Another Brett Favre folly

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SPORT NFL FOOTBALLIn my opinion the NFL Pro Bowl is the biggest joke in professional sports. Some people like to watch the “superstars” play and others find it fascinating to play a game in Hawaii, whatever. The fact is, the Pro Bowl is the closest thing to a popularity contest since high school superlatives.

I have so much disinterest in the Pro Bowl and who plays in it that I couldn’t even tell you a few good men on either roster. But, for some odd reason, I decided to check out the Pro Bowl roster after hearing a little tid bit about it on this morning’s radio. After seeing the quarterbacks for the AFC team, my point of the Pro Bowl being equivalent to a humorous stand-up was proven correct.

Brett Favre has made the AFC Pro Bowl team as a quarterback, along with Jay Cutler and Peyton Manning as the starter. I obviously have no problem with Manning, after he led his team to numerous wins and the playoffs. But what the hell happened with the other guys? Cutler? Um, ok… But Favre?!? Favre led the league with 22 interceptions and made a strong argument for others that he destroyed the Jets’ season single-handedly. Oh, and by the way, the Jets didn’t make the playoffs. Neither did Denver. What about Phillip Rivers? I don’t particularly like the guy, along with the rest of the league, but his stats were unbelievable and he took his team to the playoffs (no matter how you view their division). What about Chad Pennington? Pennington came to a team that was 1-15 a year ago and guided them to the playoffs in a competitive division, while throwing just 7 interceptions in 16 games. Take a look for yourself…

Favre –  3,472 yds.  22 TDs  22 INTs  81 RTG

Rivers –  4,009 yds.  34 TDs  11 INTs  105 RTG

Pennington –  3,653 yds.  19 TDs  7 INTs  97 RTG

Maybe it’s just me; but does anyone see something wrong with this picture? If you watch the Pro Bowl, I am not insulting you or calling you names. I am simply saying that the people that get a trip to Hawaii do not necessarily earn it. Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning, Andre Johnson? Of course they earned it. Brett Favre? Not so much…


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