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Redskins’ Skid Continues, Zorn’s Seat Gets Warmer

Redskins Fan

Players are outraged, coming to blows in the locker room. Coaches are on the hot seat, as close to being terminated as you can get. And the fans are fed up, wearing paper bags to cover their faces at games. The only solution for a team in this kind of state is to win. So what do the Redskins do? They lose to the winless Kansas City Chiefs while scoring just six points. And in fact, the team is doing even worse than the embarassing loss indicates…

The Washington Redskins played like normal in the first half, like a flat soda sitting uncapped for days. The offense had no “go” and the defense looked, at the very least, decent. Rather than giving the kicker a shot for a 53-yard field goal before the half, Zorn elects for Campbell to give it a heave to the endzone. The ball is intercepted and the half ends, Redskins lead 3-0. When the teams take the field to begin the second half, 105-year-old backup quarterback Todd Collins is suddenly the starter as Campbell sits on the sidelines with a beanie and coat on. What gives?

Perhaps it was the blocking by the offensive line, or lack thereof, that caused Campbell to be benched? We all know that Collins is much more mobile when the pocket begins to collapse, which it so often does. Or maybe Campbell was benched because of the lack of depth on the offensive line as a result of piss poor drafting by the front office? Because we all know that the quarterback makes the selections in April and he always want non-catching receivers. Or maybe Campbell warmed the bench in the second half because he had just 89 yards in the first half? Then again, he does call all of the offensive plays from the no-huddle. Whatever the reason may be, Jim Zorn and the coaching staff has made it that much harder on themselves. Not only did Todd Collins produce the same amount of points as Campbell in the same amount of time but with more urgency, but Campbell has to feel like the lowest man on the team right now. How does Jason Campbell tie his cleats next Sunday with confidence? Or does Campbell even start next week? See what I mean? Creating a quarterback controversy at this juncture makes no sense and it takes away from the little amount of identity that your team once had.

Peter King has reported that a meeting was held between Jim Zorn, Dan Snyder, and Vinny Cerratto following the miserable home loss on Sunday. The result? Cerratto relieved Zorn of all play-calling duties. It actually makes sense, finally Cerratto does something intelligent. But why did it take this long? After you performed a rush-hire to make Zorn the head coach and offensive coordinator after a botched head coach hiring job; now you make the change?

Please remember that the current situation in the nation’s capital is NOT Jason Campbell’s fault, nor is it Jim Zorn’s fault. Whether you like Campbell or not, he can’t make his line stay healthy and at least block a little bit. And whether or not you like Zorn, he is working with what he was given because he has absolutely no say in what takes the field on Sundays. Jim Zorn was a lonely quarterback coach in Seattle and was making the modest and humbling jump to become an offensive coordinator. That same lonely quarterback coach was in no way prepared for the OC duties as well as the head coaching duties for one of the league’s most poopular teams. Zorn has a lot of sh*t on his plate and he’s taking the heat for it. Fair? Hardly. But until the Snyder/Cerratto regime gets the hell out of D.C., that same plate will remain full no matter who sits down to it.

Welcome aboard the “FIRE DAN SNYDER” bandwagon.


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Sam Bradford Goes Down Again, Second Thoughts on NFL Jump?

Sam Bradford

Halfway through the 2009 Red River Shootout, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford has yet to return to the game. After throwing just eight passes in the game, Bradford went down on the same right shoulder that put him out for 31 days the first time. Trying to avoid the rush from the left side of his body, Bradford tucked the ball with his right hand and landed on the right shoulder with the weight of himself and a Longhorn defender. Bradford grimaced in pain and was helped off the field. And now, people are really concerned.

Last season, Sam Bradford could have skipped out of college as a redshirt sophomore and headed to the NFL where he would have likely been the first quarterback selected in the Draft (over Sanchez in my opinion). However, the fame, millions of dollars, and stud status wasn’t enough to keep Bradford from the Oklahoma Sooners. He opted to come back and take the Sooners to the championship! Now, two injuries on the same shoulder within two months of each other; could Bradford be re-thinking his off-season decision?

Sam Bradford is only a junior but he couldn’t possibly pass up on ANOTHER chance to hit the NFL, could he? If his draft stock is seriously hurt as a result of his own injuries, he could always opt to return to school. However, the smart thing for Bradford would be to sit out the rest of this season, get his shoulder right, and get ready for the NFL Combine. Although he should have made the leap last year, Bradford entering the NFL Draft this season is a MUST. Look at Matt Leinart who decided to return to school? He’s still behind a 100-year-old Kurt Warner who still has another year on his contract. And then take a look at Mark Sanchez: a guy that really only had one good year at USC and he took the money and ran, even under heavy convincing attempts by head coach Pete Carroll to stay. Now Sanchez is the next “Broadway Joe” doing GQ photo shoots and leading the New York Jets like no one has in years. Hell, take JaMarcus Russell. Russell may be a horrible quarterback playing for a horrible team, but he made the leap instead of returning to school and whether he retired today or ten years from now, he’d be set for life.

It’s one of those situations where all people sit on either side of the fence: stay at school or make the leap? It’s risky either way. Make the jump and end up like Russell? Or return to school and end up like Leinart? Let’s hope Bradford’s injuries don’t do permanent damage.

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Baby Steam-Rolled by Train in Australia! Watch the Video—>

A crazy video from Melbourne, Australia of a stroller rolling off the edge of the standing section at a metro stop and ran over by a train. The problem? There’s a baby in the stroller. This is a must-see video and proof why we should all believe in miracles…

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At Least Limbaugh Likes the Rams

Rush Limbaugh

The St. Louis Rams are currently one of the NFL’s worst franchises, going just 5-31 since 2007. The team is in shambles, attendance is in the crapper, and fans are beginning to diminish. But wait, there’s still hope! Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has teamed up with St. Louis Blues (NHL) owner Dave Checketts in a bid to buy the Rams’ franchise. That’s right, someone loves the Rams!!

The Rams are worth an estimated $929 million according to Forbes magazine but it is unclear whether Limbaugh and Checketts’ bid is for 100% of the franchise or just the 60% that was inherited by the former owner’s children back in 2008.

Whether you love him or hate him, everyone knows Rush Limbaugh is quite the sport fan. In fact, he was an ESPN analyst in 2003 until saying Donovan McNabb was overrated because he was black. Since leaving ESPN, Rush has continued his conservative radio show that has earned him the popular title, “voice of the Republican Party”. Unfortunately for Rush, two thirds of the other NFL owners must  approve the new ownership. Sure there might be a few conservative NFL owners, but many cannot stand Rush as a person or his views.

Time will tell for Rush. More details to follow.

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Oklahoma State Stud Ineligible for 2009

Dez Bryant

Oklahoma State star receiver Dez Bryant has been ruled ineligible for the rest of the season after failing to abide by NCAA rules. The details were brief but the suspension came due to contact between Bryant and an NFL player. ESPN reported that the NFL player involved was not associated with Oklahoma State University nor is he an alum.

Since none of us can possibly understand every rule listed in the NCAA guidelines, lets take it for what it’s worth. Dez Bryant was a star for the Cowboys and a near-certain draft pick, now he’ll sit on the sidelines and suddenly his life is turned upside down. How do the Cowboys finish the season? How does this effect his draft stock?

Kind of a shocker to the world of college football. Good luck Dez Bryant.

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Troubled Receiver Heads to Jets in NFL Trade

Braylon Edwards 2

Former Browns’ receiver Braylon Edwards has had his fair share of trouble and rumors during his five-year stint in Cleveland. From his hands-of-stone last season to his most recent allegation of sucker punching LeBron James’ 170-pound friend outside of a nightclub, the Browns have finally seen enough.

On the other hand, the New York Jets were lacking a deep threat to accomodate rookie sensation (too soon?) Mark Sanchez. Not a doubt in my mind that Edwards is good and will likely help out Sanchez, but it’s the off-field stuff that should concern people. If Edwards gets into crap in Cleveland, what the hell will he be like in New York City? But then again, who knows? Maybe Edwards takes advantage of the HUGE opportunity that lies: a new scene, a big city, and a MUCH improved Jets team.

The Browns received wideout Chansi Stuckey, a third-round selection (which could turn into a second), a fifth-round selection, and a special teams player in return for Edwards. Although I am a fan of Stuckey, I think the Jets make out okay in this one but all their eggs appear to be in one basket.

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The Diva Finally Inks A Deal with San Francisco


With the deadline to sign rookies quickly approaching, the San Francisco 49er’s and rookie receiver Michael Crabtree have finally settled on a deal. Apparently Crabtree was using family for his negotiations and we see where that got him. The deal was for a reported $32 million over six years but voidable after five if the cocky wideout doesn’t meet his catch quota. The likely problem was that Crabtree wanted Heyward-Bey type guaranteed money and the 49er’s refused to budge (good for them). Crabtree’s deal includes $17 million guaranteed.

After making a complete fool of himself and living up to the wide receiver stereotypical attitude, Crabtree will be lucky if he even sees the field during the regular season. The kid is good and definitely has the ability, but an NFL playbook isn’t a children’s short story. This is exciting news for the 49er’s franchise but it may take time. Not to mention, can the team, fans, and ownership truly believe that Michael Crabtree laces up his cleats everyday for the love of the game and belief in the team? Hardly.

Good luck Keyshawn Johnson Michael Crabtree.

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