Plexiglass Update

December 4, 2008 at 12:32 am Leave a comment

plaxicoburress2Plaxico Burress was sentenced yesterday and he will not play the rest of the NFL season, including the playoffs. As the days pass, more and more details of the story make it all more and more comical.

1.) Plaxico reportedly was wearing sweatpants. Is it just me or are you suppose to look semi-decent when you visit a club? Clubs usually have dress codes that often include no jerseys or SWEATPANTS. Sweatpants are worn to the gym, not the club.

2.) Plexi was apparently concealing due to a lot of jewelry. Surprise to me! I thought the “bling bling” was long gone, guess not. Plexi feels like he needs to carry a Glock just in case someone tries to jack him for his necklace(s)? Just a couple quick pointers from a non-athlete or millionaire: First off, dont wear tons of jewelry, we all know you have money even when you don’t wear it. And secondly, if there is suspicion that you’re going to get jumped at a certain place, then you probably shouldn’t go.

3.) Antonio Pierce and Ahmad Bradshaw are drug in. I almost felt sorry for Pierce when police said they wanted to search his vehicle and question him about a possible cover-up. However, I changed my mind real quick when I put myself into their shoes. If my buddy comes out of the house and he’s got sweatpants on with 10 diamond necklaces and we’re headed to Club Joe Schmo, I’m more than likely going to stop him before he gets in my Hummer and say, “Take the garbage off your neck and change your pants, you’re never gonna pick up any lady friends with that crap”. But I guess Antonio and Ahmad thought he looked ‘fly’ or something and they proceeded to be seen in public with this guy.

Is this situation actually comical? I think so. We’re talking about a Giant player and a man that shot himself (not life-threatening of course), so it’s funny to me. The skinny on the whole deal is that Plexi better get his act together before he’s off the Giants’ roster and out of the league completely. The guy continues to screw up time after time and doesn’t feel he needs to change. He’s a grown man, 31 I might add, and he needs to act like one. Which leads to the other point, 31 is getting up there in football years. If Plexi were a running back he’d be gone, but he’s not so he gets another shot. At 31 years old, if he wants any shot at collecting some cash, he should seriously take a look at himself.


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