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Lucky Seven: NFL Power Rankings Wk. 8

Not a whole lot changed over the past week that influenced any major changes to the Lucky Seven. In fact, only one team dropped one position and one new team took the place of an old one. Take a look and get ready to see some fireworks around the NFL this week.

1.) Tennessee Titans (1) – This team has to be the most feared team in the NFL right now. They go against the Indianapolis Colts this week in a match up that a lot of people are saying is in the favor of the underdog. Say what you want, I like the Titans entire team.

2.) Pittsburgh Steelers (2) – Smash mouth football is defined when you watch a Steelers game. This team is so physical and their defense is a nasty group of huge guys. I would take the Pittsburgh Steelers over almost anyone in the NFL right now, even without Willie Parker.

3.) New York Giants (3) – They didn’t just beat the 49er’s last week, they shut down the 49er’s last week. Although Frank Gore has been up and down recently, the Giants’ defense put a padlock on his ankles and allowed him to do absolutely nothing (which resulted in a fantasy loss for me). Brandon Jacobs seems to be getting better every week and the Giants haven’t shown any rumble in the tank after dropping a big one to Cleveland. However, these Eli v. Big Ben comparisons are absurd and there is no way that I will convinced that Eli is better than Ben Roethlisberger. Check out the match-up this week when the sack-leading Steelers pressure little Eli ten times more than Cleveland did….then come back and talk about comparisons.

4.) Washington Redskins (4) – It has gone from home team bias to pure truth, the Redskins are a good football team. They have already proven the critics wrong by winning 4+ games and I believe that, if they can get past a Detroit Lions team this week (yes the Detroit Lions), then they can win 7 of their last 8. And the reason I say ‘get past the Lions’ is because, we have yet to see the Skins demolish an opponent who they are actually suppose to demolish. They looked past the Rams and it bit them, lets see how it changes against the worst team in the league.

5.) Tampa Bay (NR) – Wow. The Tampa Bay Bucs have gone from nothin to somethin pretty quick. Jeff Garcia is back and he is certainly doing what we all know he is capable of. The defense is stellar and the Bucs look like the current front-runner in a real toss-up division. Looking at their remaining games, this Bucs team could be on to something pretty special. I’m just guessing, but I would say that the Bucs are going to be favored in the all but maybe two of their last nine games unless something odd were to happen.

 6.) Buffalo Bills (5) – They did win a tough game against San Diego last week, but its hard to put them above the Cardinals after the Cardinals have already pounded them three weeks ago, 41-17. Buffalo is a good football team and I think they make it to the playoffs, but their record isn’t all that strong. The only team they have beat thus far worth arguing for is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sure San Diego is a good team, but they have underachieved this year and the Chargers had to make the cross-country leap. Buffalo makes the playoffs, but is possibly the weakest team there.

7.) Arizona Cardinals (6) –  I think it’s only fair because they beat two really good teams (BUF and DAL) before going into their bye week. During the bye week they got some rest and brought back some guys, including the crazy-nice Anquan Boldin. I look for the Cardinals to continue their little winning streak on way to capturing the NFC West with a possible record of 9-7 or better.


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Quick Update: Kellen Winslow

Just wanted to put an end to the rumors circulating around about how Kellen Winslow was admitted to a clinic do to elephantitis, aka grapefruits in your pants. Reports have surfaced recently, that seem to be accurate, claiming that Winslow was admitted do to a staph infection.

Winslow was told to keep quiet by the team because apparently staph infections were a regular thing around the Cleveland organization and, well, it’s frickin gross. Winslow also decided to call out the Browns’ G.M. for not checking up on him while he was in the hospital, head coach Romeo Crennell says that Winslow could face fines for the remarks. And new rumors surfaced that Winslow almost asked for a trade, the trade deadline may have passed but he may not stay in Cleveland much longer.

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Have you seen the forearm shiver lately?

I’m not that guy that you always hear saying that “all sporting events are fixed” and how pointless and idiotic it is to gamble on the outcome of games. In fact, I am the guy that gambles on the outcomes of games and I’m not really too worried about whether a game is “fixed” or not. If a game is fixed, then factor that into your bet, either way a team comes out winning or losing. I also would bring up the point of the World Series match-up; have you seen who’s playing in it? Anyone with the slightest belief of sports games being fixed would have jumped all over the fact that the BoSox and Dodgers were in the playoffs and able to make a run. Hell, I even thought that’s who we would see in the World Series because it would draw the most viewers, the MLB gets major loot off it, and everyone is happy. But now we have the Phillies and the Rays…you really think that was fixed like that?

My whole point is, it sometimes slips our minds about what an impact referees have on the outcomes of games. We obviously all heard about the schmuck in the NBA and we have heard of SEC college football refs admitting to knowing about shaved points. We’ve even seen players go to trial do to shaving points themselves, in both football and basketball. Well this clip below has to be the single-handed LARGEST impact ever made by a ref. And no, this is not fake. This SEC ref obviously had LSU to cover (as did I) and he did his part to make that happen.

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Who’s to blame??

I’m not really sure whether to laugh or go hunt down this child’s parents and slap them in the back of the head with a bag of Tasty Kakes. Either way, people have to understand that its not McDonald’s fault that you’re 356 pounds overweight, it’s yours. This is why it is so important to keep physical education apart of schools, especially in the early years. Take a look:

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What the hell happened to Kellen Winslow?

When Kellen Winslow was suddenly hospitalized last week and no one knew why, it created some suspicion amongst the media and fans. The Browns kept the issue TOP SECRET and none of Kellen’s teammates were talking. With a guy like Winslow, who has been plagued by injuries here and there, it makes you wonder why in the world he’s missing games. But I heard his latest admittance to a Cleveland Clinic wasn’t exactly an “illness”, and it would make perfect sense why no one said anything about anything.

Although rumors are rumors and we know they are rarely true, the rumor about Kellen Winslow was that his testicles were the size of grapefruits. I was always heard of it as being “elephantitis”, but Kellen nor the Browns would ever admit such a thing. At least Kellen can say he has the biggest you-know-whats on the team when he goes off on one of his locker room rants. All jokes aside, this symptom could be the result of something much more serious. We certainly hope not. 

However, it’s not important that we know or the media knows. What’s really important is that Kellen gets better and hopefully it’s just a result of sleeping with some nasty lady in Cleveland. It’s possible that he suits up against the Redskins this weekend.

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Haywood done for the Wiz reported today that our Washington Wizards’ center Brendan Haywood could miss the entire season after having surgery on his right wrist today. The surgery was to repair a ligament that was torn in training camp on October 2nd. What does this mean for the Wiz?

1.) Haywood finally came into his own last year and gave a reasoning as to why he was ever drafted. I know you can’t teach 7-feet, but Haywood put up some pretty decent numbers last year too. He also took more jump shots from just outside the box, which he is surprisingly pretty good at. He averaged career highs of 10.7 points and 7.3 rebounds last season and was a KEY part to our success. Without that inside scoring, who do we have in the post? On the offensive glass?

2.) This isn’t the only injury that D.C. needs to deal with this year. Gilbert is expected to be out until at least January. What the Wizards do not need is another injury-plagued season that keeps them from getting a decent, yet pathetic, seed in the East. Gilbert’s resigning and all his personal bull crap is a completely different issue, however, that I would be more than willing to argue with someone about.

3.) Our center position now becomes extremely sketchy. We now have Etan Thomas, Andray Blatche, and JaVale McGee. Etan Thomas didn’t even play last season and he was just as effective as when he does play, so there’s no real help there. I have heard repeatedly that Etan is good trade bait, but I don’t know what Ernie Grunfeld is waiting on. Pull the trigger! Andray Blatche is a guy that I like a lot who I think has the potential to be a pretty good player for us. However, he is tall and somewhat lanky and doesn’t have the same big-body that Haywood had to make his presence felt in the middle. And then there is the rookie, JaVale, who is going from playing at Nevada to playing against LeBron and the Cavs. I don’t see JaVale making a smooth transition but I will certainly hope and pray that he proves me wrong.

You can say what you want about Haywood and his attitude in D.C., the point is that we are loosing a key player of the team. I know it was getting to the point where some people could not stand to read about Haywood, trust me I was one of those people, but he finally did come around and he showed D.C. that he was needed. With him going down we lose a large inside presence. And then you add Gilbert’s injury and we lose a substantial amount of points per game. We do know that we can succeed without Gilbert’s buckets, but I don’t think we can succeed without the shamefully little defense that we had with Haywood in the middle.

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Roy Williams is worth…3/4 of a draft class?

We all know about the blockbuster trade that occurred today, Detorit sending Roy Williams to the Dallas Cowboys. But has anyone seen what the Cowboys gave the Lions? The Cowboys gave the Lions four total picks, including a first-rounder in next year’s draft. The Lions also received a third and sixth-rounder in the 2009 draft with a 7th round pick in the 2010 draft.

I absolutely love Roy Williams. Not only is he an incredible receiver, but I’m a sucker for Texas Longhorns athletics. There’s no doubt that Roy Williams adds a threat and depth to this Cowboys team, but there is no way that the Cowboys get the better end of this deal. In fact, who ever took over Matt Millen’s old spot as GM of the Lions should receive an extension for stealing right from under Jerry Jones’ nose.

Reports say that T.O. is estatic about the trade for Williams, but that’s all a bunch of nothin’. Sure you can swing it and say that it will draw off the double teams of T.O., but what it really does is take touches away from other guys on the Cowboy offense. That means less touches for Witten (my fantasy team will hate that), less touches for Crayton (who sucks anyway), and less throws to crybaby Terrell.

This is a sign of desperation by Jerry Jones, and I couldn’t enjoy it more. The Cowboys are falling apart and Jerry feels it. I expect Roy Williams to put up good numbers, but they don’t make the Super Bowl. They miss the Super Bowl, Wade Phillips is fired, Jason Garrett is promoted to head coach, and Jerry Jones picks up another convict to add to the roster.

On the other hand, with all of the picks that they gain, Detroit could have a really great draft in 2009. Seeing as how much they suck so far this year, and a new GM, we can expect for the Lions to use their draft picks wisely instead of selecting eight wide receivers in seven rounds. I’m not saying the Lions are on the rise all of a sudden, but this could be the first move towards a positive rebuilding.

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