Buyer Beware: 4 Reasons Why I Would NOT Overpay For Albert Haynesworth

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With NFL Free Agency just hours away, it’s safe to say that Albert Haynesworth will become the highest-paid defensive tackle EVER. There are a few teams that have the money to pay this guy and the rest of the teams just dream about him wearing their colors. But I tend to tilt a little more the other way when it comes to Albert Haynesworth. So I ask myself, and you too, how much is Albert Haynes-WORTH?

Numerous sources, including ESPN and, have suggested that Haynesworth will receive a contract offer some where around $100 million just after midnight tonight. To me, VERY few players are worth a $100 million contract. But to the Dan Snyder’s of the league, he’s worth every penny. And I won’t even get into the feelings I have about Dan Snyder and the way he’s ruining my beloved Redskins, because we simply don’t have the time.

So let me lay down the arguments for why I believe teams should think long and hard before they offer half the world to good ol’ Albert Haynesworth…

  1. Reliability – Albert hasn’t played a 16-game season since 2002, giving him an average of just 12.8 games played per year. Some may say that he’s worth the money for just the 3/4 of the season. I’m saying NO WAY. If I’m paying a guy a nine-figure salary, I’m going to be damn sure that he shows  up every single snap.
  2. Productivity – People hoot and holler about how spectacular Albert is, and I agree, but I think it’s a little over-hyped. In Albert’s seven seasons, he’s averaging LESS THAN 3.5 sacks a season. I know Albert was awesome last year and I give him a lot of credit for helping the Titans get to where they got, but let’s look at the overall product here. His tackles have stayed between 30 and 50 and that’s more than acceptable, a guy clogging up the middle is huge. But make no mistake about it, a $100 million man should be able to pass-rush and run-stop CONSISTENTLY.
  3. Character– We all remember when Albert blatantly stomped on the face of Cowboys’ center Andre Gurode while he was down and helpless. But what many don’t know is that that wasn’t Albert’s first crazy rage. While in college at Tennessee, Albert got into a fight with a teammate at practice and was forced to leave. Albert then returned to practice with a huge pole looking for the teammate and he had to be restrained by head coach Phil Fulmer. And then, while with the Titans, Albert got into an altercation with former teammate Justin Hartwig and kicked him in the chest before being restrained by other teammates. I know that we don’t know the guys he was fighting, but I do know that class-act guys don’t stomp other players or fight their teammates. And I also know that anyone who stomps a man in the face while he’s down and without a helmet on does not deserve a $100 million contract.
  4. Heart – Why is it that Albert posted the best stats of his whole career during the last year of his contract? I know that contract-years are big years for a lot of athletes, but this one comes off a little fishy to me. Albert was a 2-3 sack guy for the first five years in the NFL and then in 2007 he records six and then in his contract year he nets an incredible 8.5. I would be very suspicious about where Albert’s heart is. I know football players need to get their money while they can, it’s not there forever, but c’mon. If you want the big money then you need to show me you deserve it. Don’t become great in your seventh season, become great in your SECOND season and show me consistency.

Albert Haynesworth is a dominant force in the game today. His size alone (6’6, 320) is intimidating enough to shy running backs away from open holes. He had a remarkable season last year and he is a difference-maker in every game he plays. I get all of that. All I am saying is that I don’t think Albert is worth $100 million. Do I think he’s good? Absolutely, that’s not my argument. I think Albert should get paid like a top free-agent should, I just don’t think we should quite bet the farm on this guy.

When it’s all said and done, I think Dan Snyder makes Albert Haynesworth a Washington Redskin by 12:15 Friday morning. As much as I don’t want to see the Skins give Albert $100  million, I truly believe that’s how it goes down. Bring on the arguments!


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