NFL News: Some Is Good, Some Is ‘Worse’

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Just wanted to post a quick NFL News update, which should really come everyday because of how busy it has been lately:

LaDainian Tomlinson has accepted the restructured contract offer from the San Diego Chargers. For all those football fans who thought LT may come and wear your teams’ colors, I’m sorry. LT made the right move by taking less money and accepting the fact that he is on the “back end” of his career. As I said before, I don’t necessarily think that age 30 for LT is like age 30 for Shaun Alexander but the Chargers are playing it safe. And I’ll say one more thing about the Chargers, Darren Sproles is not their future. He’s a good jab for a two-back backfield but he cannot be the feature back in San Diego, or anywhere. That was free…

Sources are reporting that Jay Cutler and Denver Broncos’ officials took part in a conference call that was meant to tie-up the lose ends between the young quarterback and, particularly, rookie head coach Josh McDaniels. But according to a source close to the situation, the matter has gone “from bad to worse”. According to the source, Broncos’ officials had a tone that made it seem like the whole fiasco was Cutler’s fault and not their own. After the call, Cutler was reported as saying he would rather be traded than stay with a team that isn’t going to commit to him long-term. My personal feeling is that almost anyone can be traded in the NFL. With that being said, Cutler should suck it up and take it like a man. Don’t cry about it Jay, show them why you’re worthy – the NFL is a “show-me” league. But on the other hand, Jay Cutler has a point. He is a young guy who was drafted to be the franchise quarterback, or at least the best thing since a bum named Elway. If I was Cutler, I would want a team that is commited to me but I understand that I would have to prove that. Jay Cutler has yet to prove anything besides the fact that he has a legitimate cannon for an arm. Once Cutler gets the Broncos to the playoffs, maybe the front office will take his potential franchise label into consideration.

And finally, Alex Smith accepted a restructured contract offer from the San Francisco 49er’s, an offer that will pay Smith $20 million less than his original contract. Why would Alex Smith, a #1 draft pick jsut four years ago, do this? The 49er’s don’t necessarily think this kid is a bust. Smith, of course, doesn’t consider himself a bust. So I believe that Smith wants to stay in San Fran and prove to the team that drafted him that he was well worth their first overall pick and more than capable of being a franchise quarterback. Smith has been plagued with injuries for the majority of his first four seasons and a different coordinator every season has not helped him to develop. At just 24-years-old, Alex Smith was on a lot of team’s radar but he elected to stay with the Niners for less money. I will go out on a limb right now and say that Alex Smith will beat out Shaun Hill in training camp and Mike Singletary will have Alex Smith starting in Week One.


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