Cerrato Out In Washington, Bruce Allen Named New V.P.

And the holidays just got a little better for Redskins fans as Vinny Cerrato resigned today from the Washington Redskins organization.

Recent reports have surfaced claiming the Redskins are introducing Bruce Allen as the new general manager of the team. Allen served as Senior Executive from 1996 – 2003 for the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and happens to be the son of the legendary Skins’ coach George Allen. Which can only lead one to believe who the new head coach of the Redskins might be….Jon Gruden, the head coach under Bruce Allen in Oakland and Tampa Bay. Although Gruden just signed a hefty contract with the Monday Night Football crew, I’m sure Dan Snyder’s money is a just a bit heftier.

Although many Redskins fans would have liked to have seen Mike Holmgren settle in the Nation’s Capital, all we really wanted for Christmas was for Vinny to see the door. Aren’t the holidays just grand when your dreams come true?

Hail to the Redskins.


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We All Have One: My Christmas Rant

And it’s that time of year again. As the classic song states, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Oh please! Try one of the worst times of the year. No, I’m not a grump, grinch, or scrooge, I’m just extremely frustrated with the transformation of Christmas over time. Christmas is nothing more than a time of materials. Everyone is worried about giving and receiving, and the time that should be spent with family during the holiday has become a distant after-thought. At this point in Christmas cheer, we worry more about giving our co-worker a calender with half-naked firemen on it than we do about getting together with family and sharing old stories while passing the Christmas ham. Unfortunately for America, we cannot adopt the historic Yule meaning of Christmas, which was a simple winter festival at which family gathered during the darkest and coldest days of the year and celebrated the fact that they still had each other and a hot meal to eat. THAT, is what Christmas should be about. If you want to throw in a religious meaning to it, fine. I’m not particularly a religious person so I tend to lean more towards a holiday about being with one’s family and celebrating that time together. Is this wrong? Am I the Grinch?

As far as the typical gift exchange that happens each year, I have my acceptions. My rule for giving and receiving gifts is simple – kids under the age of 18 and significant others/spouses are the only ones that should receive gifts. If you would like to make an exception and give your 21-year-old student son a gift, fine. If you want to give your grandmother a book that she’s been talking about, fine. But there shouldn’t be this obligation to buy everyone something just so you don’t look like the jerk of Christmas. It has come down to people buying other people meaningless and pointless materials just to say they gave that person something. Why do we do this? Do you think your second cousin really enjoyed the flower-shaped paper weight? These meaningless gifts are noticed right when they’re opened – you open the gift and immediately realize that the person bought you the gift solely because they felt they had to. I hate this! However, I understand the kids’ point of view. As a kid, you look forward to nothing more than receiving as many cool gifts as possible…and that’s fine. But once you become an adult, understand that the holidays are about family and not materials. The easiest way to do this? Explain to your children the meaning of holidays, especially Christmas, as soon as you can. Explain to them that holidays are family gatherings that remind us of how grateful we are to have one another and a few gifts here and there are special bonuses of some sort…there shouldn’t be any problems with that.

And that’s why Thanksgiving is hands down the best holiday America has. Thanksgiving is nothing more than celebrating family, food, and fun…together. So, this Christmas I will continue to try and promote my belief…but the Grinch’s belief never goes over well.

Happy Holidays!

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Mark Ingram Brings First Heisman Trophy To Alabama

Sophomore running back Mark Ingram won the 75th Heisman Trophy last night, the first-ever Heisman trophy winner from the Alabama Crimson Tide. The young man’s speech was great, thanking his parents, family, and acknowledging the fact that the award is a team effort.

The 2oo9 Heisman Trophy race was the closest of all-time. Ingram received 227 first-place votes and 1,304 points. Stanford running back Toby Gerhart got 222 first-place votes and 1,276 points, while Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, last season’s runner-up, received 203 and 1,145. Although it’s a little unfortunate that McCoy didn’t get a Heisman after a historically tremendous career at Texas, Ingram deserved every inch of the trophy. And to go along with the Heisman hardware, Ingram will try to bring a National Championship to Alabama as well when they take on Texas in the BCS Title game.

The big question now? Where is Mark Ingram going to play his football in 2010?

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Turner Gill To Coach Kansas Jayhawks

Former Buffalo head football coach Turner Gill has reportedly been hired to take the same position at Kansas, a position recently vacated by the departure of Mark Mangino as a result of “pressure”.

Mark Mangino was named the National Coach of the Year in 2007 and had the Kansas football program going in the right direction. However, reports surfaced in 2009 and claimed that Mangino used hateful and disrespectful treatment toward Jayhawk players during games and practices. An investigation then followed, leaving a head coaching job available for someone special. Step on up Turner Gill.

Gill has led Buffalo to a 20-30 record in four years, including a MAC Championship in 2008. Gill has the leadership and feel for the game, making him truly one of the greatest young coaches in the country. His move to Kansas takes him to a better program, makes him more money, and gains him much more attention. Turner Gill will eventually get his shot at a big program job and the recent jump to the Big XII is a perfect stepping stone. I would look for some noise coming out of Lawrence.

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Brian Kelly Heading To South Bend

After leading the Cincinnati Bearcats to a 12-0 undefeated season and a Big East title, head coach Brian Kelly will be announced as the head coach at Notre Dame Friday afternoon.

As for the players in Cincy…they didn’t particularly like the move. Most of the players felt betrayed by the coach that led their program to a 34-6 record in three seasons. “He went for the money,” Gilyard told The Associated Press. “I’m fairly disgusted with the situation, that they let it last this long.” Tight end Ben Guidugli added, “We already knew what he was going to say. We weren’t giving him a round of applause or anything. It’s like somebody turned their back on us. We brought this whole thing this far. We’ve come this far. To have someone walk out now is disappointing.” Quarterback Tony Pike also mentioned how Kelly told his players before the Pittsburgh game about how much he loved Cincy and how much he loved coaching there.

But maybe someone should inform the Bearcats, especially Gilyard, that Cincinnati is not Notre Dame. Notre Dame is arguably one of the most prestigious universities in the entire country, not only for their sports but for their academics. For the Cincy players to say that Coach Kelly “left for the money” is absolutely ridiculous. Coach Kelly took the Notre Dame job because he has worked his way from coaching at a high school, to coaching at Grand Valley State, and finally leading a Cincy team (with no record of significance) to an undefeated season. Notre Dame is a dream job for almost every coach in the country and that’s why Brian Kelly took the job. He earned it. Congrats to Brian Kelly, I’m sure he’ll do just fine in South Bend.

Brian Kelly’s Quick Resume (provided by ESPN):

 34-6 in 3-plus seasons at Cincinnati
• 12 wins this season represent the most for a college head coach in the season before taking over at Notre Dame
• Two-time Big East Coach of the Year
• 19-16 in three seasons at Central Michigan
• Won two D-II championships at Grand Valley State
• Played linebacker at Assumption College (Mass.)

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Unidentified Adult Female Rushed From Tiger Woods’ Mansion On Advanced Life Support

According to WESH-TV in Orange County, Florida, an adult female was taken to the hospital from the home of Tiger Woods around 2:30 am Tuesday morning. The female has not been identified but reportedly refused transport at first. The female was then seen by radio log being carried out of the mansion on a stretcher on “advanced life support”. WESH-TV also reported seeing a black Cadillac Escalade leaving the hospital shortly after the ambulance arrived.

Amid all of the speculation and allegations surrounding Tiger Woods and his family, continuing to add to the rumors would be unfair.

More details to follow.

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Clausen Will Enter NFL Draft: A Quick Analysis of the 2010 ‘Potential’ QB Class

With the early departure of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen announced today, the NFL Draft analysis can begin. With that said, my first bold statement of the NFL Draft is that I believe the quarterback class in 2010 will be a lot deeper than most people expect. At first glance, the QB Class may look a bit too cluttered with spread offense gun-slingers. But I would argue that, with the number of teams that may opt for a quarterback at some point in the draft, we’ll be hearing about these kids for longer than expected. 

Taking a quick look at NFL teams that may have a QB in mind (somewhere within the seven rounds), I come up with about a dozen, give or take. Does Denver stick with Kyle Orton? Sure he’s been decent but does McDaniels want his guy? Does Minnesota look into the future? Brett Favre can’t play forever (right?) and Tavaris Jackson isn’t the long-term answer. San Francisco has had a pleasant surprise in Alex Smith but I’m sure they’ll take a gander. Washington’s quarterback situation is always the topic of discussion, with a majority saying Campbell is at least second string in 2010. Jacksonville needs fans in seats, Garrard isn’t cutting it. Seattle has made up their mind about Hasselbeck, it was a good run. Miami drafted Chad Henne but they may take a late project. Buffalo needs another guy not named Trent Edwards. Cleveland drafted Brady Quinn and he may actually win over Mangini by the end of the season. St. Louis is on the desperate list, Bulger is about to fall apart (literally). Jake Delhomme never cut it for me in Carolina, and John Fox will look to move on in 2010. And finally…Oakland. Gradkowski has worked wonders since Russell was benched but it’s time to ‘officially’ give up on JaMarcus and his horrible attitude. Hopefully for the Raiders, an uncapped year will allow them to cut his fat ass along with his fat contract. So there you have it, about a dozen teams that may look towards a quarterback at some point in the draft. 

Now let’s take a look at the QB prospects. Although the talent level drops off drastically about a quarter through the list, that doesn’t mean the late-round guys can’t turn out okay (see: Tom Brady). Here’s a quick list of my QB prospects in somewhat of a personal Big Board rating: 

  1. Jimmy Clausen (ND)  6’3  217 – He’s played in a pro-style offense and he’s been through the up’s and the down’s of a very popular team. He’s played well, progressed even better, and knows what its like to play away from home.
  2. Jake Locker (WAS)  6’3  223 – Good talent at a bad school, Locker knows the game and is pretty athletic. His arm strength is decent but seems like a good decision-maker.
  3. Sam Bradford (OU)  6’4  214 – Other than the injuries and durability as a result, Bradford is a HUGE talent. His accuracy is second to none and he has good decision making. His athleticism is often overlooked because of how little he leaves the pocket.
  4. Ryan Mallet (ARK)  6’6  250 – Michigan transfer that can throw up numbers in bunches. He has lead feet but has tremendous upside. He would be a project but one worth taking on.
  5. Tony Pike (CIN)  6’6  225 – If you didn’t know Pike before this year, you do now. Pike is smart and very accurate. And impressively enough, the guy can move around for his size. The hype may be surrounding him but I think he could turn out.
  6. Jevan Snead (OM)  6’3  215 – One of the most overrated teams in the nation, Ole Miss got a lot of attention because of Snead. He has good arm strength and his upside was going to get him a lot. But after a crappy season in ’09, Snead’s stock has dropped off. Remember this kid couldn’t beat out McCoy at Texas.
  7. Colt McCoy (UT)  6’3  215 – Not another Vince Young. McCoy can put the pass on a dime but may need help with his ability to read a defense. His leadership is impressive and he’s had great college experience. I would say he’s a sure fire West Coast guy.
  8. Tim Tebow  (FL)  6’3  235 – He wants to play QB but it may not happen. His arm strength isn’t anything special and his decision-making won’t work in the NFL. Jacksonville may be his only hope in the first-round.
  9. Christian Ponder (FSU)  6’3  220 – Not a big fan of this guy in college but he has a very accurate pass and he understands the game. Ponder could succeed in this league as long as he doesn’t have to throw the long ball.
  10. Pat Devlin (UD)  6’4  220 – Originally a QB at Penn State, Devlin has a cannon for an arm and is hoping to follow in a certain one’s footsteps.
  11. Jarrett Brown (WVU)  6’4  220 – Big guy, extremely athletic, and able to make the pass. His upside and potential is scary but can he ever learn to read a defense?
  12. Jonathan Crompton (UT)  6’4  224 – The guy got better, I’ll give him that. He has the intangibles to succeed in the NFL but a team will have to take on a project.
  13. Zac Robinson (OSU)  6’3  210 – If anyone falls victim to the ‘spread-only quarterback’, it’s this guy.
  14. Bill Stull (PITT)  6’3  215 – Played well for a former-NFL coach but his decision-making under pressure is what keeps him down.
  15. Sean Canfield (OSU)  6’4  215 – He got better over the year and people got to find out who the Beaver is.
  16. Max Hall (BYU)  6’1  201 – His accuracy shouldn’t be an issue but his size and decision-making are.
  17. Tim Hiller (WMU)  6’5  228 – I actually like Hiller at a higher spot but his lack of competition and weak arm make him a tough shot. Hiller has a great read on defenses and makes decent decisions but he has cement feet and not a great deep-ball. He could prosper in a short-pass oriented offense.  

Where these guys actually end up will have to wait for my annual Mock Draft. A quick breakdown of the running backs will follow soon.

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