Mangini no longer the “Mangenius”?

December 30, 2008 at 7:47 am 2 comments

eric-mangini-2The New York Jets announced the firing of head coach Eric Mangini today after the team missed the playoffs for the second straight year. But was Mangini the problem in New York? I don’t think so. When Mangini first took over the reigns in New York, he took a team that was 4-12 a year before his arrival and made them into a 10-6 playoff team. His second season wasn’t so great, the team went 4-12. But after some slight offseason work, Mangini was able to lead this 2008 team to an 8-3 start – not too shabby. However, owner Woody Johnson believes that the team needs to turn in a different direction. A different direction after two winning seasons in three years with mediocre talent? How about your general manager, Mr. Johnson?

Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets’ general manager, will remain employed at the same position with the organization. Why? Because he brought in Thomas Jones who did nothing until this season? Because he brought in Brett Favre to win a Super Bowl? Because he signed veterans in hopes of making a championship team? I don’t know a whole lot about the Jets and their upper management, but I know enough to say that Tannenbaum is just as much to blame as Mangini. Better yet, how about Brett Favre?

Woody Johnson had said that the team had plans of changing coaches for about a month or so, which puts the decision right in the middle of the Jets’ second half landslide. Well is Mangini to blame for a team that can’t win on the West coast? He makes the trip, just like the players, and makes the same calls that guided the team to a 8-3 start. Whether the players have jet-lag or not is a personal problem for them, they still need to execute. Is it Mangini’s fault that, during the final 5 games, Brett Favre threw for 2 touchdowns and 9 interceptions? To me, the blame falls directly on Brett Favre for not being able to play a lick in the final games of the season – when backing up an 8-3 record is the most important. To me, Tannenbaum should receive some harsh criticism for bringing in a 39-year-old quarterback that was thought out to be the savior, only to lead the league in interceptions with 22. Is that Mangini’s fault?

Eric Mangini is and will continue to be a great mind in the NFL. He worked with what he was given in New York, and it wasn’t much. From the reports that I read, Jets’ players were mostly surprised and upset – which wouldn’t fare to well for the player/management relationship. Mangini should get another shot at head coach and hopefully he will be given the time he needs to form the dynasty he has the ability of forming. ESPN has reported that the Jets are looking for Mangini’s replacements and it includes the names Bill Cowher, Marty Schottenheimer, and Steve Spagnuolo. I’m not as concerned as to who the Jets will get as their head coach as I am with where Mangenius will end up. Also fired today was Rod Marinelli in Detroit and Romeo Crennel in Cleveland. Cleveland had also talked about pursuing Cowher but he has already declined. I can’t believe that Mangini would end up in Detroit because the Lions couldn’t give that job away to a Green Bay fan. However, Mangini in Cleveland makes for a good conversation. Mangini is part of the Belichick coaching tree and definitely appealing to most franchise’s eyes. Cleveland runs the 3-4 defense that Mangini prefers and the Browns have some young talent that could really turn out for them.

Where will the Mangenius continue?


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  • 1. manuel gomez  |  March 14, 2009 at 1:21 am

    um yea your an idiot. without Favre the jets would have been a 3 win team at best. thomas jones did so well this year because Favre opened up the run game. pennington could do that that is why the dolphins had to run the wildcat. Favre was not to blame. defense didn’t help him out too much.

    • 2. shaeblog  |  March 14, 2009 at 1:49 am


      Thanks for the comments and support of the site, however I think the name calling is a little much. First of all, you stated that I was an “idiot”. You may want to take another look at what you wrote and correct some of your spelling before you start the insults.

      Secondly, Brett Favre played well in the beginning of the season and then he crumbled when it counted most, there’s no secret there. When the Jets needed wins at the end of the season, Favre threw NINE interceptions in the last five games. And you want to blame the defense? Nice try there Manuel.

      Favre was a 39-year-old long-shot, nothing more. Did the move work out for the Jets? From a marketing standpoint, sure. As for what is best for the team, he hurt them bad. The Jets are now without a quarterback for the future (we’ll see about Clemens), they have fired a really good coach, and Brett Favre has left after leading the league in interceptions (22). But they sure did sell a lot of jersies!

      I like Rex Ryan and I want to see the Jets do well. However, I am not convinced that bringing in Favre last year helped them the least bit.

      Thanks again for the support, but next time come with an argument backed with facts rather than an obsession with the Wrangler Jeans guy.



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