Role Reversal: McNabb Wants Help In Philly Before He Signs An Extension

February 24, 2009 at 10:37 pm Leave a comment


How ’bout another story that’s been overly reported? You got it!

So Donovan McNabb wants some help at the wide receiver position before he signs an extension with the Eagles. But let’s get one thing straight right now, McNabb has two years left on his current contract and all this extension-talk is really just blown smoke. The Eagles do not have to sign McNabb to an extension right now and McNabb isn’t going anywhere if they don’t agree on a new contract by this year’s OTA’s.

Now onto the argument. Does McNabb have a point? Absolutely. McNabb is one hell of a quarterback and he has performed extremely well without having any great receivers. His last great receiver was Terrell Owens and they made it to the Super Bowl. Since then, he’s had a sack of marbles to throw to and yet he still takes the team to NFC Championships. That’s McNabb’s ability people, not luck. Give him a great receiver and the Eagles are automatic Super Bowl contenders…period.

DeSean Jackson is good, he’s your speedster, but you still need that receiver that can dominate an opposing defense. Look at the Super Bowl teams from this past season: Arizona has Fitz and Boldin, Pittsburgh has Ward (and a newly-developed Holmes), and the Eagles had….

McNabb is a stud quarterback in this league but he can’t bring a ring to Philly without having a guy to throw to consistently. Sure, you can start the Tom Brady argument, claiming that Brady won Super Bowls with Troy Brown. But please realize that I will argue that Belichick’s system is fail-proof (see: Matt Cassel). I’m not saying Tom Brady isn’t good, but when a guy that didn’t start a game in college can come in and post a mid-eighties QB rating…that’s a good system.

Some possible receivers that could call Philly their home this off-season in order to help Donovan are:

  • T.J. Housh-your-momma – He wants to play in Philly and he is very underrated. I’m afraid he may be a little expensive.
  • Anquan Boldin – If Boldin was smart he would stay in Arizona with Fitz, but if he leaves then why not play with McNabb and Westbrook?
  • Marvin Harrison – A Syracuse reunion will not be as pleasent as it sounds. Harrison would be coming back to his streets in Philly and he’s too old to be that receiver that Donovan needs.

Give Donovan his guy and let’s see him get that ring. He’s not getting any younger.


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