Weekends Are Simple: Eat, Sleep, and Drink

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Peter GriffinBelieve it or not, some people actually feel that weekends are the “down” part of the week. Some say they have nothing to do, some say they just end up lying around all day, and some say they can never get anything done. Well today I just had to vent, get a little something off my chest, and explain to those people how easy and simple the weekend really is. All you have to do to have a fun, productive, and jam-packed weekend is follow three simple rules. Eat, sleep, and drink. Please read on…


[As much as I don’t want to sit around and talk about myself, I have to for the sake of a good example.]


I work, like most, Monday thru Friday from 7am to 6pm. Perhaps you work a little more, a little less, way more, whatever, it doesn’t really matter. Either way, you should look forward to your weekend as much as I do. By the time Thursday rolls around, I’m counting down the minutes until 5:59pm on Friday. I may not have money, plans, or the slightest idea of what I’m doing, but I know it’s going to be good. As long as I eat, sleep, and drink, I know my weekend will work out just fine. Here’s my breakdown from a typical weekend in the life…


            Friday – I wake up at 5:30am on Friday more amped up then any other day of the week. I’m at work by 6:30 and I have a cup of coffee by 6:32. My day of work officially starts at 7. By the time my lunch hour rolls around, which is normally 12pm, I can’t take it because we’re “too busy” and I’m forced to take my lunch break at 1. No problem. For lunch I head out to the local mall with a co-worker and we gorge ourselves with Taco Bell cheesy gooey smoochy taco crap (suddenly my weekend looks bright and my stomach feels bubbly). We then head back to work, finish the day around 4:45 and sit on our hands until 6. But during that hour or so of complete boredom, we plan for the evening. Some people are good at making plans, getting together with friends days and days prior, but not so much this guy. Instead, when I receive texts from my friends that say “what are you doing tonight?”, I simply respond with “taking over the world”. Finally 6 o’clock rolls around and we head to our cars. I get home, I shower. I get dressed for who knows what and I sit down to eat some junk food. My phone buzzes and it looks like we’re heading to lovely College Park for the evening. College Park Maryland, home of the Terrapins, and one of the dirtiest cities in the state. (When you go to College Park, you already know you’re going to drink a lot, eat a lot, and probably sleep somewhere uncomfortable….but at least it follows those three basic rules.) My disgusting Honda Accord carries three friends and me up the Beltway and into College Park. We park at the University and walk over to the old stomping grounds, Knox Box Apartments. (Knox Box Apartments are just square buildings split into unappealing apartments that are vacated more by rats and roaches than actual people.) The yard is covered in beer cans, full of people, and loud music is blaring. After participating in numerous drinking games and not performing very well at all, my stomach calls. A few friends and I stumble to a nearby 7-Eleven and purchase as many taquitos (God’s way of kicking you in the stomach) as we can. We stumble back to the yard and participate in more drinking games, perform extremely bad, and end up with hundreds of spill stains on our clothes. Suddenly a person from the crowd, that would later be labeled as a ‘genius’, suggests the bright idea of heading down to the bars. Although no one needs the bar, the bar doesn’t need us, and none of us have any money, we head down anyway. The bar is fun, you see Terps players, tons of people, and maybe you get a free shot or two. By the time 1:30am rolls around, I’m hungry again. One of my traveling partners also realizes he has work in the morning and should probably think about heading back. So we drive to a local fast food joint…ugh…Taco Bell. (It’s actually not twice in one day; it’s more like having Taco Bell for lunch on Friday and for breakfast on Saturday. Does that make it any better?). After receiving our food through the drive-thru, we pull into a parking spot in order better enjoy our tasty grub. The air in the car is blasting, the radio is not, and the sound of three men chewing Grade D beef bounces off the windows. What happens next is quite ridiculous. I wake up, most likely because I had the chills, with Taco Bell on my shirt and two guys passed out in the car with tomatoes and lettuce covering the seats and floor. It felt so damn good in the car, while sitting in a completely unsafe College Park parking lot, that we all fell asleep for about two hours. My gas tank is now on ‘E’ because the A/C was blasting and we should really be getting on our way because, again, my friend has to be at work in four hours. We finally make it home, I stumble in the house, my friends head home, and we wisely call it a night.


            Saturday – I wake up rather early, around nine, and head upstairs to pour myself some coffee (it’s like fuel for a human). I sit down on the porch and stare at things that mean nothing: a green rocking chair, a squirrel, the grass, and birds building a nest. After thinking to myself about last night, I decide to be a little more productive. I head out to run my “errands”. My errands on this particular Saturday were quite extensive. I stopped by the ATM, headed over to another bank to handle a few things (no worries, I’m fine), and then headed over to the barber for an uneven shape-up. After the butcher is finished slicin’ and dicin’, I realize I need stamps in order to mail out a credit card bill. I know I can pay it online but apparently I like to make things difficult for myself. Anyway, I head into the grocery store and head straight to the magazine aisle (This is actually where I discovered the Taco Bell cheese on my shirt. I was wearing the same clothes from the night before).There’s a new edition of Slam, a new fantasy football magazine, and a Maxim magazine with some exotic looking female on the front. About twenty minutes go by and I hop in my car….forgetting the damn stamps. I ponder whether or not to head back into the store and I ultimately decide that sending out the bill isn’t all that important. I text one of the guys from last night who lives near by, he says to head over to drink by the pool. I didn’t want to, I swear, but he twisted my arm. I get to my buddy’s house and we watch the Celebrity Golf tournament and drink beers for roughly five hours. We both fall asleep and wake up forty five minutes later with the super idea of playing basketball. We text some friends, about ten in all, and give them the time to meet us down at the courts. By the time we’re ready to play, we have three guys. The three of us play about a half dozen games of ‘50’ until we realize it’s just not worth it. I have the wise decision to bet on the next game. Only one man can win, it wasn’t me, and I decide it’s time to shower. It’s about 8pm when I am finally clean enough to sit on my couch and watch some sport recap. By 9pm some friends and I are drinking beers in the backyard (we call it “being American”) and telling stupid stories…about each other. At 10:30 we decided to carry the brigade over to a friend’s house, for no particular reason, and sit around her place drinking a few more beers. A few of us are fading fast, it was perfect weather to be on the porch, and we decide to wrap it up around 2:30am. On the way home I have no way to avoid the illuminated 7-Eleven sign and I stop in to buy a few taquitos, a bag of chips, and a tall iced tea. I head home. I eat, and then fall asleep in my bed (not too shabby).


            Sunday – I do the typical wake-up with coffee on the porch. Around 10:30am I get a call from a friend saying he has four tickets to go see the Nationals play at 1:30. They may be the worst team in the league with only twenty-something wins, but the stadium has beer and good food. By 12pm, four of us are on our way to the metro to catch the green line down to Anacostia. The stadium is awesome, the team is not. We immediately hit the beer stand, which is cash only. Do I have cash? Of course not, I walk another ten sections (geez!) and buy my cold Bud Light in those sweet aluminum bottles. Fortunately for us, there’s a two beer limit per person at one time. I take my overly expensive beer and $4 bag of peanuts to our seats. The seats are awesome, prime foul ball-catching territory, about 20 rows behind home plate. We sit and watch the first couple innings with the sun beating down on our backs, causing us to sweat like disgusting animals. The game was rather entertaining in the beginning (Cubs @ Nats) but the smell of food was entering the nostrils. A few beers later we all head up to get some Ben’s Chili Bowl (if you don’t know about Ben’s Chili Bowl, find out here www.benschilibowl.com). We all get a half-smoked “All the Way” with a Bud Light to wash the belly. We get back to our seats just in time to watch the Cubbies stroke the home team for seven runs in one inning. By the time the seventh inning rolled around, we watched Adam Dunn hit a pointless homerun and decided to head out (The Nats eventually lost, 11-3). On the drive home we talked about needing to do something active. The whole day had been eating and drinking in the sun. We decide to try and get another basketball game together. We send out the mass text message to the same people and hope for a better turnout than last time. On our way to the court, we realize we need something to eat. What better food to eat before playing numerous games of basketball than Popeye’s Chicken? We take our food down to the basketball court and I down my last bite just seconds before checking the ball in a three-on-three pickup game. I was happy for a decent turnout. By game number 3, my stomach felt like I ate a piece of lead and was kicked in the stomach by Steven Segal. But then again, I’m sure the beers from about two hours ago didn’t help either. We played for a rather long time….bringing out that sweat that we had become so familiar with. The sun began to fade and so did the players. Everyone parted ways. I got home and immediately showered. I obviously can’t sit on furniture while being drenched in sweat that is so similar to urine. After the shower I had a calling, from my stomach, and he said he wanted to eat. However, this time I decided to take a slightly different road. No Taco Bell and no fried chicken. No fast food at all, in fact. For dinner, I enjoyed grilled salmon with a plain baked potato and salad while watching the HBO series ‘Entourage’. I’m such a health nut.

            Now maybe this doesn’t sound like a nice weekend. Maybe you think it’s gross…because it is. But after working so much during the week and dealing with, what I feel are, the dumbest people on the planet; I should be able to do whatever I want. Am I blabbering? Absolutely, but I just wanted to make a point that people shouldn’t waste their weekends and they shouldn’t take them for granted. Weekends are the best time of the week. Just remember: do plenty of eating, sleeping, and drinking.


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