Dismal days continue in Big D

December 30, 2008 at 6:50 am Leave a comment

op71-2915Now that the Dallas Cowboys are finally eliminated from playoff contention, that’s another year that continues to prove one of my picks correct (see above). It may not have seemed like T.O. was the Cowboys’ dimise throughout those last few games, but he certainly didn’t help the situation. The Cowboys need to be reevaluated and Jason Garrett should be promoted tomorrow. Whether he can handle the egos on that team or not are undetermined but there is no hope with butterball Wade Phillips. Phillips may be a great defensive mind and a successful guy for 33 years in the NFL, but he is the epitome of a “players’ coach”. It has been reported that Phillips and owner Jerry Jones have had their face-to-face meeting and Phillips will remain the coach but there’s no foolin’ this guy. Of course I could be wrong, we all could be, but I don’t think Wade Phillips is the head coach at the beginning of the 2009 season. This 2008 Dallas Cowboys team was one of, if not the, most talented teams in the league and they can’t even make the playoffs. One could argue that Romo’s injury hampered the entire offense throughout the season but I would mention the other 13 superstars as a counter. The point is, Dallas had the tools and they failed to execute, end of story. As long as Jerry Jones continues to bring in egos along with coaches that can’t control them, the team will never fufill its expectations.

In other wonderful Cowboy news, Bradie James roughed up a fan outside the Cowboys training facility after their horrific loss to Philadelphia on Sunday. Apparently the fan was toting a sign that implicated ‘lack of heart’ and ‘Wade Phillips is an embarassment’ which James didn’t like. James asked for him to take it off but the fan refused. James then took it upon himself to remove the sign and wound up busting the guy’s bifocals in the meantime. James then went into the locker room and came back with a pair of Oakleys that he kindly gave the fan he accosted and ended it with a handshake. No charges were filed and the fan was unharmed.

Later on, when James was questioned about the non-meeting that Phillips had with players on Monday and the fact that Phillips said he would make the “necessary changes”, James replied, “If you know a person to be a certain way and then all of a sudden you have an extreme change, I don’t know how well that’s going to be taken. I don’t know what he means by that. Like I said, he didn’t address us, so I don’t know. … Whatever needs to be done, I’m all for it.”  

Good luck Mr. Phillips.


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