Heisman Watch: McCoy, Harrell, Bradford….Warner?

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1226466141kurt_warner_fanzak_smallerAnd the latest ballot is out for the 2008 Heisman Trophy candidates. In no particular order the list goes as follows: Colt McCoy, Graham Herrell, Sam Bradford, Michael Crabtree, and Kurt Warner.


Kurt Warner? Okay, so maybe Kurt Warner’s numbers can’t be as dominant as Harrell’s 4,077 yards, McCoy’s 180 passer rating, or Bradford’s 38 touchdowns, but take a look at the difference in the opponents they face. Harrell’s Red Raiders play a team from Southern Methodist University. Doesn’t ring any bells, right? How about when Colt McCoy drops three touchdowns on Florida Atlantic? No? How do you like Sam Bradford juicing up against Chattanooga? Now take Kurt Warner playing in the National Football League against professional athletes week in and week out. He’s up there in Heisman-like statistics.


Just to get it out of the way, I hate Kurt Warner. I’m not entirely sure why I don’t like the guy but there is certainly an underlying and mysterious disgust that just makes me want to punch him the ear when he isn’t looking. It’s kind of like Jeff Burton in NASCAR, his face just annoys me. Anyway, it’s important to know that I do not like Kurt Warner and I thought his stint in St. Louis was a perfect case of being thrown into a great system that could be overly productive with Heath Shuler at quarterback. And through ten games of the 2008 NFL season, man do I feel stupid.


This season Kurt Warner has thrown for 2,760 yards. He has 19 touchdowns compared to just six interceptions. He has completed an astounding 70% of his passes and he has a 106 passer rating to prove it. And by the way, he has seven games left to play. Now to me, love him or hate him, those are incredible numbers for a 37-year-old former grocery bagger from Northern Iowa. The Arizona Cardinals are 6-3 on the year and have the clear path to winning the NFC West division. They have an even better chance of getting a cake-walk game in the second round of the playoffs. These are not the Cardinals of old, at all. Their offense looks like the spread that McCoy runs at Texas and Kurt Warner is passing as often as Graham Herrell at Texas Tech, all of which is unheard of in the professional game. Cardinal’s head coach Ken Whisenhunt has taken this team and turned them into a legit force on offense. Their defense is a little scary at times and they commit some penalties forced merely by lack of focus, but they can also look very dominant at times. Normally I would say that the team is on a hot streak (see: Cleveland Browns 2007) and that Warner is kicking tail and taking names because he has Fitzgerald and Boldin on each side of him. However, I honestly believe that this team is for real.


I know Kurt Warner can’t play forever and the Cardinal’s next-in-line, Matt Leinart, is stuck in his frat from USC, but this team cannot go unnoticed. Leinart will hopefully realize the awesome potential that this club has and he will take it upon himself to inherit the starting job from the Ol’ Kickin’ Kurt. Boldin is young, Fitz is young, Breaston is young, Hightower is young, the defense has some young and talented potential, all leading to a serous future for the Cardinals in a dismal NFC West division. 120kurt-warner-photofile-posters


Sorry if you think I have completely over-hyped Kurt Warner, but I somewhat have. Whether he only succeeds with good receivers or not, he has what it takes to get it done. Kurt Warner has literally risen from the dead to take the Cardinals and turn them into a threat come playoff time. And due to his performance, I can honestly say that he may have deserved those MVP awards and Super Bowl rings from a few years back. In this rant I am officially admitting my ignorance and saying that Kurt Warner is a clear-cut choice for the 2008 NFL MVP Award, a step up from the Heisman. 


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