of receivers is the part that could drag the Titans down come playoff time. Who knows if Vince comes back?

6.) Denver Broncos – They’re not cheaters, right? They beat San Diego with a really bad, but lucky, call at the end. They squeezed past New Orleans. And they beat Oakland. There isn’t enough to base anything on quite yet, but Cutler and Marshall are crazy this year.

7.) Buffalo Bills – Surprise! Buffalo is back. The defense is physical, the running backs are awesome, and Trent Edwards has defeinitely improved from last year. I thought they were good last year, so I think they’ll be a lot better this year. They also beat a Jacksonville team that just beat the Colts in Week 3, that’s saying something.

I know we’ve only played three weeks but, again, this is fun to do. It’s almost like trying to pick winners in Week 1. You really only have the year before to go on and a lot has changed over the offseason. I’m in the same boat. Although I have seen them play three weeks, I factor in last season a little bit too.

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Lane Kiffin hanging on, with no one in sight to let him fall

It is obvious that Raiders’ owner Al Davis wants to get rid of head coach Lane Kiffin. Reports have stated that the two haven’t talked to each other since before the opening week of the season, which is not a healthy relationship. Their awkward relationship has often been described as, “if these two were married, then they would be living in seperate rooms”.

The problem that Al Davis is having, I believe, is finding someone to take the dreaded job of coaching the Oakland Raiders. Being the head coach of the Raiders has its ups, believe it or not. As the head coach, you get to live in sunny California. You are in charge of a rather young team that has room to grow (we can only assume). You have marketable athletes in McFadden and Russell. Your fan base is extremely loyal and opposing teams would rather not play on your hom turf. However, the downfall is that you have to answer to Al Davis. Who in their right mind would think that the head coaching position in Oakland would be a good fit for them? With Al as your boss, you have no control and zero job security. Are you willing to take the risk of working for the crappiest owner in the NFL?

I would assume, and Fox Sports also has mentioned this, that Al Davis would promote someone from within to take over the reigns. The first to come to mind would be Ryan, the defensive coordinator that Al Davis has stood up for repeatedly. Otherwise I can only think of Jim Fassell and Jim Mora Jr. as possible candidates, netiher of which I believe are morons.

The next question would be, what happens to Lane Kiffin after his dismissal? Reports have mentioned the Syracuse head coaching job; but who is to say he goes back to the college ranks? I mean, it does make sense because he had such success at USC, but can Kiffin (and others) really judge his NFL coaching potential by spending a couple years under Al Davis? Can anyone, for that matter, judge their coaching potential by working under Al Davis? Kiffin may very well be a really good ball coach, but Al Davis could be hampering his potential.

Perhaps Al Davis should reevaluate the situtation he faces in Oakland. Number one, he doesn’t have Super Bowl caliber talent just yet. Number two, he can’t expect to build any team unity or continuity when he changes coaches like he changes leather jackets. And number three, you have officially created a facade of yourself that gives off a glow of: “Nobody should work for me”. Who is really to blame for the poor years of the Oakland Raiders? Al Davis could easily answer the question by looking in the mirror.

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September Surprise

NFL Week 3 had its upsets, no doubt about it. The first one that comes to mind is obviously the winless Dolphins snapping the Patriots 21-regular season game win streak. It seemed as if the Dolphins could do no wrong. Ronnie Brown had four touchdowns on the ground and threw for one as well. Brown made people aware that he is still a great back in this league, he’s just down there in Miami. Chad Pennington didn’t have any touchdowns but he threw for 200+ yards and missed on only three passes. I heard a man (I think it was Oberman) say that Tom Brady should be in the running for this year’s MVP, because he’s the reason the Patriots aren’t a threat. To me, the Patriots are still a decent team. They still have a defense, which may be a little slow but it can still close games. They still have a receiving group that is hard to contain. And they have a running back (injured at the time) that is a hard downhill runner. I don’t feel like people should judge Cassell just yet though. This is only his second start in a billion years and he may just need a little time to get the grasp on things. Not everyone can come in like Tom and do work like he did, take it easy on Cassell. If he doesn’t get it by the end of the season, then maybe people can start shunning him. And hey, who knows, maybe the Dolphins just needed two weeks to get their stuff together and now they’re a serious threat in the AFC East. Buffalo didn’t play a comfortable game against Oakland, the Jets are getting the “overrated” label, and Miami can obviously beat the Pats. So maybe this whole division is up for grabs, it’s really too early to judge.

The other surprise, to me, was the Browns getting destroyed by the Ravens. I actually received a comment from someone and they weren’t happy about my prediction of the Browns “smacking” the Ravens. To that individual, I apologize. I try to take games with the best odds in terms of betting. The Browns were underdogs and they faced two really good teams in the weeks prior to Sunday. The Ravens, on the other hand, beat the Bengals (don’t know if you’ve seen them play) and they have a rookie quarterback (Shane Falco). I felt like I was making a safe bet, and everyone bets wrong. I was surprised at how bad Derek Anderson played and how dominant the Ravens’ defense was. We all know that Baltimore has great defense, but they absolutely shut the Browns down despite their aging. And I can only imagine what the Browns fans are saying in Cleveland; probably some faint whispers of Brady Quinn? I would hate to think that Derek Anderson’s 2007 season was a fluke, but he needs to get it together like a Pro Bowler normally would. And the last note to that one angry individual: unless you lost significant cash on the play, cool down a little bit. This site is all in fun and the Ravens game was a simple misplay. If you checkout a majority of the handicappers, they liked Browns +3 as one of their best plays. I encourage you to send me your picks for Week 4, college or pro football. Thanks for your support, I’ll try to pick it up next week.

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A Piece of History: Gone but not forgotten

Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, Gehrig, Jackson, Mattingly, Berra, the list could go on forever. Some of the greatest players to ever play the game of baseball have called Yankee Stadium home. The beloved stadium, to both players and fans alike, has hosted its last game. Since the “House that Ruth Built” is closing its doors, the New York Yankees will begin the 2009 season at their new $1.3 billion stadium.

The structure may disappear but the rich history will stay in the Bronx forever. Whether you like the Yankees or not, you have to respect the history. I can’t say that I root for the Yanks on gameday, but I can’t help but to be fascinated with the early years of the Yankees. Even the recent years of dominance that the Yankees have had and what that stadium stands for, it cannot be ignored. I feel that if you are a fan of the game of baseball, than you are certainly a fan of the deep Yankees history.

Goodbye to Yankee Stadium.

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