Better Scenario: Bradford staying or Sanchez rolling?

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mark-sanchezSam Bradford has decided to leave his name off the Draft Eligible list and try to win a National Title with the Sooners next season. Mark Sanchez has decided to roll on USC and try his stuff at the professional level. So, who has the better scenario? It may be closer than you think…

Sam Bradford passes up on a potential #1 draft pick in this year’s draft in order to come back to Oklahoma and take care of some unfinished business (winning a bowl game). It could be that Bradford doesn’t want to go to the Lions, but I think it’s more about his readiness. Bradford needs to work on his mobility and his weight in, what should be, his final year at Oklahoma. Bradford rarely scrambles but I don’t think it’s because of speed. A little more experience will allow for Bradford to develop a new vision of the field that may result in some 7-10 yard scrambles every once and a while. And, although Bradford has the accuracy to hang with many pros, he needs to put a little meat on his bones. The frame that Bradford has now wouldn’t necessarily translate very well into the NFL when he goes against those fierce and extremely fast linebackers. Again, many analysts and “experts” had Bradford as the number one pick. But who is really to say that the Lions would like Bradford over Stafford?

Mark Sanchez is not exactly a proven quarterback, but he played at USC and had an amazing year. 2008 was Sanchez’s first full season as the starter and he made the most of the opportunity (66%, 34 TDs, 164 RTG). Sanchez’s departure leaves the Trojans in somewhat of a rebuilding stage but Sanchez immediately becomes the second selected quarterback in the 2009 draft. The real question is in which round will the second quarterback be selected? 1st round? Second round? Later? Look out for Minnesota, Kansas City, Chicago, and San Francisco – all of which may be addressing the quarterback position in the draft. Especially the 49er’s – homestate kid, familiar with the climate, experience with traveling, etc.

So who has the better scenario? I honestly think that both guys are doing what’s best for themselves. Unless an unexpected injury completely wipes out Sam Bradford, he’s a lock for the number one pick next year (unless you have Brady, Peyton, etc.). With that being said, he really understands that he needs a slight tweak in college in order to better prepare himself for the NFL. He will have to worry about guys like Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow in next year’s draft, both of which are miles behind Bradford. On the other hand, Snachez may be a chance that a team is willing to take due to the lack of quality quarterbacks entering this year’s draft. Sanchez will obviously be selected behind Stafford, but I don’t see him going after Nate Davis, Graham Herrell, or even Josh Freeman. If Sanchez goes to a team like Kansas City, San Fran, or Minnesota – I would say he is in a really good spot.

Good luck to both guys.


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