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Secret Woman Behind The Rihanna v. Chris Brown Throwdown Revealed


Finally we find out who the mysterious woman behind the Chris Brown/Rihanna fight really is, and it’s not Paris Hilton. has reported that Chris Brown received a 3-page text message (what the hell?) from his former manager on the night of the Grammy’s. 39-year-old Tina Davis, who worked as Brown’s manager when he was just 16-years-old, is the one woamn solely responsible for causing a serious ruckus. Rumors have always swirled about the two of them having a romantic relationship together from years ago, however both of them denied the rumors then and they still deny the rumors now. had this to say about the fiasco, “Law enforcement tells us the text message to Brown talked about hooking up later – and it totally [angered] Rihanna. She slapped him and he then brutally fired back.”

It’s good to finally hear who was behind the fight and that it wasn’t Paris Hilton, but one question still remains. Who the hell sends 3-page text messages? Actually, what is a 3-page text message? My phone only allows a certain number of characters before it very nicely informs you that your message will be entirely too long and too annoying to send. I know these people have BlackBerrys, iPhones, or some fancy-shmancy thing that gets some internet access; why not send a frickin’ email? And if Chris Brown was in his Lamborghini (it was rented), how does one read a 3-page text message while driving?

So see, the questions will never stop…


March 12, 2009 at 4:25 am 1 comment

Broncos’ Stud Wide Receiver Arrested AGAIN


As good as Brandon Marshall is ON the field, he’s not very good off of it. Marshall, a young Broncos wide receiver with loads of talent, was arrested over the weekend for the fourth time in the last three years.

Marshall was arrested and charged over the weekend with disorderly conduct after, what sources describe as, a fight with his fiance. The charges were dropped on Monday and Marshall was eventually found of no wrongdoing. The only reason Marshall got out of this was because both he AND his fiance were charged with disorderly conduct and they weren’t going to testify against each other. They posted bail and went home, not needing any medical attention after they kicked and punched each other on the sidewalk in front of Marshall’s Atlanta home.

I’m no life coach or anything but I would suggest that Marshall reevaluate the way he goes about handling situations. He’s an unbelievable athlete who can really make a name for himself in the NFL – but he has to stay off the police scanners. He was suspended for the first three games of last season due to an arrest and I wouldn’t rule out a possible suspension for his most recent incident. For a guy who makes so much money, he sure isn’t very smart.

Shall we throw him in the “Chris Brown” category? That is, loads of talent with no brain and a habit of hitting women…

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Will Remain A Couple


Sources have reported that Rihanna and Chris Brown will remain together, after their physically abusive altercation, and work toward rebuilding their relationship.

I would suggest that Rihanna kick Chris Brown to the curb because if it happens once, it will happen again. I understand that we don’t know the ENTIRE story, but there is still no reason for a male to hit a female. Whether Rihanna hit Brown first doesn’t matter, he should have been a man and walked away, called authorities, etc.

Sources also said that Brown and Rihanna were heading to Barbados to visit with Rihanna’s family. Hopefully amongst family discussions Rihanna’s father clutches Brown in the face like he did his daughter…just to even things up. It will be interesting to see how the tabloids treat the issue.

March 2, 2009 at 8:01 pm 3 comments

Photos Leaked: Rihanna Just Moments After Fight With Chris Brown

rihanna-side-by-side has uploaded the photo that everyone was looking for, that of Rihanna just moments after the fight with her then-boyfriend Chris Brown. Obviously the photo was not supposed to come out and it is unknown who is responsible for the actual photo leak.

But if you look at the pictures very carefully, there is a slight difference. Is it the makeup?

February 21, 2009 at 8:11 pm 4 comments

Jay-Z Threatens Chris Brown Following Altercation?


According to US Weekly, Jay-Z is pretty pissed off about the whole Chris Brown – Rihanna fued, and he has reason to be.

Jay-Z is Rihanna’s producer and has had her back since day one. He has served as a big-brother type figure for Rihanna as she broke on to the scene at a young age. A source close to Jay-Z reportedly said, “He hit the roof,” referring to Brown.  “Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew.”

Now remember, that’s not from Jay-Z directly. But also remember that Jay-Z had a rough up-bringing, a childhood which he has rapped about in the past. I wouldn’t doubt that Jay-Z has the power to have something done to Chris Brown. However, I do doubt that Jay-Z, who is approaching 40, would risk any of the cash pile he’s sitting on.

Either way, watch out Chris Brown!

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Headlines: A Must-See


I took some time off to look for some better Headlines. Do you have some good Headlines? Email them to

“Mystery Surrounds Scientology Project in Wyoming” – First of all, it’s Scientology…it’s gonna be weird. And second, isn’t everything in Wyoming mysterious?

“Police: Ohio Teacher Cuts Class for Prostitution” – And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of a great role model for our children

“Police Dig Out Suspect Stuck in Storm Sewer” – I couldn’t think of a better place to hide…

“Web Site Set Up to Assist Octo-Mom” – The lady is a frickin NUT BAG…give it a rest would ya?

“Fox411: Chris Brown Chooses Jacko’s Losing Lawyer” – Now it’s probably time for that whole “career suicide” talk

“Salma Hayek Breastfeeds African Baby on Goodwill Trip” – I beg your pardon…

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Rihanna Was The “Unidentified” Female In Brutal Altercation


After it was reported that Chris Brown was involved in beating up on an “unidentified” female, I was really hoping that it wasn’t his girlfriend, pop-star Rihanna. But then again, we all knew it was. Who else would Chris Brown be driving with on Grammy night, in which both entertainers were performing?

Of course reports are mixed and not necessarily credible at this point, but it is still amusing to read nonetheless. The report states that the altercation began in Brown’s Lamborghini around 12:30 am Sunday morning. For those you are unfamiliar with automobiles, the Lambo has a really small extremely tiny cabin. To paint a mental image, picture two people fighting in a linen closet.

And then we have the typical “sources” who run their mouth and claim that they know it all. One source speaking about Rihanna said, “She’s got a temper, and she can get right in your face.”

Another source claimed, “Chris Brown has beaten up Rihanna and disappeared. She was sent to the hospital because it was so bad.” Some even described Rihanna’s injuries as either a broken nose or broken jaw. Ouch!

At this point, none of us have any idea about what REALLY happened between the two young stars. With that said, we really have to wait and hear from them specifically before we go and point the finger. However, I will say that if what we hear now is true…Chris Brown has committed career suicide.

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