Tides-a-turnin’ in the BCS Championship game?

December 17, 2008 at 9:05 am Leave a comment

2009-bcsIf you would have asked me who was going to win the BCS Title Game a week ago I would have probably said the Sooners, not so much anymore. ESPN reported today that DeMarco Murray, the Sooners’ starting running back, would not be able to play in the championship game against the Florida Gators on January 8th. This may not seem like a big deal at first because the Sooners have another great back named Chris Brown that has 100 more yards than Murray along with 6 more TDs. However, losing DeMarco Murray will have an effect on the way the #1 offense goes about running its plays. The Oklahoma offense was dominant for a reason, because it all clicked and everyone worked as a unit. Now, you take away a key component and things are sure to change. There’s no doubt in my mind that Okie offensive coordinators will have to change their gameplans a little bit in order to adapt to the absence of Murray.

Secondly, I saw an interesting statistic on ESPN.com that said Heisman winners are just 1-5 in BCS Championship games – I didn’t even realize! So with a crucial part of the offense sitting on the sidelines combined with the fact that Heisman winners (Bradford) are just 1-5 in the big game lead me to change my pick to the Florida Gators as the next National Champion.

But wait! To me, Alabama missed only a couple opportunities to beat Florida in the SEC title game leading me to believe that they are certainly beatable when facing a team like the Sooners. Also, Dan Mullen, the Florida offensive coordinator, has already accepted the head coaching job at Mississippi State. Can a offensive guru like Mullen focus 100% on the task at hand and not his next job? I’m not implying that Mullen would do anything to compromise the game for Florida, but there is no way he can be focused.

Florida is currently the favorite with a spread of 3 points. 57% of bettors are taking the Florida Gators (-3) and 53% are taking the Florida Gators on the moneyline, all of which makes the #1 team in the nation an UNDERDOG! Not to mention the game is being played in South Florida, which I consider a “home” stadium for the Gators. What does that make the #1 team in the nation? ROAD-DOGS! I love taking road-dogs and Oklahoma may throw their own swamp on the Gators come January.

This could be a possible pick…


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