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The NFL Super Bowl Picture: Would The League Have It Any Other Way?

The NFL playoff picture looked so boring at the start of Saturday and it pretty much stayed that way. Saturday included wins by the Saints, which many expected, and the Colts, which even more expected. Followed by Sunday in which we saw wins from Minnesota, which many expected, and New York, which very few expected. A breakdown of sorts, shall we….

Who Dat Saints – They started the season so hot and created a media buzz that could choke a whale, on the brink of an undefeated year. The Cowboys barge into the Dome and put a hole in the sails. They go on to lose a few more and the country writes off the New Orleans Aints. Why? As if the Saints lost everything they had prior to the Dallas loss? Although the Cardinals were more than a touchdown underdog against the Saints, we all knew the easy money was on the Saints. The Cardinals were unpredictable, up-and-down, and coming off a draining win against the hungry (but not hungry enough) Packers. Not to mention, the New Orleans Saints have very quietly become America’s new favorite team. Ever met a person that said they hated the Saints? Can anyone really say that? They have the support of America behind them and no one would down the Super Bowl if the Saints were involved. And just to help their case, the Saints defense is playing well and their offense is prolific.

Indianapolis Colts – Whether you like him or not, people like Peyton! He’s easily the best quarterback in the league and perhaps the most intelligent passer we’ve seen. Are the Colts necessarily flashy? I would argue no. However, audiences enjoy the happy feet of Peyton Manning and his last-second audibles, which leave defenses simply, well….defenseless. The Colts’ defense is faster than most people give them credit for and the coaching staff for this team could be the brightest in the playoffs. Would the country really not tune into a Super Bowl that included Peyton Manning? Doubtful.

Minnesooota Vikings – I think we all saw this coming. Even before Brett Favre took the field in purple, everyone claimed that the Vikings were just one decent quarterback away from making a Super Bowl run. Soooo, they get a better-than-decent quarterback and land ol’ ageless! Brett has been nothing but spectacular this season, aside from the off-season distracting crap, and he has really made everyone on the Minnesota team better. Take Sidney Rice for example. This kid was about three hairs short of being labled a “bust”, if not labled so already, and suddenly he becomes a Hall of Famer’s favorite target. The Minnesota defense may be a little overrated but they showed otherwise against the Cowgirls and their sissified offensive line. This team controls their own destiny. Picture this: Brett Favre, age 40, leads Vikings in Super Bowl. Whether you’re a football fan or not…is anyone gonna miss the ‘Wrangler Guy’ in the Super Bowl? No way.

New York J-E-T-S – And finally we have the New York, underdog, never-had-a-shot, rookie coach-havin’, rookie quarterback-havin’, no good, stinkin’ Jets. Who’d-uh-thunk-it? The San Diego Chargers were apparently built to win the Super Bowl and the time was now. But then they realized that their head coach was Norv Turner…and that guy couldn’t win a tee-ball game. The New York Jets were told all year that they “couldn’t” and they were told all season that Mark “Sanchise” couldn’t get it done. And now look! The Jets built themselves on the classic football frame – defense and running the football. Now the Jets are in the AFC title game and looking to make history. Would anyone miss the playoffs with an underdog like the New York Jets in the Super Bowl? Um, yes. Although the Jets retain a strong and very supportive fandom, they wouldn’t draw the largest crowd.

So here we sit. Who will be playing in the Super Bowl? I’m no prophet but I predict two scenarios ( not hard to determine if you think about it )…

Indianapolis Colts v. Minnesota Vikings – This one makes the most sense for me. Two Hall of Fame quarterbacks going head-to-head in America’s largest sporting event; who’d miss this? Football people like Peyton and Brett, or at least have respect for their game. And non-football people know Brett and Peyton for their Wrangler and Visa ads, respectively. And did we mention Brett Favre was 40? Every middle-aged man in America will be watching this game and rootin’ for the ol’ guy, even if this is their first ever football game! Rogaine might as well go ahead and buy the largest advertising spot if Brett and the Vikes make it to the Bowl. And can us football fans really make a case that Peyton Manning doesn’t deserve a second Super Bowl ring? This is the best match-up for the audience and the NFL’s pockets.

Indianapolis Colts v. New Orleans Saints – It’s hard for the league to go wrong this year. Even if Minnesota and the original Viking himself, Brett Favre, don’t make it – America’s favorite team will. We all love the Saints! And wow, what a story! A natural disaster literally leaves the historic city of New Orleans in ruins and the fight to rebuild is a long and hard process. The New Orleans Saints have never been so talented and have never given so much to their city. And now, when all their chips were down, the New Orleans Saints make the biggest rebound in history (all statistics aside) and make it to the Super Bowl to represent everyone who is not a Colts fan! And taking on the Saints is the future Hall of Famer that some may call “the best player to ever play the game”. Needless to say, everyone will be watching except maybe a few less uninterested females due to the non-appearence of Brett Favre.

And that’s pretty much it. The league has allowed the underdog Jets to stay in it this long just to make sure that audiences tune in to see if they can “really pull it off”. But in the end, the NFL won’t allow a small-market underdog make it to the Super Bowl over the likes of Peyton Manning and the Colts. The New Yorks Jets are a great story, don’t get me wrong, and they have been absolutely sensational thus far. but the league will have no more. Unfortunately the Super Bowl picture can be too sweet and the NFL’s pockets can be too heavily stuffed.

And with that being said – would the League have it any other way?


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Brett Favre Hangs Up His Cleats, Throws On the Wranglers.


Looks like the only field Brett Favre will be taking this year is the sloppy mud pit he plays in with his friends when filming his awful Wrangler Jean commercials.

Brett Favre has finally called it quits, again, after half-way convincing the Minnesota Vikings that he would lace up and take a run at one more Super Bowl. With the Super Bowl in their sights and the players to get them there, the Vikings are only a quarterback away from being a serious NFC Champion candidate. But with Favre’s pull-out just days before training camp, the Vikes’ are left with Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels to compete for the starting role.

I guess it’s the correct time to thank Brett for all the years of entertainment and gun-slingin’…assuming he doesn’t return again. And it’s also the correct time to wish the Vikings luck with their current quarterback carousel. After current Vikings Antoine Winfield, Jared Allen, and Adrian Peterson called and harassed Favre to try and get him to throw on the purple jersey, that can’t leave Jackson and Rosenfels feeling too confident.

Nothing like having the support of your teammates when you have minimal pro football ability.

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Favre Retires…Again


Brett Favre has announced his retirement from the NFL…again.

How many times do we have to go through it with this guy? His second to last season in Green Bay cluttered the NFL with “Favre Talk”. Then his final season was all “Favre Talk”, obviously. Then the Packers do what they need to do as a business and “Favre Talk” shows up again. And then, to make matters worse, he comes back for another year and plays for the Jets, equaling another year of frickin “Favre Talk”. All of which seemed completely unnecessary to me.

Look, I understand the guy has a passion for the game and he just wants to “toss the ol’ pigskin”, but it must end sometime. Brett can’t play forever and he shouldn’t be doing this kind of “oops, I wanna come back” thing. The New York Jets’ GM has said he had a long talk with Brett Favre and that he will hold Favre to his word of really wanting to retire. To me, that means that if Favre comes back next year (which is NOT out of the question), the Jets’ front office will hate him like the Packers’ front office does. Does Brett Favre really need more haters?

I don’t want to sound cliche, but he really is hurting his legacy. He may say that he doesn’t care about legacy or numbers or stats or whatever, but at some point you have to look at your performance (see: Jets Meltdown) and realize that you’re done. Be happy with the fact that you got to play as long as you did. You have a ring, you’re a Hall of Famer. Let’s close the book for good.

And Brett shouldn’t forget, he can always toss the ol’ pigskin around with the Wrangler guys on Saturdays.

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Another Brett Favre folly

SPORT NFL FOOTBALLIn my opinion the NFL Pro Bowl is the biggest joke in professional sports. Some people like to watch the “superstars” play and others find it fascinating to play a game in Hawaii, whatever. The fact is, the Pro Bowl is the closest thing to a popularity contest since high school superlatives.

I have so much disinterest in the Pro Bowl and who plays in it that I couldn’t even tell you a few good men on either roster. But, for some odd reason, I decided to check out the Pro Bowl roster after hearing a little tid bit about it on this morning’s radio. After seeing the quarterbacks for the AFC team, my point of the Pro Bowl being equivalent to a humorous stand-up was proven correct.

Brett Favre has made the AFC Pro Bowl team as a quarterback, along with Jay Cutler and Peyton Manning as the starter. I obviously have no problem with Manning, after he led his team to numerous wins and the playoffs. But what the hell happened with the other guys? Cutler? Um, ok… But Favre?!? Favre led the league with 22 interceptions and made a strong argument for others that he destroyed the Jets’ season single-handedly. Oh, and by the way, the Jets didn’t make the playoffs. Neither did Denver. What about Phillip Rivers? I don’t particularly like the guy, along with the rest of the league, but his stats were unbelievable and he took his team to the playoffs (no matter how you view their division). What about Chad Pennington? Pennington came to a team that was 1-15 a year ago and guided them to the playoffs in a competitive division, while throwing just 7 interceptions in 16 games. Take a look for yourself…

Favre –  3,472 yds.  22 TDs  22 INTs  81 RTG

Rivers –  4,009 yds.  34 TDs  11 INTs  105 RTG

Pennington –  3,653 yds.  19 TDs  7 INTs  97 RTG

Maybe it’s just me; but does anyone see something wrong with this picture? If you watch the Pro Bowl, I am not insulting you or calling you names. I am simply saying that the people that get a trip to Hawaii do not necessarily earn it. Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning, Andre Johnson? Of course they earned it. Brett Favre? Not so much…

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“I know everybody else on the team doesn’t like it”

thomas_jonesNew York Jets’ running back, Thomas Jones, participated in a radio interview on Tuesday and was asked about the conclusion of his team’s season. Jones held nothing back and told it like it was, which I completely agree with. Some may listen to Jones’ words and say that he was throwing Brett Favre under the bus – I would say that he’s speaking the truth.

Jones told Hot 97 FM, “If somebody is not playing well, they need to come out of the game”, implying the play of his quarterback. He also stated, “If I were to sit here and say, ‘Oh, man, it’s OK,’ that’s not reality. … I don’t like it, I know everybody else on the team doesn’t like it”.

So I’m glad that someone agrees with me, but I also believe that many of the Jets’ players feel this way. ESPN’s coverage of the interview also went on to say that many of the Jets’ players felt that Brett Favre was a “distant” teammate who kept to himself in his own place and never participated in any team dinners or off-the-field activities. I understand that Brett Favre is viewed and treated as an all-mighty figure, but give me a break. Favre has the same attitude that Roger Clemens did when he came back to baseball – the thought that they’re too good for the others. Brett Favre ruined the New York Jets’ 2008 season and he influenced the firing of a good football coach. The Jets’ front office claims they want Brett Favre back, I wouldn’t think that they share the same opinions with the actual team.

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Mangini no longer the “Mangenius”?

eric-mangini-2The New York Jets announced the firing of head coach Eric Mangini today after the team missed the playoffs for the second straight year. But was Mangini the problem in New York? I don’t think so. When Mangini first took over the reigns in New York, he took a team that was 4-12 a year before his arrival and made them into a 10-6 playoff team. His second season wasn’t so great, the team went 4-12. But after some slight offseason work, Mangini was able to lead this 2008 team to an 8-3 start – not too shabby. However, owner Woody Johnson believes that the team needs to turn in a different direction. A different direction after two winning seasons in three years with mediocre talent? How about your general manager, Mr. Johnson?

Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets’ general manager, will remain employed at the same position with the organization. Why? Because he brought in Thomas Jones who did nothing until this season? Because he brought in Brett Favre to win a Super Bowl? Because he signed veterans in hopes of making a championship team? I don’t know a whole lot about the Jets and their upper management, but I know enough to say that Tannenbaum is just as much to blame as Mangini. Better yet, how about Brett Favre?

Woody Johnson had said that the team had plans of changing coaches for about a month or so, which puts the decision right in the middle of the Jets’ second half landslide. Well is Mangini to blame for a team that can’t win on the West coast? He makes the trip, just like the players, and makes the same calls that guided the team to a 8-3 start. Whether the players have jet-lag or not is a personal problem for them, they still need to execute. Is it Mangini’s fault that, during the final 5 games, Brett Favre threw for 2 touchdowns and 9 interceptions? To me, the blame falls directly on Brett Favre for not being able to play a lick in the final games of the season – when backing up an 8-3 record is the most important. To me, Tannenbaum should receive some harsh criticism for bringing in a 39-year-old quarterback that was thought out to be the savior, only to lead the league in interceptions with 22. Is that Mangini’s fault?

Eric Mangini is and will continue to be a great mind in the NFL. He worked with what he was given in New York, and it wasn’t much. From the reports that I read, Jets’ players were mostly surprised and upset – which wouldn’t fare to well for the player/management relationship. Mangini should get another shot at head coach and hopefully he will be given the time he needs to form the dynasty he has the ability of forming. ESPN has reported that the Jets are looking for Mangini’s replacements and it includes the names Bill Cowher, Marty Schottenheimer, and Steve Spagnuolo. I’m not as concerned as to who the Jets will get as their head coach as I am with where Mangenius will end up. Also fired today was Rod Marinelli in Detroit and Romeo Crennel in Cleveland. Cleveland had also talked about pursuing Cowher but he has already declined. I can’t believe that Mangini would end up in Detroit because the Lions couldn’t give that job away to a Green Bay fan. However, Mangini in Cleveland makes for a good conversation. Mangini is part of the Belichick coaching tree and definitely appealing to most franchise’s eyes. Cleveland runs the 3-4 defense that Mangini prefers and the Browns have some young talent that could really turn out for them.

Where will the Mangenius continue?

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