Michael Vick Begins His Journey Back To NFL Stardom

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Mike Vick

Mike Vick was released from prison today after serving 19 months for financing an illegal dog fighting ring. Will Vick ever return to stardom? I doubt it, but he should certainly work on it.

Vick has about $24 to his name at this point and his future in the NFL is uncertain. However, at 29-years-old, some NFL organization will take on the risk that is Michael Vick. But which one?

It’s hard to say at this point which team will actually take the chance, but it’s not hard to determine what characteristics the organization needs to have.

  1. More than likely, Mike Vick will never play the quarterback position again. Rather, he’ll serve as a receiver and/or athlete. However, in order to avoid any confusion, Vick’s future organization should have a quarterback set in stone (i.e. Manning, Brady, Rivers, Roethlisberger). If Vick went to a place like, say Minnesota, he may cause some ruckus about playing the QB spot (and against Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson, he’d have a good argument). But then Minny would have an “ex-con” at the game’s most popular position.
  2. Vick’s next team has to have a hard coach. The term ‘hard’ can go one of two ways, either a guy like Coughlin or a guy like Dungy (I know Dungy is out of the game). Coughlin is the hard coach because he’s loud, harsh, and not afraid to get in your face (somewhat like the stereotypical high school coach). Dungy, on the other hand, is the hard coach that you just don’t want to disappoint. Both coaches are on different ends of the spectrum but Vick would need a coach like that from either end in order to succeed.
  3. A huge part of Vick’s future will be what city he’ll call his new home. Obviously a place like New York or Denver (apparently an athlete’s hot spot) would not be an ideal location for Vick. His agent should look into a place like Buffalo (where there is absolutely nothing to do) or Green Bay (where there is absolutely nothing to do, except eat cheese). If Vick ends up in a city that is full of distractions, it just increases the risk.

My personal opinion about the Michael Vick situation is that he has paid his debt to society and he deserves that second chance. Although I’ve never met the guy, I tend to think that he’s a good person. In no way do I believe that Michael Vick is a convict, felon, murderer, or anything of the sort. What he did was wrong, sure, but some athletes have done A LOT worse. I’m not trying to say that animals aren’t important or that PETA is crazy (maybe they are a little crazy), but I am saying that he wasn’t doing this to human beings. And besides, Vick was charged with financing the fighting ring. However, much of the media dove into the “life” of dog fighting and saw how the dogs were treated (electric shock, drowning, etc.). Once people saw the disgusting videos, they automatically placed Michael Vick drowning a dog…not true.

No matter which side of the fence you stand, second chance or not, Vick will play in the NFL again. Unfortunately for Vick, he was made an example by the NFL and law enforcement. He paid his dues and a message was sent. “Athletes can get it too.”

Oh, and good luck to the team that hires Vick. They should go ahead and hire a security force to fight PETA during every practice, game, and team function. Those PETA people are relentless.


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