What is happening in Missouri?

September 24, 2008 at 9:26 pm Leave a comment

If I could write out what circus music sounds like, I would. Then I would put it on big speakers and take it down to the St. Louis Rams’ facility, because what is happening down there is a complete CIRCUS! The Rams were a team that was considered a playoff team last year, injuries obviously hurt those chances. The Rams declined to pick up Issac Bruce’s $2.5 million contract in 2007, but signed Drew Bennett for $30 million and $10 million was guarunteed. They currently have NO defense on their team. And yesterday they announced that they will sit starting quarterback, Marc Bulger. Are you crazy? Did the clowns take over the franchise?

I may not be a football expert, but it doesn’t take the brain of Don Shula to realize that Marc Bulger is not the reason the team is winless through Week 3. What is the reason for their huge failures so far? Basically everything but the quarterback position. The offensive line gives the QB no protection. The receivers are invisible except for Torry Holt (he’s great), so it’s easy when opposing defenses need to worry about just one guy. And I’m not even sure if the defense shows up on Sundays. As a result of those weak positions, other positions are directly effected. Marc Bulger has no time to throw, Steven Jackson can’t run when there are no holes, and each side of the ball becomes exhausted.

Benching Marc Bulger, who has an enormous contract by the way, and replacing him with 104-year-old Trent Green is not the answer. The answer is to calm down and realize that your defense is not there. Realize that you have now entered the rebuilding stage and you need to focus on defense during the upcoming draft and free agent signing period. I’m not saying to tank this season from here on out, but don’t be stupid. Don’t bench your best quarterback, who has a better rating than a third of other starters including Peyton Manning. Don’t panic, every team goes through it. Just look up the road at Kansas City, they’re not very good either. Their problem, however, needs your well-designed solution. Bench the quarterback. The only problem with benching the quarterback in Kansas City is that there is no one to put in the spot. The rational thing for the Chiefs to do is to see if Larry Johnson and Dwayne Bowe can play every position on offense.

And speaking of Missouri; what’s up with selling Budweiser? To a foreign company? That’s harsh guys. I guess all I have left to root for is Mizzou football, go Tigers.


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