Shocking: Famous Chimpanzee Shot And Killed By Police After Brutal Attack

February 18, 2009 at 4:15 pm 3 comments


You may not be as familiar with Travis the Chimp as some others, but the 15-year-old chimpanzee had quite the life. When he was younger, Travis the Chimp starred in a number of t.v. commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola. He also made a guest appearance on the “Maury Povich Show” and even took part in a t.v. pilot.

All of that changed when the 200-pound ape attacked his owner’s friend during, what the owner describes as, a “freak accident”. Travis’ owner, Sandra Herold, claimed that Travis was acting “agitated” early Monday morning and she thought it would be okay to give him Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug. Police have since concluded that the drug was not prescribed to Travis. Police were also informed that Travis had Lyme Disease.

Travis then got out of the house and Herold called her friend, Charla Nash, asking her to come over and help get the animal back in the house. When Nash drove over to Herold’s and stepped out of her car, the ape began to visciously attack her. Once Herold saw the chimp lunge at Nash, she immediately ran inside to call 911 and came back outside with a knife. Travis continued to maul at Nash’s face and Herold was force to stab the ape repeatedly and whack it with a shovel, but to no avail.

After the initial attack that left Nash extremely bloody and unable to move, Travis began to roam Herold’s yard. By that time, paramedics arrived on the scene to treat the injured Nash. According to audio tapes, the medics were heard saying that the victim “had no face”.

Travis then returned and began to attack the police officers who had reported to the call, the officers quickly retreated to their cars. Once Travis attempted to open the doors of the squad cars, officers were left with no choice but to shoot, killing the movie-star ape.

Herold told reporters that Travis was “all love” prior to the “freak accident”. Maybe it’s because you gave a frickin’ monkey Xanax! What in the hell were you thinking? Or were you? And how many times does it take someone getting hurt until people realize that apes cannot be house pets? A chimpanzee is a damn powerful ape that has so much muscle it is unable to swim. With that being said, what makes you think you have any control?

Charla Nash is in the hospital with life-changing and life-threatening injuries. Sandra Herold attempted to visit her friend but was turned away by the hospital when she arrived. “It’s just been hell,” Herold told reporters. “There’s no way to explain it any different.”


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  • 1. mark day  |  February 20, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    It’s obviously no laughing matter, but there’s one Hollywood celebrity who might still get in on the whole chimp-chomping affair.

  • 2. nicole  |  March 7, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    why are we as humans messing with nature! they got what they deserved! That poor chimp was acting as it should as if it was in the jungle! Why would it even be allowed for us humans to keep a wild animal like that captive! The owner should be charged with a crime! The only persons you have to blame is our laws and poeple like that who want wild animals as pets! stick to a dog!

  • 3. kourtnay3  |  March 17, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    that fukker is HUGE man!!!


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