September Surprise

September 22, 2008 at 3:58 am Leave a comment

NFL Week 3 had its upsets, no doubt about it. The first one that comes to mind is obviously the winless Dolphins snapping the Patriots 21-regular season game win streak. It seemed as if the Dolphins could do no wrong. Ronnie Brown had four touchdowns on the ground and threw for one as well. Brown made people aware that he is still a great back in this league, he’s just down there in Miami. Chad Pennington didn’t have any touchdowns but he threw for 200+ yards and missed on only three passes. I heard a man (I think it was Oberman) say that Tom Brady should be in the running for this year’s MVP, because he’s the reason the Patriots aren’t a threat. To me, the Patriots are still a decent team. They still have a defense, which may be a little slow but it can still close games. They still have a receiving group that is hard to contain. And they have a running back (injured at the time) that is a hard downhill runner. I don’t feel like people should judge Cassell just yet though. This is only his second start in a billion years and he may just need a little time to get the grasp on things. Not everyone can come in like Tom and do work like he did, take it easy on Cassell. If he doesn’t get it by the end of the season, then maybe people can start shunning him. And hey, who knows, maybe the Dolphins just needed two weeks to get their stuff together and now they’re a serious threat in the AFC East. Buffalo didn’t play a comfortable game against Oakland, the Jets are getting the “overrated” label, and Miami can obviously beat the Pats. So maybe this whole division is up for grabs, it’s really too early to judge.

The other surprise, to me, was the Browns getting destroyed by the Ravens. I actually received a comment from someone and they weren’t happy about my prediction of the Browns “smacking” the Ravens. To that individual, I apologize. I try to take games with the best odds in terms of betting. The Browns were underdogs and they faced two really good teams in the weeks prior to Sunday. The Ravens, on the other hand, beat the Bengals (don’t know if you’ve seen them play) and they have a rookie quarterback (Shane Falco). I felt like I was making a safe bet, and everyone bets wrong. I was surprised at how bad Derek Anderson played and how dominant the Ravens’ defense was. We all know that Baltimore has great defense, but they absolutely shut the Browns down despite their aging. And I can only imagine what the Browns fans are saying in Cleveland; probably some faint whispers of Brady Quinn? I would hate to think that Derek Anderson’s 2007 season was a fluke, but he needs to get it together like a Pro Bowler normally would. And the last note to that one angry individual: unless you lost significant cash on the play, cool down a little bit. This site is all in fun and the Ravens game was a simple misplay. If you checkout a majority of the handicappers, they liked Browns +3 as one of their best plays. I encourage you to send me your picks for Week 4, college or pro football. Thanks for your support, I’ll try to pick it up next week.


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