Lane Kiffin hanging on, with no one in sight to let him fall

September 23, 2008 at 2:33 am Leave a comment

It is obvious that Raiders’ owner Al Davis wants to get rid of head coach Lane Kiffin. Reports have stated that the two haven’t talked to each other since before the opening week of the season, which is not a healthy relationship. Their awkward relationship has often been described as, “if these two were married, then they would be living in seperate rooms”.

The problem that Al Davis is having, I believe, is finding someone to take the dreaded job of coaching the Oakland Raiders. Being the head coach of the Raiders has its ups, believe it or not. As the head coach, you get to live in sunny California. You are in charge of a rather young team that has room to grow (we can only assume). You have marketable athletes in McFadden and Russell. Your fan base is extremely loyal and opposing teams would rather not play on your hom turf. However, the downfall is that you have to answer to Al Davis. Who in their right mind would think that the head coaching position in Oakland would be a good fit for them? With Al as your boss, you have no control and zero job security. Are you willing to take the risk of working for the crappiest owner in the NFL?

I would assume, and Fox Sports also has mentioned this, that Al Davis would promote someone from within to take over the reigns. The first to come to mind would be Ryan, the defensive coordinator that Al Davis has stood up for repeatedly. Otherwise I can only think of Jim Fassell and Jim Mora Jr. as possible candidates, netiher of which I believe are morons.

The next question would be, what happens to Lane Kiffin after his dismissal? Reports have mentioned the Syracuse head coaching job; but who is to say he goes back to the college ranks? I mean, it does make sense because he had such success at USC, but can Kiffin (and others) really judge his NFL coaching potential by spending a couple years under Al Davis? Can anyone, for that matter, judge their coaching potential by working under Al Davis? Kiffin may very well be a really good ball coach, but Al Davis could be hampering his potential.

Perhaps Al Davis should reevaluate the situtation he faces in Oakland. Number one, he doesn’t have Super Bowl caliber talent just yet. Number two, he can’t expect to build any team unity or continuity when he changes coaches like he changes leather jackets. And number three, you have officially created a facade of yourself that gives off a glow of: “Nobody should work for me”. Who is really to blame for the poor years of the Oakland Raiders? Al Davis could easily answer the question by looking in the mirror.


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