What the hell happened to Kellen Winslow?

October 18, 2008 at 7:25 pm Leave a comment

When Kellen Winslow was suddenly hospitalized last week and no one knew why, it created some suspicion amongst the media and fans. The Browns kept the issue TOP SECRET and none of Kellen’s teammates were talking. With a guy like Winslow, who has been plagued by injuries here and there, it makes you wonder why in the world he’s missing games. But I heard his latest admittance to a Cleveland Clinic wasn’t exactly an “illness”, and it would make perfect sense why no one said anything about anything.

Although rumors are rumors and we know they are rarely true, the rumor about Kellen Winslow was that his testicles were the size of grapefruits. I was always heard of it as being “elephantitis”, but Kellen nor the Browns would ever admit such a thing. At least Kellen can say he has the biggest you-know-whats on the team when he goes off on one of his locker room rants. All jokes aside, this symptom could be the result of something much more serious. We certainly hope not. 

However, it’s not important that we know or the media knows. What’s really important is that Kellen gets better and hopefully it’s just a result of sleeping with some nasty lady in Cleveland. It’s possible that he suits up against the Redskins this weekend.


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