The damn Yankees, they’re at it again…

December 23, 2008 at 8:24 am Leave a comment

mark-teixeira-2The New York Yankees is the new name being thrown around in the Manny Ramirez Sweepstakes, offering a reported 3-year deal worth somewhere around $75 million. The Yankees have also made their name known in the potential signing of Mark Teixeira, another free agent that will certainly become rich very soon.

We all know how I feel about the Yankees and their enormous amount of spending, but is it poissible to NOT hear their name as a possible landing spot for a big-time free agent just once? Manny is certainly a hot player, putting up the 37 homers and 121 RBIs last season, but I hope he stays with the Dodgers. The problem? Many Dodgers supporters are venting and letting the team know that signing Manny for around $30 million a year is ridiculous. It has been reported that Manny and his agent are looking for a 4-year $100 million contract – nice try guys. Manny will probably end up in New York…damn Yankees. Can Manny keep the hair?

Mark Teixeira, a guy from my hometown, is also on the Yankees’ list. Teixeira has been getting offers from all over but many teams have dropped out of the running or taken their offers off the board, including the Angels and Red Sox. However, analysts are continuing to report that Boston is in the front-running for the offensive juggernaut. The Nationals have a pretty big offer on the board, but Teixeira doesn’t turn that ball club around. The Orioles threw out a generous offer but it wasn’t as generous as others – labeling the O’s as non-contenders. HOWEVER, the O’s are in Teixeira’s home state and he has always wanted to play at home. Although my opinion is extremely one-sided because I want Teixeira to come back home, I still would not count out Crappy Angelos and the Orioles as a potential home for the young star.

The Yankees could very well not sign either of these guys, and hopefully they don’t, but the point is that they can. The Yankees have the deep pockets, they have the name to brand, they have it all. Think of a monopoly…Walmart, Windows, ExxonMobil…that’s the Yankees.


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