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Now Boarding: Calipari’s Flight To Kentucky


First of all, I absolutely support the move from Memphis to Kentucky by John Calipari. I think Coach Cal fits the bill as a prototypical Kentucky head coach. However, like everything else, there are pros and cons about making the large switch.

It’s always best to start with the bad news…

  • C-USA to SECIt doesn’t take a basketball wizard to realize that the SEC is a slight bit tougher conference than the C-USA. In other words, Coach Cal would face a tougher opponent than Tulsa in the conference championship game. With that being said, Calipari will face tougher competition in the SEC and that will obviously mean a tougher test for him. Better opponents is a tad bit scary.
  • #1 Coaching Job – The head coaching job at Kentucky for basketball is very similar to the head coaching job at Notre Dame for football, it’s frickin’ HUGE. Is this a bad thing? Well, not really. Having the number one job just comes with a lot of pressure and extremely high expectations, things that are expected and accepted. However, tons of pressure is not easily handled with a flick of the finger.
  • No Guarantees – Coach Cal is practically guaranteed 25+ wins every season for as long as he coaches at Memphis. He is such a great recruiter that he gets top-notch talent at a C-USA school and he wins TONS of games. Plus, he develops those freakish athletes into NBA players to boot. But, unfortunately, Calipari is not guaranteed a whole lot in the SEC. One 19-12 season could really hurt him. The way that I see this differently is that Calipari’s recruiting will never allow him to finish a season without 20 wins. But very simply put, promised 25+ win seasons in Memphis with no promises at Kentucky.

And now for the good news, all of which will be the reason why Coach Cal is telling his Memphis players that he is boarding the next flight to Kentucky…

  • #1 Coaching Job – That’s right, this serves as a pro and a con. Although the number one coaching job comes with a lot of pressure, it also comes with a lot of respect. Calipari will never receive the respect he deserves as long as he continues coaching in the C-USA (we’ve all seen this). Plus, it’s a pride thing. Calipari is human, believe it or not, and he has his own aspirations and dreams.
  • HUGE Paycheck – Reports have already said that Kentucky has a “megadeal” on the table for Caoch Cal, most likely meaning that he would be the highest-paid coach in the country. He currently makes somewhere around $2.3 million per year and Florida’s Billy Donovan makes $3.5 per. Therefore, we’re at least looking at a $1 million pay raise. Not too shabby if you ask me.
  • Recruiting Ability – If Calipari can bring Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, and DeMarcus Cousins to Memphis, what makes you think he can’t bring those gentlemen plus more to the University of Kentucky? In just his first season at Kentucky, Calipari has an opportunity to bring his top-three recruits over to Lexington with a strong possibility of having Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson returning…WOW! Trust me, kids will WANT to come play ball for Coach Cal at Kentucky.

The “megadeal” is in the works as we speak. Coach Cal should be introduced by the end of the week. Good luck!


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2009 NFL Mock Draft – Wrapping Up The First Round


Rumor mills are buzzing and trading will soon begin as we quickly approach Draft day. It’s almost impossible to keep up with, but here is the last of my first round Mock as it stands right now…

21.) Philadelphia Eagles – Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee : Philly could take Knowshon Moreno here to help out Westbrook and eventually take over, but I can’t see Andy Reid pulling that move. McNabb is back on board and a receiver could really help the Eagles, one good receiver. However, I don’t think any of the top-receivers in this draft are the type of receiver that Philly needs because they don’t necessarily need the “speed” guy. With that being said, watch for the Eagles to select ANOTHER defensive player. Larry English may be big on some people’s boards but Robert Ayers is a more complete player and he comes from the SEC. Solid pick here for the Eagles and they have another selection just six picks later.

22.) Minnesota Vikings – Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois : The Vikings have somewhat of a hole over there at right tackle on the offensive line but that doesn’t seem to bother Adrian Peterson all that much (1,760 yards in ’08). I thought that the Vikings may try to go after a quarterback, but instead they traded for a guy named Sage Rosenfels. I guess that position is considered “okay”…for now. But there is still no doubt that Minnesota needs help at defensive back. The defense is Super Bowl ready but a good corner could propel them. I like Vontae Davis at #22. He’s fast, athletic, the best available, and an absolute steal at this position.

23.) New England – James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State : New England is a hard team to predict, in anything. They could use help at strong safety but it would be a far reach for anyone at that position with the #23 pick. Not to mention the team has an even bigger need at the interior linebacker position. Tedy Bruschi is extremely old and he will need a replacement. Laurinaitis just seems like a Belichick guy to me. He may not be the fastest guy on Earth, but the Patriots make great players out of anyone who has good knowledge of the game, which Laurinaitis has. I know some people will think this is a slight reach, but I really think it fits.

24.) Atlanta Falcons – Brandon Pettigrew, TE, OSU : I think this is a no-brainer for Atlanta if Pettigrew is still around (which he should be). Roddy White is the big receiver, Matt Ryan is the stud quarterback, Michael Turner has brought a ton to the offense, and the defense played much better than expected. I could see Atlanta going after defense in this position but Pettigrew is the piece that is missing from the offense. With his pass-catching ability and blocking skills, he will put this offense over the top.

25.) Miami Dolphins – D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt : I really like Moore out of Vandy. He is a little small (5’9) and his forty time disappointed a few, but I think he will make a good pro player. The Dolphins are very slim at the defensive back position after the departure of Goodman across from Will Allen and D.J. Moore could come in and make a spark. Moore can also provide returning abilities, which he showed while in college. Is it a reach? Maybe. But you’ll notice that many of my predictions in the latter part of the round will receive the “reach” label.

26.) Baltimore Ravens – Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers : Baltimore needed some help at defensive back and they went out and got Dominique Foxworth, which will pay off nicely for them. They need help at defensive end but I think receiver is a bigger question mark. Derrick Mason is on his last games and they need someone opposite Mark Clayton (who just decided to start playing good football at the end of last year). Flacco is a young quarterback that needs a young target, I see Britt as that guy. Kenny Britt has climbed up a lot of people’s boards and I am very high on this guy. He’s 6’3 at 210 pounds and he ran a 4.4 at his Pro Day. He is a great catcher and he could really be the large target for the developing Flacco. Not to mention, Derrick Mason would serve as a great mentor to the rookie in terms of route running and reading defenses. Did I mention he’s only 20-years-old? If Jeremy Maclin slips this far then I would look for Baltimore to grab him. Otherwise, Britt is a really good option at #26.

27.) Indianapolis Colts – Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss : Indy needs to give Peyton a new target to throw to but I think they wait until the second round to address the receiver position. With the #27 pick, I see the Colts improving their atrocious interior defensive line and taking the best defensive tackle at this point in the draft. Peria Jerry seems to be either completely overlooked or chalked in as a future Colt, I think he fits pretty well. Although Jerry may seem to be overwhelmed at times, I think he can serve as a good rusher up the middle for the line.

28.) Philadelphia Eagles – Alex Mack, C, Cal : Everyone is talking trade-up right here for the Eagles. They will no doubt go for an offensive lineman but #28 may be slightly too low to get a really really good lineman. Assuming that the Eagles keep this pick, I see them taking the best offensive lineman on the board and that is Alex Mack. Again, watch for the Eagles to wheel and deal and try to go after Michael Oher. Andre Smith may be another possibility but I don’t think Andy Reid will put up with his bull crap and horrible work ethic. I also would not be surprised if the Eagles go for receiving help here and go after o-line help in the 2nd round, or vice versa. Oklahoma guard Duke Robinson is too much of a reach at this position, in my opinion.

29.) New York Giants – Darius Butler, CB, UConn : The Giants are stacked! This is a very difficult selection to predict. Knowshon Moreno is available and he could be the replacement for the outgoing Derrick Ward. They could also use some help at strong safety but Sean Smith is a free safety (?). With that being said, they could use some depth at defensive back. Sam Madison is getting older and Darius Butler could come in and help out in a year or so. In all honesty, this just a throw-up for me. I really don’t have any idea of what the Giants want to do. They needed some linebacker help but they went out and got Chris Canty, so the position is filled. The defense is loaded. The offense is loaded. With a situation like this, it usually indicates trading the selection or taking the best available talent. Knowshon Moreno is best available at #29 and a trade is very possible.

30.) Tennessee Titans – Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State : Tennessee, I think, still needs receiver help even after the Nate Washington signing but Heyward-Bey is too risky for the first round. The Titans are getting thin at cornerback due to Nick Harper’s age but no remaining cornerback is worth this high of a pick. After that, I like addressing the defensive end position. Jevon Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch are both in their thirties and we all know that these guys can’t play forever. There is a ton of options at this selection for a defensive end including Michael Johnson, Larry English, and Conor Barwin. However, Maybin had an outstanding year and his Pro Day performance has shot him up the boards as of late. Many criticize Maybin by calling him a one-year-wonder and pointing out his questionable size, but I don’t think there is any way you can pass up this potential when it falls in your lap.

31.) Arizona Cardinals – Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia : Will Moreno make it all the way to 31? The Cardinals hope so. Edgerrin James is on the way out and Moreno is the perfect fit in the desert. Moreno is a great pass-catcher out of the backfield and, in case you haven’t noticed, the Cards like to throw it. Moreno is an every-down back and he can breakout at any time. Moreno is a playmaker that would go great alongside Fitzgerald and Boldin (assuming he stays).

32.) Pittsburgh Steelers – Sean Smith, CB/S, Utah : Surprising enough, the Steelers do have holes to fill…but not many. Sean Smith is a BIG safety and he could fit the mold as a Steeler. He has tremendous ability and upside. He’s 6’4 and should be the Steeler’s starter after one year. However, the Steelers’ offensive line fizzled out a little bit last year. To me, the next best available lineman would be Oklahoma’s Duke Robinson but I’m not sure he’s a sure first rounder. Sean Smith is a good talent to be selected here, we’ll keep him at #32 for now.

Stay tuned for updates and my upcoming 2009 NBA Mock Draft!

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Terrell Owens Says He Was ‘Blindsided’ By Cowboys


This is funny stuff.

Terrell Owens said in an interview with Rogers Sportsnet (Canada) that he was “blindsided” when he was released by the Cowboys. “You hear all the speculation, and you talk to the owner of the team, and he reassures you, you’re not going anywhere and then, out of left-field … you get blindsided,” Owens said.

Blindsided? He must have been the only individual NOT to read a newspaper or watch an ESPN segment in the three weeks leading up to his release. How did everyone know that Owens was going to get cut, or at least heard of the possibility, and Owens himself did not? C’mon!

This is another pathetic, and typical, attempt by Terrell Owens to roll a former team/teammate under the bus. There is no one to blame but T.O. for the release of T.O. He is a cancer to a team, he’s getting old, and none of your teammates actually want you around (no matter what they may say to the media).

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‘Three Stooges’ Movie Has A Random Cast

You know a devine comedy when you see it, right? There’s Something About Mary, Dumb & Dumber, Stuck On You. Well, maybe not the last flick, but the other two are classics! And all three of those films were directed by the Farrelly Brothers, a fixture in the humor community.

The New York Times has reported that the Farrelly Brothers will be directing a new feature film about the Three Stooges, the slapstick comedy group from the mid-1930’s. All sounds great, right? Well yeah, but the cast seems a little….random?


Sean Penn, recent Oscar-winner for his political biography Milk, will play the part of Larry Fine. Kind of a random casting here I think. He goes from political gay activist to slapstick comedian in less than a year?


Benicio del Toro will play the part of Moe Howard, yikes. I guess I can see it. Remember that there will be tons of make-up, helping out the Spanish del Toro’s case to play an icon in comedy.


And finally, Curley Howard will be played by the hilarious Jim Carrey. Carrey will put on a fat suit to play the role and I cannot wait to see this. According to reports, Carrey is not officially locked in for the role but he needs to be. Jim alone will make this movie good. He has a history with the Farrelly Brothers and he is arguably one of the greatest comedy actors in recent times.

So the question is: Will you pay the $10.50 to see it in the theatres? How about the $7.50 for a matinee show (because that’s such a deal)? Waiting until it hits RedBox?

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Arenas To Play This Weekend: Told Ya’ So!


So if you haven’t already heard, Gilbert Arenas will take the court Saturday and suit up for the Washington Wizards. Thoughts?

I have more than a million questions about the situation, here are a few: Will Arenas help us make a run at the playoffs? Will Arenas help us get Blake Griffin? Will Arenas ever play the same, ever? What do you expect to gain from Arenas’ return? When Arenas comes back, does that help Ed Tapscott or his job security? And blah, blah, blah…

I agree everyone, there is absolutely NO reason to bring Arenas back for the ass of the season. But management thinks otherwise. Aren’t you just overflowing with appreciation and excitement?

If Arenas comes back for the remainder of the season, one of two things will happen (and I hope one of these two scenarios actually does happen because the franchise shouldn’t be rewarded for stupidity). One, Arenas will play the first game and drop 17 points in limited action and all fans will become excited. But in just his second game back, he makes a basket cut on his rubber knee and ends his career forever. OR, two, he’ll drop enough buckets to help the Wizards go on a win-streak at the end of the season and completely take the Wizards out of contention for the #1 overall draft pick.

Either way, Arenas coming back is a HORRIBLE idea. But there is a reason, believe it or not. After all the Wizards’ fans voiced their displeasure with the absurd contract that Gilbert received, GM Ernie Grunfeld has found it necessary to shut us up by making Arenas play (even if it’s a game) in the ’08-09 season. And when Arenas takes the court, watch Grunfeld carefully as he snarls to himself, “I told ya so!”

Oh but hey, what do we have to be so upset about? Perhaps it’s because a player who has three knee surgeries within an 18-month span should NOT receive $111 million and they damn sure shouldn’t be signed to a SIX-year deal!

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Jay Cutler Saga: The Jets Are ‘Very’ Interested

The Jay Cutler saga continues as New York Jets’ general manager Mike Tannebaum has expressed his interest in the quarterback by claiming that his team is “very” interested in bringing Cutler to New York.

Cutler has wanted out of Denver and New York may or may not be a good landing spot for the young gun-slinger.

Jets’ new head coach Rex Ryan is a defensive-minded coach that seems to want more of a conservative quarterback rather than a gun-slinger, such as Brett Favre. But on the other hand, the Jets need a quarterback that can do big things and it seems as if Cutler has the personality to withstand the Broadway pressure.

I still question the desire for the front office to see one solid year from quarterback Kellen Clemens. However, if Cutler is available and the Jets have the bait necessary to complete a trade, Cutler could be wearing green & white in no time.

If the Jets do in fact acquire Cutler, I would look for them to go after a receiver to help the young guy in a new home.

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March Madness: Day One Scares


Although I’m a strong supporter of the March Madness obsession amongst millions of Americans across the country, I must say that it is a love-hate relationship. I love every part of college basketball in March. But I hate it when teams scare the crap out of me by flirting with a loss and potentially ruining my entire bracket. The ‘hate’ part happened to me twice today in March Madness’ Day One Scares…

(2) Memphis v. (15) Cal State Northridge : Memphis is a team that I have going to the Final Four and they pushed this game to the brink of people having a heart attack. They’ve been hyped throughout the past couple of weeks because analysts said that no one really knows how good they really are, blah, blah, blah. Stupid me, I listened to the hoopla and decided to put them in the Final Four on my bracket, upsetting UConn in the Elite 8. After watching Memphis play CS Northridge, I would say that Maryland has a serious shot at beating the Tigers in the second round. Memphis was a 19-point favorite and they simply could not get it going against CS Northridge. Although the final score was 81-70 in Memphis’ favor, the score did not show how close the game really was. In fact, the Memphis Tigers would have fallen victim to one of the biggest upsets in tournament history if it weren’t for a guy off the bench named Roburt Sallie. Sallie, who previously had a career-high 13 points, went off for 35 points including 10 three-pointers. Every member of the Memphis team, including Coach Calipari, should be thanking that guy.

(3) Villanova v. (14) American : I had to personally suffer through this game as American lit it up in the first half and was up by 14 at one point in the second half. Villanova looked “flat” and they were playing extremely stupid basketball. Oh, and by the way, they were playing in hometown Philadelphia, making it that much worse. Villanova rallied, finally, and ended up beating the Eagles 80-67. But again, the game was a lot closer than the score indicates. Villanova was a 17.5-point favorite and they should have pulverized American from the start, but instead they jogged around and made me extremely nervous about their second round draw (against either UCLA or VCU). If Villanova is going to be blessed with the opportunity to play AT HOME in the tournament, then they should really take advantage of it.

What’s my b*tching all about if both of the teams pulled out the win anyway? It’s the fact that these two teams are suppose to have experience and know how to play well in the tourney. I shouldn’t have to worry about Memphis or Villanova in the second round because of a weak performance in the first round against 14 and 15 seeds. Not to mention, if a team like Memphis goes down early, my bracket is g-g-g-gone. But I suppose that’s what makes the tourney, Madness! Hopefully these games were wake-up calls for both squads. Maybe they can realize that they were lucky to get out of the first round alive and tell themselves that they need to play A WHOLE LOT better next game. Keep my bracket alive!

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