Cutler Wants A Trade: Where Does He End Up?

March 17, 2009 at 1:20 am Leave a comment


As if you didn’t already know, Jay Cutler wants out of Denver. He had a meeting with new coach Josh McDaniels over the weekend to discuss his future and to settle the riff between the two, however nothing was resolved. In fact, things went from bad to worse when Cutler and his agent asked for a trade.

So the big question is: Where does Jay Cutler end up? Although a trade is not set in stone and the Denver Broncos continue to tell the media that they will not trade Cutler, it could be a fun subject to mess around with. Here’s a few teams that I think may be interested in Cutler with no consideration of what the teams have to offer the Broncos…

  • Minnesota Vikings – I would like the Cutler-to-Minnesota trade. Minnesota has a good defense, apparently Super Bowl caliber, and Adrian Peterson can obviously open up the passing game. Cutler’s HUGE arm would go great with the speedy receivers that the Vikings have. I believe that the addition of Cutler can make the Vikings an immediate threat in the playoffs.
  • Detroit Lions – The Lions need everything, quarterback included. I think the Lions will take Stafford with the first overall pick in the Draft, however I have an idea. Perhaps the Lions could use some of the picks they received from Dallas last season and add in a player in order to try and land Cutler. With the quarterback situation now in place, the Lions could select Jason Smith with the first overall pick and they immediately take care of two GAPING holes.
  • Chicago Bears – This isn’t too bad. After years of hearing Lovie Smith say, ” Rex is our quarterback” or “We’re gonna go with Kyle”, I think it’s safe to say that neither of those guys are the answer in Chicago. I have the Bears drafting an offensive-lineman and taking care of the quarterback position would really help them in the division.
  • Cleveland Browns – This is probably the most realistic of the possible places Cutler could land. The Browns have two quarterbacks to deal to Denver for Cutler, because obviously Denver would need a QB in return (Ramsey is cutting it). Josh McDaniels probably receives good word from Charlie Weiss about Brady Quinn from when he coached him at Notre Dame, McDaniels is going to want a young kid that he can groom, it just all seems to add up.
  • Denver Broncos – Cutler may not be going anywhere. There is a lot of time between now and the start of the season, so many things can happen. Perhaps Cutler and the team resolve their differences and he’s back better than ever? Maybe Denver is serious about NOT trading the young stud that Pat Bowlen obviously liked? Maybe Cutler becomes so much of a headache that the club has no choice but to trade him? Who really knows…

I understand why Cutler is upset, but he also has to come back down to Earth. This is the NFL buddy, anyone is tradeable.


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