Super Bowl Predicition

February 1, 2009 at 10:29 pm 1 comment


Now that it’s the day of the event, I guess there’s no better time to make my stone-cold Super Bowl pick. I waited and waited and waited to pick my winner for the most popular game of the year. I thought about stats, streaks, and players. I took into account which team plays better on grass, in domes, or on turf. I even listened to interviews of players and tried to uncover their true confidence from within the tones of their voice.

Actually, I did none of that. All of that handicapping and stat crunching still leave you with one big guessing game. So why cram your brain with stats and bet the house when you can just make an educated guess and bet the car?

Arizona has had the best offense and is on the perfect streak entering today’s game. Pittsburgh has had the best defense and the toughest schedule throughout the whole year. What gives?

There’s no doubt that the game should be entertaining, but the key point will be whether or not Arizona can stop the Steelers’ pass-rush. I said that the Cardinals would beat the Eagles if they controlled the Eagels pass-rush. They did, they won. Comparing the Eagles’ pass-rush and the Steelers’ pass-rush is pretty much apples to apples. The only difference is the time that Pittsburgh has had to prepare. Pittsburgh is dirty, raw, and ready to rip off a quarterback’s head at all times, the Cards should be very afraid.

Kurt Warner did a great job of calling out of plays against the Eagles (i.e. calling quick slants with man-to-man coverage on an all-out blitz) and I think he will be able to do the same against the Steelers. The Steelers will most likely play lockdown defense on the receivers with Polamalu over the top on Fitzgerald’s side. But what about Boldin and Breaston? Just when you think you have Fitzgerald covered, Boldin and Breaston are right there to make huge contributions. If Kurt has the time, the Steelers are going to get beat up in pass-coverage. Arizona wins in the pass-attack category.

The running game will also be a factor. Throughout the season, the Steelers could run and the Cardinals couldn’t. But come playoff time, it’s a totally diffrerent season. Arizona has done a superb job at stopping the run in the playoffs and the Steelers have only performed mediocre on the ground since hitting the playoffs. The Steelers’ ability to stop the run is what may give the Cardinals their most trouble. Edgerrin James and Rookie Hightower are capable of handling the load but the Cards’ offensive line MUST push through the trenches. And it’s likewise for the Steelers, Willie Parker has to find the holes against an underrated Cardinals defense. I think the Steelers prevail on the ground and Arizona is limited.

At the end of the day, the Steelers should come out the clear-cut winners. They have proven themselves all year whereas the Cardinals have only showed up for the playoffs. It’s Big Ben’s time to drop serious numbers in a Super Bowl, not like he did a few years ago. But then again, it’s Kurt Warner’s time to earn himself a spot in Canton. The Steelers have the experience and the Cardinals have Kurt Warner. Is that an even trade-off?

I believe in the “hot streak”. I believe that teams get hot at the right times and that’s what could either make or break a season. As much as I hate Kurt Warner, he deserves to be here and he deserves to win. The Steelers are the favorite and they should be, but I will take the underdog in this one.

Arizona defeats Pittsburgh, 24-20


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  • 1. rjjrdq  |  February 2, 2009 at 6:02 am

    Stats are out the window at this point. It’s one game, and the Cards are hot…


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