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jeff-jagodzinskiThe current Boston College football coach, Jeff Jagodzinksi, may not be the football coach for much longer. Was he that bad? No. He was at BC for two years and led the Eagles to the #1 spot in the conference each year, earning a bowl bid in each season. So what gives? Well, Boston College’s A.D. has informed Jagodzinski that if he interviews for the Jets’ head coaching job, then he will be fired and his offensive coordinator will be promoted to head coach. Pretty screwed up?

Why is it that the A.D. gets to determine whether or not Mr. Jagodzinski can advance his field of work? I’m sure if the A.D., Gene DeFilippo, was offered the A.D. job at, say, Florida – he would probably take it. I understand that if there is a clause in Jagodzinski’s contract that definitively states a rule that does not allow him to interview or talk with other schools or teams, then this would be wrong. But why is no information regarding the details of Jagodzinski’s contract provided with this story? DeFilippo has only mentioned that there are “certain things” in his contract.

Either way, Jagodzinski doesn’t feel threatened. He is still planning on visiting New York and going through with the interview with Jets’ owner Woody Johnson, calling BC’s bluff. If in fact Jagodzinski does receive the Jets’ job – what if he takes his staff from BC with him? Does BC go on a national coaching hunt? Those are always fun. Whether this is a clause in a contract or a rule created by the A.D. himself, it’s not fair to Jagodzinski. What if Jagodzinski is intimidated by the DeFilippo threat and he declines the interview with the Jets? Then, next year, Jagodzinski leads the BC Eagles to a 2-11 season. DeFilippo can’t fire him now after he permitted him from even attending an interview just one year ago!

How would you feel if you were at the office, thinking about a different career path, and you opened up the Classified section. Your supervisor spots you reading up on different job openings and orders you to stop reading the paper immediately or else you’d be fired. How does that feel? Well, it’s a little like that.

Whatever happens in the Jagodzinski case, I hope DeFilippo has to pay for it some how. But wait, he will certainly have to pay for it. That’s right, if Jagodzinski is fired he will have three years remaining on his contract with BC – a three-year salary that he is entitled to collect. Good luck Mr. Jagodzinski, stop being stingy Mr. DeFilippo.


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