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Bowl Schedule Announced, Bama to Meet Texas In Championship

As expected, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas Longhorns will meet in the BCS National Championship Game on January 7th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California. After a narrow escape by the Longhorns in the Big XII Title game against Nebraska (last-second FG), head coach Mack Brown and the Horns look to snag their second championship in five years. On the other end, Nick Saban has the Tide rolling strong with Heisman favorite Mark Ingram tearing it up on the ground. The old saying is that defense wins championships…but this Texas fan won’t say that for this particular championship.

Other bowls, of moderate importance of course, are as follows (with my favorites underlined):

  • Orange Bowl          Iowa vs. Georgia Tech          January 5th                     
  • Fiesta Bowl            TCU vs. Boise State                  January 4th                      
  • Cotton Bowl          OK. St. vs. Ole Miss                  January 2nd                     
  • Sugar Bowl            Florida vs. Cincinnati             January 1st                       
  • Rose Bowl              Oregon vs. Ohio State             January 1st                       
  • Texas Bowl            Navy vs. Missouri                   December 31st                

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Tides-a-turnin’ in the BCS Championship game?

2009-bcsIf you would have asked me who was going to win the BCS Title Game a week ago I would have probably said the Sooners, not so much anymore. ESPN reported today that DeMarco Murray, the Sooners’ starting running back, would not be able to play in the championship game against the Florida Gators on January 8th. This may not seem like a big deal at first because the Sooners have another great back named Chris Brown that has 100 more yards than Murray along with 6 more TDs. However, losing DeMarco Murray will have an effect on the way the #1 offense goes about running its plays. The Oklahoma offense was dominant for a reason, because it all clicked and everyone worked as a unit. Now, you take away a key component and things are sure to change. There’s no doubt in my mind that Okie offensive coordinators will have to change their gameplans a little bit in order to adapt to the absence of Murray.

Secondly, I saw an interesting statistic on that said Heisman winners are just 1-5 in BCS Championship games – I didn’t even realize! So with a crucial part of the offense sitting on the sidelines combined with the fact that Heisman winners (Bradford) are just 1-5 in the big game lead me to change my pick to the Florida Gators as the next National Champion.

But wait! To me, Alabama missed only a couple opportunities to beat Florida in the SEC title game leading me to believe that they are certainly beatable when facing a team like the Sooners. Also, Dan Mullen, the Florida offensive coordinator, has already accepted the head coaching job at Mississippi State. Can a offensive guru like Mullen focus 100% on the task at hand and not his next job? I’m not implying that Mullen would do anything to compromise the game for Florida, but there is no way he can be focused.

Florida is currently the favorite with a spread of 3 points. 57% of bettors are taking the Florida Gators (-3) and 53% are taking the Florida Gators on the moneyline, all of which makes the #1 team in the nation an UNDERDOG! Not to mention the game is being played in South Florida, which I consider a “home” stadium for the Gators. What does that make the #1 team in the nation? ROAD-DOGS! I love taking road-dogs and Oklahoma may throw their own swamp on the Gators come January.

This could be a possible pick…

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SEC Championship Weekend

alg_nicksabanLet’s take a quick pass on the NFL Power Rankings and look ahead to this weekend’s SEC Championship match-up. Florida came out of the gate as a 10.5 point favorite. In my opinion, no undefeated SEC team and the country’s number one team should be double digit dogs. However, as a gamblin’ man I would take it all day long. Since Sunday, the line has gone down to just under double digits with Florida as a 9.5 point favorite.

There is so much to look at in this match-up between two extremely talented powerhouses. One would be the coaching. Urban Meyer is good but nobody is Nick Saban. Saban may be hated and often referred to as Satan, but his coaching is by far tops in the country. He knows how to recruit, he knows how to win, and his intensity on defense is scary. Second would be the defense of Alabama. Saban loves to run the nickel on defense and this will slow down the outside speed of Florida. Bama’s defensive line up front will dominate the Florida line, as Ole Miss did earlier in the season. With the lockdown of Alabama’s defense and the effective pass rush, Tebow will be forced to throw. Don’t get me wrong, Tebow is a great college football player and deserving of everything he has earned. However, I don’t trust his arm or his QB mentality when it comes to winning games with it. Florida will face a defense that they have yet to see and it will certainly alter their offensive attack. Florida’s offense may edge out Bama’s (I’m not a huge fan of John Parker Wilson) but they do know how to win ball games. Unlike Florida, Bama knows how to win every game and close it out when they need to (see: MISS/UF).

I don’t think I have to say who my favorite for the game is, just know that games are won in the trenches. Alabama is the number one team in the country and well-deserving. Alabama is undefeated and Florida is not. Alabama may not have the recent glamour that the Florida program has had, but they have a mastermind in Nick Saban at the healm. Who has better athletes? Who’s faster? EIther way the answers fall, I think Vegas has the wrong line on this game. Alabama (+9.5)

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Texas gets the short-end of the stick…

colt-mccoyTo some but not everyone’s suprise, the Oklahoma Sooners jumped the Texas Longhorns to take over the #2 spot in the BCS Standings. I am a strong supporter for a playoff system and I am an even larger supporter of the Texas Longhorns. With that said; what the hell is going on here?

Texas’ lone lose on the season came to Texas Tech on the last play of the game. Texas beat Oklahoma, fair and square, on a neutral site. With the new standings, Oklahoma will play Missouri in the Big XII Title game and move into the BCS Championship game. My question is simple; why should Texas have to sit at home and watch their conference’s title game be played between two teams that they’ve already crushed?

The whole BCS computer crap makes no sense and I can’t imagine why or how anyone could support its existence. The Texas Longhorns should be playing in the BCS Championship game against the winner of the Florida/Alabama game. Texas will get screwed out of their well-deserved title shot unless Missouri miraculously beats Oklahoma. And for all those that make the argument of Texas Tech beating Texas and that’s the same as Texas beating Oklahoma and expecting a higher ranking….shut up. It’s not the same. Texas Tech won on the last play of the game in an absolute off day for the Longhorns. Not to mention that Texas Tech struggled to beat the Baylor Bears. The Baylor Bears! Give me a break. The Longhorns get the short-end of the stick and it’s more proof that the BCS is ruining the game.

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Texas Tech gets SMACKED…

demarco-murray1For all those who argued with me about Texas Tech’s win over Texas being a luck come late; how do you like them apples? Texas beat Oklahoma, then Oklahoma plays Texas Tech and smacks them in the face, 65-21. I know the game was in Norman and Oklahoma doesn’t lose at home, but c’mon. Getting slaughtered by 44 points is extremely tough to swallow. Alabama v. Texas in the BCS Championship game….fingers crossed.

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