You can have the Lions but please save Calvin Johnson…

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calvin-johnsonYou’ve probably heard the topic around the radio, television, billboards, milk cartons, newspapers, airplane banners, and anywhere else you can imagine – the Detroit Lions are 0-15 and on the verge of a winless season. They have to play at Lambeau Field for their final game, a place they haven’t won at in more than a decade. All of which makes for a historical season for the Lions, winless with an 0-16 record.

I feel sorry for the Lions’ fans, it’s not their fault. I feel bad for the good players that come to Detroit and the team is still awful, it’s not all their fault either. I feel pretty bad for some of the coaches, because obviously the coach has changed and the win column has not. So the problem, I believe, was Matt Millen. And not only Millen, but the Ford family ownership as well. Now Millen is gone (ownership is not), the team is the worst it’s ever been, and it’s time to either rebuild or relocate. A new general manager will most likely result in a new coach for the team, unfortunate for warrior Rod Marinelli. What ever happens to the franchise, it needs to happen fast and for one reason of mine…Calvin Johnson.

Calvin Johnson has the talent and ability to be the BEST wide receiver in the NFL; it’s just that he plays for the Lions. Someone, some how, some way, needs to find a way to rescue Calvin Johnson from that miserable franchise and put him on a half-decent team because he’s simply too good to go to waste. Some rookies get lucky and are drafted high with teams that succeed soon after, such as Matt Ryan with Atlanta and Reggie Bush with New Orleans. And then there’s Calvin Johnson with Detroit – the team is absolutely atrocious. With one game to go, Johnson has 69 receptions for 1,200+ yards and ten touchdowns, BIG TIME numbers. Can you imagine what he would post with a quarterback besides Orlovsky, Stanton, or Culpepper?

Again, management is the real problem with the Detroit Lions. And if management had any kind of heart whatsoever, which they probably don’t considering how they treat their fans, then they should trade Calvin Johnson and allow a young talent to make the most of himself in this league. If you don’t know Calvin Johnson (probably because he plays in Detroit), think Randy Moss talent with a better attitude and good character. Remember, Hall of Famer Barry Sanders made history in the Motor City but never got that Super Bowl ring that he so very much deserved. People ALWAYS said that if Barry Sanders had a team in Detroit then he would have been even better, and probably earned a ring. Now think about Calvin Johnson. See what I mean? Please don’t let it happen again…




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