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Jay Cutler Saga Finally Ends In Chicago


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Jay Cutler is NOT a Washington Redskin. I honestly believe that this is one of the best moves the Redskins DID NOT make…and they rarely do anything right. Sure I love them, but they have to have one of the worst front offices in all of sports.

The rumored trade of Jason Campbell and two first-round picks for Jay Cutler fell through on Tuesday when the Chicago Bears upped the ante. The Bears sent a 2009 first-rounder and third-rounder, along with a 2010 first-round pick and Kyle Orton to the Denver Broncos in exchange for Jay Cutler and a fifth-round pick in this April’s draft.

When you have to give up as much as TWO first-round draft picks, I ask myself one question. Is the player we are getting in return the missing piece we need to make it to the Super Bowl? Not necessarily win the Super Bowl, but just get there. If the answer is ‘no’, then you do not give up your two first-round picks along with your half-decent starting quarterback. If the answer is ‘yes’, then you contemplate the idea for about 48 hours just to make sure and then you pull the trigger. But that’s just in my general manager mind.

The Redskins have a quarterback named Jason Campbell. He has the perfect size for an NFL quarterback. He had a decent run in college at Auburn, including one undefeated season. He has decent mobility to escape the pocket and he has a cannon for an arm. So why haven’t you heard of Jason Campbell? The Redskins enjoy changing coaching staffs and position coaches just for the mere fun of it, or so it seems. Therefore, Jason Campbell has played under a new offensive coordinator every year he has been in the pros…it’s ridiculous. But please do not get me wrong, I am not making excuses for Jason Campbell. There is no doubt that the guy has to step up and make plays, being a playmaker is how you get the money and recognition.

Dan Snyder and wannabe GM Vinny Cerrato agreed that it would be a fun idea to whip up some talks about trading away Campbell and bringing Cutler to D.C. So what does Cutler have to offer? Well, he’s 25-years-old with a cannon arm and decent mobility. He came from a horrible Vanderbilt football program that lost a lot more games than they won. He battles Type I diabetes. His name has been in the news a lot lately because of an apparent bad attitude and a love for the Denver nightlife. And so I ask my question: If Jay Cutler comes to the Washington Redskins, does he push us over the top and take us to the Super Bowl? And I would guess that my answer is the same as yours…

Thanks again Dan and Vinny for practicing a little thing normal people like to call ‘consistency’. It’s nice to have the team name thrown around in every football move there is, but don’t find your way onto Chris Mortensen’s short-list.

To the Chicago Bears: Your chances of making the Super Bowl do not drastically increase with the addition of Jay Cutler. However, it is a definite upgrade from Kyle Orton.

And to the Denver Broncos: You made out pretty well. You have some decent draft picks that you can use to assess your struggling defense and perhaps find a quarterback that Josh McDaniels can call his guy.

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Cutler Wants A Trade: Where Does He End Up?


As if you didn’t already know, Jay Cutler wants out of Denver. He had a meeting with new coach Josh McDaniels over the weekend to discuss his future and to settle the riff between the two, however nothing was resolved. In fact, things went from bad to worse when Cutler and his agent asked for a trade.

So the big question is: Where does Jay Cutler end up? Although a trade is not set in stone and the Denver Broncos continue to tell the media that they will not trade Cutler, it could be a fun subject to mess around with. Here’s a few teams that I think may be interested in Cutler with no consideration of what the teams have to offer the Broncos…

  • Minnesota Vikings – I would like the Cutler-to-Minnesota trade. Minnesota has a good defense, apparently Super Bowl caliber, and Adrian Peterson can obviously open up the passing game. Cutler’s HUGE arm would go great with the speedy receivers that the Vikings have. I believe that the addition of Cutler can make the Vikings an immediate threat in the playoffs.
  • Detroit Lions – The Lions need everything, quarterback included. I think the Lions will take Stafford with the first overall pick in the Draft, however I have an idea. Perhaps the Lions could use some of the picks they received from Dallas last season and add in a player in order to try and land Cutler. With the quarterback situation now in place, the Lions could select Jason Smith with the first overall pick and they immediately take care of two GAPING holes.
  • Chicago Bears – This isn’t too bad. After years of hearing Lovie Smith say, ” Rex is our quarterback” or “We’re gonna go with Kyle”, I think it’s safe to say that neither of those guys are the answer in Chicago. I have the Bears drafting an offensive-lineman and taking care of the quarterback position would really help them in the division.
  • Cleveland Browns – This is probably the most realistic of the possible places Cutler could land. The Browns have two quarterbacks to deal to Denver for Cutler, because obviously Denver would need a QB in return (Ramsey is cutting it). Josh McDaniels probably receives good word from Charlie Weiss about Brady Quinn from when he coached him at Notre Dame, McDaniels is going to want a young kid that he can groom, it just all seems to add up.
  • Denver Broncos – Cutler may not be going anywhere. There is a lot of time between now and the start of the season, so many things can happen. Perhaps Cutler and the team resolve their differences and he’s back better than ever? Maybe Denver is serious about NOT trading the young stud that Pat Bowlen obviously liked? Maybe Cutler becomes so much of a headache that the club has no choice but to trade him? Who really knows…

I understand why Cutler is upset, but he also has to come back down to Earth. This is the NFL buddy, anyone is tradeable.

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NFL News: Some Is Good, Some Is ‘Worse’


Just wanted to post a quick NFL News update, which should really come everyday because of how busy it has been lately:

LaDainian Tomlinson has accepted the restructured contract offer from the San Diego Chargers. For all those football fans who thought LT may come and wear your teams’ colors, I’m sorry. LT made the right move by taking less money and accepting the fact that he is on the “back end” of his career. As I said before, I don’t necessarily think that age 30 for LT is like age 30 for Shaun Alexander but the Chargers are playing it safe. And I’ll say one more thing about the Chargers, Darren Sproles is not their future. He’s a good jab for a two-back backfield but he cannot be the feature back in San Diego, or anywhere. That was free…

Sources are reporting that Jay Cutler and Denver Broncos’ officials took part in a conference call that was meant to tie-up the lose ends between the young quarterback and, particularly, rookie head coach Josh McDaniels. But according to a source close to the situation, the matter has gone “from bad to worse”. According to the source, Broncos’ officials had a tone that made it seem like the whole fiasco was Cutler’s fault and not their own. After the call, Cutler was reported as saying he would rather be traded than stay with a team that isn’t going to commit to him long-term. My personal feeling is that almost anyone can be traded in the NFL. With that being said, Cutler should suck it up and take it like a man. Don’t cry about it Jay, show them why you’re worthy – the NFL is a “show-me” league. But on the other hand, Jay Cutler has a point. He is a young guy who was drafted to be the franchise quarterback, or at least the best thing since a bum named Elway. If I was Cutler, I would want a team that is commited to me but I understand that I would have to prove that. Jay Cutler has yet to prove anything besides the fact that he has a legitimate cannon for an arm. Once Cutler gets the Broncos to the playoffs, maybe the front office will take his potential franchise label into consideration.

And finally, Alex Smith accepted a restructured contract offer from the San Francisco 49er’s, an offer that will pay Smith $20 million less than his original contract. Why would Alex Smith, a #1 draft pick jsut four years ago, do this? The 49er’s don’t necessarily think this kid is a bust. Smith, of course, doesn’t consider himself a bust. So I believe that Smith wants to stay in San Fran and prove to the team that drafted him that he was well worth their first overall pick and more than capable of being a franchise quarterback. Smith has been plagued with injuries for the majority of his first four seasons and a different coordinator every season has not helped him to develop. At just 24-years-old, Alex Smith was on a lot of team’s radar but he elected to stay with the Niners for less money. I will go out on a limb right now and say that Alex Smith will beat out Shaun Hill in training camp and Mike Singletary will have Alex Smith starting in Week One.

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Broncos’ Stud Wide Receiver Arrested AGAIN


As good as Brandon Marshall is ON the field, he’s not very good off of it. Marshall, a young Broncos wide receiver with loads of talent, was arrested over the weekend for the fourth time in the last three years.

Marshall was arrested and charged over the weekend with disorderly conduct after, what sources describe as, a fight with his fiance. The charges were dropped on Monday and Marshall was eventually found of no wrongdoing. The only reason Marshall got out of this was because both he AND his fiance were charged with disorderly conduct and they weren’t going to testify against each other. They posted bail and went home, not needing any medical attention after they kicked and punched each other on the sidewalk in front of Marshall’s Atlanta home.

I’m no life coach or anything but I would suggest that Marshall reevaluate the way he goes about handling situations. He’s an unbelievable athlete who can really make a name for himself in the NFL – but he has to stay off the police scanners. He was suspended for the first three games of last season due to an arrest and I wouldn’t rule out a possible suspension for his most recent incident. For a guy who makes so much money, he sure isn’t very smart.

Shall we throw him in the “Chris Brown” category? That is, loads of talent with no brain and a habit of hitting women…

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NFL Free Agency: Catching Up On A Busy Weekend Of Signings and Trades


Well it didn’t take long for the free agent signings to take off. After just three days on the open market players have me questioning about loyalty, intelligence, and character. Here’s a quick rundown on the recent signings…

  1. Patriots Trade Cassel and Vrabel to Chiefs for 2nd Rounder – The Cassel trade is receiving a ton of buzz, as it should. Cassel comes in from a high school football field, fills in for All-Pro Tom Brady, and leads a team to an 11-5 record…not too bad. I would have preferred the Chiefs to stick with Tyler Thigpen under new head coach Todd Haley but Cassel should work out fine. Vrabel is an aging linebacker that was on a team trying to get younger at the position. He’ll be a solid contributor to the Chiefs. I think the Chiefs really make out well here and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them have a good season next year. Grade for the Chiefs : A-
  2. Eagles Trade Lito Sheppard to Jets for 5th Rounder – Lito Sheppard can play. He wanted out of Philly and the front office knew that. He’s going to come into New York and start immediately. With a new defensive-minded coach in New York (Rex Ryan), Sheppard should do very well in the new system. Not to mention, the Jets gave up nothing! Grade for the Jets : A+
  3. Brian Dawkins Signs with the Denver Broncos – This was a ‘shocker’ to me. I love Brian Dawkins but, after 13 seasons with Philly, I’m head-scratching about his move to the Rockies. The Broncos are a good team, Denver is beautiful, but are they closer to a Super Bowl than Philly? It seems like he can play forever, but what is Brain Dawkins really bringing to the table for the Broncos? I’m not completely sold on the move that brings in a guy who is older than the head coach for multiple years. Grade for the Broncos : C+
  4. Keith Brooking Signs with Dallas – The Cowgirls needed a linebacker and they got a good one in Keith Brooking. I think this takes Dallas off the list as a potential home for Ray Lewis, but you never really know with Jerry Jones. The only thing I worry about with Dallas is the direction in terms of front office. Wade Phillips is useless, Jerry is a nut, Jason Garrett seems to have lost his touch, and the defensive coordinator is up in the air. All the while, it’s a solid pickup for Dallas. Grade for Dallas : B
  5. Fred Taylor Signs with New England – This is probably my favorite signing thus far. It’s almost as if everyone is a “Fred Taylor Hater” and that’s why he is continuously snubbed for being…great. Now he gets to go to a solid team with great coaches and a good shot at a Super Bowl next season. The Pats have shown what they can do with aging running backs, Fred will be no different. This move may actually get me rooting for New England…shhh. Grade for New England : A
  6. Redskins Sign Derrick Dockery – The Redskins needed help on the offensive line…a lot of it. Dockery returns to D.C. and adds some decent experience but it’s not going to completely fix the problem. But however you look at it, the Redskins needed this. Unlike the Albert Haynesworth signing, the Skins will get what they pay for with Dockery. Grade for the Skins : B-
  7. Denver Signs Correll Buckhalter and J.J. Arrington – Let’s all remember that Shanahan is no longer the coach in Denver (it still doesn’t sound right) and that may effect a WHOLE LOT. Denver is known for getting the absolute most out of their running backs, but that may all change with McDaniels at the reigns. If the running style stays the same, Buckhalter will shine. He can do it all, somewhat like Brian Westbrook, and he’ll be the main guy for the first time in his career. Arrington never broke through in Arizona but, again, Denver can pull 1,000 yards out of anybody. Grade for Denver : A-
  8. Cleveland Trades Kellen Winslow to Tampa Bay for picks – Other than character issues, Winslow is a great player. He wasn’t happy and he had some injury issues, all of which hampered him throughout the years. An attitude adjustment, a change of scenery, and a new coach could be exactly what Winslow needs. Grade for Tampa Bay : B-
  9. Detroit Trades Jon Kitna to Dallas for Anthony Henry – Once again, the Detroit Lions get the better end of Dallas. After taking a ton of draft picks from the Cowboys last season, Detroit goes and dumps an aging and overpaid quarterback on them. The move will save the Lions somewhere around $4 million in cap space and they get a decent player in return. I think that the departure of both Kitna and Dan Orlovsky frees up some space for Matt Stafford in April, unless they’re really comfortable with Culpepper. Grade for Detroit :  B+
  10. Houston Signs Antonio Smith – He played on a Super Bowl team last year and he can obviously draw some attention on the line. He’ll line up opposite Mario Williams and he should be able to DO WORK in that position. This is a smart move by the Houston front office. Smith is a versatile guy that can play in any defensive scheme. Grade for Houston : B+

And that’s just the first few days of free agency. Big names are still up in the air as to where they’ll end up. Does Derrick Brooks retire or go contribute somewhere else? Does Ray Lewis stay put in Baltimore? Can the Cardinals come to terms with Kurt Warner and his “fair market value”? Why is Kurt Warner visiting the 49er’s? Is anyone in the market for Jeff Garcia? Where does Houshmandzadeh end up? Will Marvin Harrison hang it up? And this, folks, is why I enjoy watching athletes sign contracts for millions of dollars while I scrape up my change to try and buy a game ticket.

Note: I did not include signings or trades that I wrote about prior to this post (i.e. Culpepper, Haynesworth, Asomugha, Rosenfels) but you can find those articles by typing ‘NFL’ in the search bar near the top of the site.

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Denver names Josh McDaniels head coach

josh-mcdanielsActually, that’s not a high school photo from your graduating class, it’s a new NFL head coach. Just a few weeks after the Denver Broncos fired the great Mike Shananhan, the organization introduced Josh McDaniels as their new head coach. McDaniels was formerly the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the New England Patriots; and New England of course is home to a prolific offense and one the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game (we think). So what’s the speculation raised with the 4-year deal McDaniels just signed?

McDaniels is only 32-years-old. Not to say that young coaches are bad but I would find it difficult to bark out orders to a 15-year-veteran offensive lineman in order to tell him how you want him to block. Not to say that McDaniels is one of those type coaches, but the age thing is definitely a factor. Eric Mangini was 34 when he was hired as the Jets’ head coach, he was fired (don’t get me started). Lane Kiffin was 31 when he was hired as the Raiders’ head coach, he was fired (we all know not to work for Al Davis). Although one young coach by the name of John Madden had some pretty decent success and he was hired at the ripe age of just 32 as well.

Speaking of Mangini, McDaniels is also a product of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. For those who are unfamiliar with the recent Belichick coaching tree, it hasn’t been too great. I’m not implying that the coaches are necessarily bad coaches but…Mangini was fired by the Jets, Romeo Crennel was fired by the Browns, and Charlie Weiss is hanging on to the Notre Dame head coaching by a thread. Can McDaniels buck the trend? (And for the record, I think Mangini will do great in Cleveland)

It’s a wait-and-see-plan with a guy like McDaniels. First time head coach, only been a coordinator since 2006, only been in NFL coaching for 8 years, but has the 3 Super Bowl rings to brag about…Who can guess his success? Just remember that the guy that hired McDaniels is the same guy that hired Mike Shanahan, and Shanny didn’t turn out too bad.

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Shanahan fired. Next job?

71465329BB005_Baltimore_RavIf it weren’t for the great relationship between Mike Shanahan and Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen, the recent Shanny firing wouldn’t be so relevant. But because everyone and their mother thought that Shanahan would be the last coach in the league to be fired, it hits all of us with a little shock. Not seeing Mike Shanahan in a Broncos windbreaker, after he wore one for more than a decade, is going to feel a little different. Shanahan has gone just .500 over the past three years and has missed the playoffs in each of those seasons. However, he has coached for the Broncos for 14 seasons and has brought them their only two Super Bowls victories in franchise history. When Bowlen fired Shanny yesterday, he axed his coach and VP of Football Operations – which is what probably ultimately lead to Shanahan’s booting. Because a team is performing below their expectations does not necessarily mean that it is the coach’s fault (see: Eric Mangini). However Shanny did both…and when you put the team together AND you can’t coach them to a playoff game in three years…the owner is going to want a change.

I’m not too sure about where Bowlen is looking in terms of finding a replacement but news has circled with the name ‘Cowher’ floating around. The head coaching job in Denver is said to be one of the best in all of sports, unfortuanately I have never coached there so I am not 100% sure about that. Cowher, to me, seems like a Denver-guy. I’m not too sure what I mean by that statement but it seems to make sense in my mind. As for Mike Shanahan; who knows what road he goes down? He is obviously a good coach, he can scout talent, and there are plenty of teams that need a guy like him – even if the team currently has a coach in place. On the other hand, maybe Shanahan just wants to get away for a while. After 14 seasons maybe he wants to step away from football, possibly do some commentating and then allow his name to get tossed around a few years down the road.

And I have a weird feeling about the coaching job in Washington. Jim Zorn led the Redskins to a 8-8 record in his first year, which doesn’t seem bad, but it was after a 6-2 start. He is currently still employed with the team and Redskins team owner, Dan Snyder, has said his job is safe. BUT, with names like Mike Shanahan swirling around, I wouldn’t be surprised if Snyder backed up on the Zorn idea and took on a proven winner with Shanahan. As of right now Dan Snyder has Vinny Cerrato with the label of VP of Football Operations but Vinny is absolutely horrible. Why not bring in a guy who averaged 10 wins a season for 14 years who can ALSO bring in the right players? Not to mention it could be a little Portis-Shanahan reunion! Wishful thinking for a Skins’ fan, I know, but I it sure is fun.

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