Major League Baseball may not be as corrupt as I thought

October 15, 2008 at 4:43 am Leave a comment

When the playoffs first began I had an almost certain belief that the World Series would consist of the L.A. Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox. This match-up would have been the ultimate revenue producer with each coast battling it out and Manny “I’m On Frickin’ Fire” Ramirez would take on his old bitter team.

Even if you didn’t follow baseball, the media hype around that potential match-up would force feed the game to you. I’m certain that in a case like this, wild pitches would be thrown, analysts and announcers would blow things way out of proportion, and the television ratings would go through the roof. MLB gets paid, fans are entertained, and everyone goes to bed happy (unless your team loses of course).

However, with the way the series look now, I could not have been more off. If the division series end today, it’s Philly and Tampa Bay in the World Series. Not only are these the two teams that I never thought would be in the WS at the start of the playoffs (and this is not do to talent but more with the MLB setting up a match-up to get paid), but I would have never guessed in a million years that the Tampa Bay Rays would even make it to the playoffs this year. Like one analyst said on ESPN, “we have watched the young Rays grow right before our eyes”. Guys like Carl Crawford and Rocco Baldelli are still there, beat and banged, and have finally made their solid push at a World Series.

 After my completely off-guess of the WS, that I believed was to be set up by dirty MLB officials, I’m pulling hard for the Tampa Bay Rays. It would be a picture perfect story and a baseball tale that you could certainly tell your young ones. Their manager is likeable, their roster is full of pretty decent (at least from what we can see) players, and they have made the leap in just seven years. To me, the Rays are the ultimate underdog in this whole pennant race. They provide a perfect example of the word ‘team’.


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