Lucky Seven: A shot at NFL Power Rankings

September 24, 2008 at 1:08 am Leave a comment

NFL Power Rankings are entertaining. Although they are based strictly on opinion, because really anyone could think the Pats are still number one, it’s fun to try and do it yourself. In fact, without even looking at ESPN’s latest power rankings, my idea of the top seven are somewhat similar.

1.) Dallas Cowboys – Dallas has so much fire power and they are certainly the team to beat now that the boy wonder has gone down for the year. Two of the three teams they have beat this year are certainly playoff teams (PHI & GB), so they have definitely shown it.

2.) Philadelphia Eagles – They crush who their supposed to (STL), they beat out the physical and tough teams (PIT), and they play a hell of a game against the best team in the league (DAL) only to come up a bit short. If McNabb stays healthy and Westbrook makes a solid return, look out for the Eagles to possibly win the NFC.

3.) New York Giants – I still think Eli needs to find consistency, but the Football Giants are the defending champs. The defense is incredible, Plaxico makes big plays, and their backfield is a scary threat. I don’t think the Giants hit the SB again, but they should make a solid run at the playoffs.

4.) Pittsburgh – Their upcoming game against Baltimore is going to be huge. The Steelers are a very physical team, but they take on the Ravens’ defense without Willie Parker in the backfield. Roethlisberger is beat up already and they have their work cut out for them. I think Pittsburgh comes close, if not winning, the AFC Championship.

5.) Tennessee Titans – The Titans are hard to figure out. They haven’t beaten the great teams yet (CIN, HOU) but I think that the defense could do it for them. They did, however, beat jacksonville, which I think is a strong squad. The addition of Chris Johnson to accomodate LenDale’s strong power running is key. Kerry Collins and the lack of receivers is the part that could drag the Titans down come playoff time. Who knows if Vince comes back?

6.) Denver Broncos – They’re not cheaters, right? They beat San Diego with a really bad, but lucky, call at the end. They squeezed past New Orleans. And they beat Oakland. There isn’t enough to base anything on quite yet, but Cutler and Marshall are crazy this year.

7.) Buffalo Bills – Surprise! Buffalo is back. The defense is physical, the running backs are awesome, and Trent Edwards has defeinitely improved from last year. I thought they were good last year, so I think they’ll be a lot better this year. They also beat a Jacksonville team that just beat the Colts in Week 3, that’s saying something.

I know we’ve only played three weeks but, again, this is fun to do. It’s almost like trying to pick winners in Week 1. You really only have the year before to go on and a lot has changed over the offseason. I’m in the same boat. Although I have seen them play three weeks, I factor in last season a little bit too.


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