Todd Haley takes the Kansas City job, hopefully he sticks with Thigpen

February 8, 2009 at 8:16 am Leave a comment


Former Arizona Cardinals’ offensive coordinator Todd Haley has been introduced as the Kansas City Chiefs’ new head coach.

This coaching hire serves as no surprise to anyone, it was just a matter of waiting for Haley to finish his stint in the Super Bowl before Chiefs’ GM Scott Pioli and Haley could have serious talks.

Haley seems to be somewhat of a hothead, but if I were a quarterback or receiver in KC then I would be more than excited. Although Haley may want to rule his team with an iron fist, there’s no doubt about his favorability for the pass instead of the run. Matt Cassel has been tagged by the Patriots, so his potential signing with the Chiefs is no more. However, young quarterback Tyler Thigpen wasn’t necessarily horrible last year for Kansas City. Dwayne Bowe is a young and VERY talented receiver. Tony Gonzalez is still able to produce good numbers. And Devard Darling is a quick receiver that can beat some people down field. Therefore, all of these guys should prosper in Haley’s offense. And for Larry Johnson? He should probably start looking for a possible trade scenario…

But, I do think (because of Cassel’s tag) that the Chiefs will go after a quarterback in the first round. The quarterback class of 2009 is pretty weak but the Chiefs may need that solid franchise quarterback to anchor Haley’s reign. If I were Pioli, and I am no where close, I would give Tyler Thigpen another season (a whole season) to see what he can do as a gun-slinger under Todd Haley. This way, assuming you start Thigpen, you can use your draft picks on another needed position and wait for a better quarterback class in 2010. And who knows, maybe Thigpen could turn out to be pretty good…and then Pioli looks even better for sticking with him.

I am all for Tyler Thigpen starting for the Chiefs in 2009.


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