Manny Ramirez Tests Positive For Banned Substance…Fertility Drug

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If you woke up this morning and you don’t happen to live in a bunker in South Dakota, you probably have heard about Manny Ramirez testing positive for a banned substance.

Drug tests found artificial testosterone in Ramirez’s system along with traces of a female fertility drug, called hCG. Ramirez and his agent have stated that a doctor prescribed Manny Ramirez some sort of medication that contained the banned substance. Really? Why the hell would a doctor prescribe Manny a fertility drug? Reverse ED perhaps?

This news comes as both surprising and typical. It surprises me because Manny seems like such a laid back, go-with-the-flow, kind of guy. He seems to really love playing baseball and he has this ‘aw, shucks’ attitude that you really don’t associate with steroids. Not to mention, Ramirez has passed 15 drug tests in the past several years, so it’s surprising that none of the previous tests found anything wrong.

Why is it typical? Well, all home run hitters these days are frickin’ juiced, in case you haven’t noticed. Manny is in his upper thirties and he’s still tearing the the seams off of balls. He may not have a head the size of Barry’s, but that’s not necessarily the only indication in a juice user. And it should also be noted that steroids were NOT found in Manny’s system. The odd levels of testosterone was more than likely caused by the fertility drug, hCG. And according to reports, hCG is commonly used to bring a male’s testosterone back to normal levels after taking steroids.

I actually really liked Manny because I liked his attitude and I thought he was a clean player. This just goes to show that no one can be trusted anymore. The morons that have decided to take these banned substances (Clemens, Bonds, Ramirez, Rodriguez, McGwire, etc.) have tainted the game for years and years to come. Thanks to these guys, we the fans can no longer look at even Derek Jeter anymore without just a little bit of concern.


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