No longer whacko for Flacco?

January 19, 2009 at 1:42 pm Leave a comment

Ravens Giants FootballAsk me at the start of the season about what I thought of Joe Flacco, I would have said he’ll get smacked around. But then this guy leads a team to the playoffs after being just one year removed from the University of Deleware, where he played schools such as Richmond, James Madison, and Towson. That’s impressive.

However, notice what happened to the rookie in the playoffs….how the mighty have fallen. I know the playoffs are a different time in the NFL, more competetive, hard-hitting, everything goes, etc. I also understand that a rookie quarterback has no place in the playoffs, it’s too brutal. But I happen to live in a region where the “Whacko for Flacco” hype got way too out-of-hand. I don’t dislike Flacco. I don’t dislike his style. I actually enjoy his attitude. But the hype that this guy received for throwing 14 touchdowns during the regular season while his running backs and defense won the games was getting to be a little much.

After his first playoff win came by way of his backfield, followed by a second win that came from his defense and a little bit of luck, finally Flacco lost a game because his defense and running backs were tired of being the EVERYTHING. They were worn down, and that isn’t a cut. Flacco may have impressed people during the season but he didn’t turn in the play that his team needed when it came down to the nitty gritty. In three playoff games, Flacco posted impressive numbers like completing 44% of his passes. Throwing for 437 yards and one touchdown. Throwing 3 interceptions and being sacked 3 times in the AFC Championship game. And finally ending the postseason with a 50.8 rating.

I know Flacco is a rookie and he has a lot of time to grow up and get better. He has the arm, the build, and sometimes the vision to make for a promising future. Once again, Ozzie Newsome made an intelligent pick when he selected Flacco and there’s no doubt in my mind that Cool Joe will turn out to be a good player. But when the hype builds and builds and builds, as an opposing fan you just wait to see that specific person fall. I thought Joe would go down hard against Tennesse (which he did) but his defense bailed him out a few times. In his game against Pittsburgh, the Steelers exposed Flacco.

In the end, whether I’m a jerk, hater, or Ravens basher, people should still be “Whacko for Flacco”.


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