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Lions Snap Embarrassing Streak, Redskins Continue Their Own…

Dan Snyder and Vinny

With today’s horrendous loss to one of the NFL’s worst franchises in history, the Washington Redskins have given us all the ammunition we need to tear them apart. From the front office down to the sidelines, the Washington Redskins are in a really bad spot right now. A spot so bad that people have a real point when they claim, “…the Redskins suck…”

With that said, what better way to talk about the Detroit Lions snapping their 19-game losing streak then to break down why the Redskins SUCK:

Let’s start with the front office, shall we… It’s obvious that I’m not a huge supporter of owner Dan Snyder or ANY of his moves. He tries to run the franchise like a fantasy team, buying up all the big name guys with honest thoughts of getting a reasonable return on investment. Snyder also likes to be apart of ALL football decisions, but the problem persists that he knows absolutely NOTHING about football. Until this guy sells the team, a positive outlook for the Redskins is not in the forecast.

Staying upstairs in the suite…. How about the Redskins’ stellar general manager? Oh wait, they have no general manager. God forbid Dan Snyder and the Redskins take a page out of some successful teams’ books, such as the Ravens and Giants, and hire a guy that really knows how to BUILD a team. Anyone can go out and say, “Oh, he’s good. Let’s pay him”. It takes a good GM to go out and build a team with strengths and depth. Vice President of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato DOES NOT fit the bill. After his first season in 1999, in which he signed half-past dead stars like Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, and Mark Carrier, Cerrato has only gotten worse. Finally, when the Redskins got a real coach in Marty Schottenheimer, Cerrato was fired because Schottenheimer knew he sucked (a glaring sign in my opinion). But once Marty was fired (mistake), Snyder re-hired Cerrato, which leads people to believe that Vinny has naked pictures of Snyder’s wife that he doesn’t want getting out.

Heading down to the sidelines…. Second-year head coach Jim Zorn has shown very little promise for the team thus far. He was originally hired for, what many believed, the offensive coordinator job after the departure of another failure, Al Saunders. But after Snyder and Cerrato scrambled to find a head coach and came up empty handed, they named Zorn the head coach and had no problem allowing him to call the plays. So, not only did Zorn come in with ZERO coordinator experience, he was given play-calling and head coaching duties. Sounds about right…

Staying down here…. The Redskins defense has ranked pretty well over the years in terms of yards allowed, great. But what happened to tight coverage, pass-rushing, and takeaways? The Redskins defense has NONE of that. Their secondary is poor to begin with, but the lack of pressure that the defensive line gets on the quarterback doesn’t help the least bit. It’s a respectable ability to say that you’re good against the run, but ranking dead last in the league in takeaways really brings down your intimidation factor. Without any really understanding of the 50-yard cushion that Washington defensive backs give receivers, it could explain why none of them can intercept opposing quarterbacks.

Scanning the locker room…. There are a lot of big-name players around here. Portis, Haynesworth, Moss, Fletcher, Landry, Cooley, etc. But what’s to show for it? The Redskins have very little depth at each position and once a star goes down, you can forget about a decent back-up. This refers back to the GM and the drafting of the franchise, but it essentially comes down to how Snyder likes to buy talent rather than draft and build. Looking at Super Bowl teams and conference champs, this isn’t the way things are done. The Ravens have had a great defense for years, even with retiring players and multiple defensive coordinators. Why? Because they draft for need and build effectively, like a successful team should. The Redskins would rather create trade talks about Jay Cutler a whiney unproven gun slinger come draft time rather than focusing on the #1 draft choice or trading for additional picks.

This can only go on for so long, I think. It’s not that fans would stop coming to games, that would simply never happen, but until the Washington Redskins start to run like a real team is suppose to, they will never succeed. How long will it take until Snyder realizes that the team only needs his money and NOT his horrible insight? Bring in a proven coach that can lead a team, bring in a general manager that knows what he’s doing, and then allow them to run the team. If you want to be successful Dan Snyder: sit back, shut up, and put up the dollars.


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Cutler Wants A Trade: Where Does He End Up?


As if you didn’t already know, Jay Cutler wants out of Denver. He had a meeting with new coach Josh McDaniels over the weekend to discuss his future and to settle the riff between the two, however nothing was resolved. In fact, things went from bad to worse when Cutler and his agent asked for a trade.

So the big question is: Where does Jay Cutler end up? Although a trade is not set in stone and the Denver Broncos continue to tell the media that they will not trade Cutler, it could be a fun subject to mess around with. Here’s a few teams that I think may be interested in Cutler with no consideration of what the teams have to offer the Broncos…

  • Minnesota Vikings – I would like the Cutler-to-Minnesota trade. Minnesota has a good defense, apparently Super Bowl caliber, and Adrian Peterson can obviously open up the passing game. Cutler’s HUGE arm would go great with the speedy receivers that the Vikings have. I believe that the addition of Cutler can make the Vikings an immediate threat in the playoffs.
  • Detroit Lions – The Lions need everything, quarterback included. I think the Lions will take Stafford with the first overall pick in the Draft, however I have an idea. Perhaps the Lions could use some of the picks they received from Dallas last season and add in a player in order to try and land Cutler. With the quarterback situation now in place, the Lions could select Jason Smith with the first overall pick and they immediately take care of two GAPING holes.
  • Chicago Bears – This isn’t too bad. After years of hearing Lovie Smith say, ” Rex is our quarterback” or “We’re gonna go with Kyle”, I think it’s safe to say that neither of those guys are the answer in Chicago. I have the Bears drafting an offensive-lineman and taking care of the quarterback position would really help them in the division.
  • Cleveland Browns – This is probably the most realistic of the possible places Cutler could land. The Browns have two quarterbacks to deal to Denver for Cutler, because obviously Denver would need a QB in return (Ramsey is cutting it). Josh McDaniels probably receives good word from Charlie Weiss about Brady Quinn from when he coached him at Notre Dame, McDaniels is going to want a young kid that he can groom, it just all seems to add up.
  • Denver Broncos – Cutler may not be going anywhere. There is a lot of time between now and the start of the season, so many things can happen. Perhaps Cutler and the team resolve their differences and he’s back better than ever? Maybe Denver is serious about NOT trading the young stud that Pat Bowlen obviously liked? Maybe Cutler becomes so much of a headache that the club has no choice but to trade him? Who really knows…

I understand why Cutler is upset, but he also has to come back down to Earth. This is the NFL buddy, anyone is tradeable.

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Lions Restructure Daunte Culpepper’s Contract (Seriously)


Well, it’s not what I expected.

The Detroit Lions apparently have a plan for the future, and it  involves Daunte Culpepper. Surprised? You probably aren’t the only one. I assumed that the Lions had a plan for the future, but I also assumed that it involved starting a rookie quarterback in 2009 ( a la Falcons with Matt Ryan).

Instead, the Lions restructured Culpepper’s contract and they will keep him around for the last year of his two-year contract. Culpepper came out of retirement last year and began starting for the Lions around the mid-season mark. The Lions still lost all 16 games, but the Lions’ front office found something worth keeping.

Now I’m not saying anything about Daunte or his potential for leading this team, I just thought that Matt Stafford would be tossed into the wolves during Week 1 of the regular season. Daunte can still play but, like any other quarterback, he is only as good as his offensive line.

But one question remains: Do the Lions think very much of Stafford? Of Sanchez? Perhaps the Lions are going to stick with Culpepper for one more season, draft an offensive lineman in 2009 after trading away their first pick, and wait for a deeper quarterback class in coming years.

I can see the logic in the move, but can anyone trust the Lions’ front office?

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You can have the Lions but please save Calvin Johnson…

calvin-johnsonYou’ve probably heard the topic around the radio, television, billboards, milk cartons, newspapers, airplane banners, and anywhere else you can imagine – the Detroit Lions are 0-15 and on the verge of a winless season. They have to play at Lambeau Field for their final game, a place they haven’t won at in more than a decade. All of which makes for a historical season for the Lions, winless with an 0-16 record.

I feel sorry for the Lions’ fans, it’s not their fault. I feel bad for the good players that come to Detroit and the team is still awful, it’s not all their fault either. I feel pretty bad for some of the coaches, because obviously the coach has changed and the win column has not. So the problem, I believe, was Matt Millen. And not only Millen, but the Ford family ownership as well. Now Millen is gone (ownership is not), the team is the worst it’s ever been, and it’s time to either rebuild or relocate. A new general manager will most likely result in a new coach for the team, unfortunate for warrior Rod Marinelli. What ever happens to the franchise, it needs to happen fast and for one reason of mine…Calvin Johnson.

Calvin Johnson has the talent and ability to be the BEST wide receiver in the NFL; it’s just that he plays for the Lions. Someone, some how, some way, needs to find a way to rescue Calvin Johnson from that miserable franchise and put him on a half-decent team because he’s simply too good to go to waste. Some rookies get lucky and are drafted high with teams that succeed soon after, such as Matt Ryan with Atlanta and Reggie Bush with New Orleans. And then there’s Calvin Johnson with Detroit – the team is absolutely atrocious. With one game to go, Johnson has 69 receptions for 1,200+ yards and ten touchdowns, BIG TIME numbers. Can you imagine what he would post with a quarterback besides Orlovsky, Stanton, or Culpepper?

Again, management is the real problem with the Detroit Lions. And if management had any kind of heart whatsoever, which they probably don’t considering how they treat their fans, then they should trade Calvin Johnson and allow a young talent to make the most of himself in this league. If you don’t know Calvin Johnson (probably because he plays in Detroit), think Randy Moss talent with a better attitude and good character. Remember, Hall of Famer Barry Sanders made history in the Motor City but never got that Super Bowl ring that he so very much deserved. People ALWAYS said that if Barry Sanders had a team in Detroit then he would have been even better, and probably earned a ring. Now think about Calvin Johnson. See what I mean? Please don’t let it happen again…



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Roy Williams is worth…3/4 of a draft class?

We all know about the blockbuster trade that occurred today, Detorit sending Roy Williams to the Dallas Cowboys. But has anyone seen what the Cowboys gave the Lions? The Cowboys gave the Lions four total picks, including a first-rounder in next year’s draft. The Lions also received a third and sixth-rounder in the 2009 draft with a 7th round pick in the 2010 draft.

I absolutely love Roy Williams. Not only is he an incredible receiver, but I’m a sucker for Texas Longhorns athletics. There’s no doubt that Roy Williams adds a threat and depth to this Cowboys team, but there is no way that the Cowboys get the better end of this deal. In fact, who ever took over Matt Millen’s old spot as GM of the Lions should receive an extension for stealing right from under Jerry Jones’ nose.

Reports say that T.O. is estatic about the trade for Williams, but that’s all a bunch of nothin’. Sure you can swing it and say that it will draw off the double teams of T.O., but what it really does is take touches away from other guys on the Cowboy offense. That means less touches for Witten (my fantasy team will hate that), less touches for Crayton (who sucks anyway), and less throws to crybaby Terrell.

This is a sign of desperation by Jerry Jones, and I couldn’t enjoy it more. The Cowboys are falling apart and Jerry feels it. I expect Roy Williams to put up good numbers, but they don’t make the Super Bowl. They miss the Super Bowl, Wade Phillips is fired, Jason Garrett is promoted to head coach, and Jerry Jones picks up another convict to add to the roster.

On the other hand, with all of the picks that they gain, Detroit could have a really great draft in 2009. Seeing as how much they suck so far this year, and a new GM, we can expect for the Lions to use their draft picks wisely instead of selecting eight wide receivers in seven rounds. I’m not saying the Lions are on the rise all of a sudden, but this could be the first move towards a positive rebuilding.

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