Michael Crabtree: Just Another Wide Receiver Diva?

August 11, 2009 at 11:04 pm Leave a comment


This can’t be good.

Michael Crabtree has already lived up to the stereotype that ‘all receivers are divas’. Before ever taking the field as a professional athlete, Crabtree is already unhappy with his contract negotiations. I suppose that it’s one thing to be unhappy, but it’s completely different when you threaten not to play.

The San Francisco 49er’s drafted Michael Crabtree out of Texas Tech University with the tenth overall selection in the NFL Draft this past April. As we all know with first-round draft choices, every rookie waits on each other in order to maximize the dollar amount on their first-ever NFL paycheck. Although I feel like rookies get paid entirely too much money as it is, the wait-and-see approach by agents really does make the most sense. However, as reports have stated, Crabtree wants the money that a #3 overall draft pick would earn (a.k.a. Crabtree wants #3 money). In fact, Crabtree wants #3 money so bad that he has actually threatened to sit out the entire 2009 season and re-enter into the NFL Draft in April of 2010. And please take note before all hell breaks loose, these are rumors. Crabtree’s cousin, who also happens to be his adviser, stated that M.C. would not play for the Niners unless he was paid what he is worth. Crabtree’s agent, on the other hand, has stated that this rumor could not be farther from the truth. But with Crabtree yet to take the field or suit up, it’s beginning to look like the Niners are going to be one Crabtree shy come opening Sunday.

It was kind of apparent that Crabtree was a little “flashy” when he was at Texas Tech (new shape-up every three days, phat diamond earrings, cocky personality, etc.). But acting like a spoiled brat before ever putting on an NFL jersey is only hurting yourself. Back in 2007, the number two overall pick was Calvin Johnson, a receiver out of Georgia Tech. Johnson held out for eight days until he finally signed his six-year deal worth $64 million ($27.2 guaranteed).  With that contract in mind, I can only imagine that Crabtree is looking for something in the general ballpark – and I can’t see that happening.

Do the 49er’s need a franchise receiver? Absolutely. But when a man threatens your team (if reports are accurate), how do you continue on with firm beliefs that he will be a loyal and care-free employee? We’re talking about a multi-million dollar asset that’s apart of a multi-million dollar franchise…

We may not know the details of the drama, but it sure doesn’t look good on the cover.


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