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Clausen Will Enter NFL Draft: A Quick Analysis of the 2010 ‘Potential’ QB Class

With the early departure of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen announced today, the NFL Draft analysis can begin. With that said, my first bold statement of the NFL Draft is that I believe the quarterback class in 2010 will be a lot deeper than most people expect. At first glance, the QB Class may look a bit too cluttered with spread offense gun-slingers. But I would argue that, with the number of teams that may opt for a quarterback at some point in the draft, we’ll be hearing about these kids for longer than expected. 

Taking a quick look at NFL teams that may have a QB in mind (somewhere within the seven rounds), I come up with about a dozen, give or take. Does Denver stick with Kyle Orton? Sure he’s been decent but does McDaniels want his guy? Does Minnesota look into the future? Brett Favre can’t play forever (right?) and Tavaris Jackson isn’t the long-term answer. San Francisco has had a pleasant surprise in Alex Smith but I’m sure they’ll take a gander. Washington’s quarterback situation is always the topic of discussion, with a majority saying Campbell is at least second string in 2010. Jacksonville needs fans in seats, Garrard isn’t cutting it. Seattle has made up their mind about Hasselbeck, it was a good run. Miami drafted Chad Henne but they may take a late project. Buffalo needs another guy not named Trent Edwards. Cleveland drafted Brady Quinn and he may actually win over Mangini by the end of the season. St. Louis is on the desperate list, Bulger is about to fall apart (literally). Jake Delhomme never cut it for me in Carolina, and John Fox will look to move on in 2010. And finally…Oakland. Gradkowski has worked wonders since Russell was benched but it’s time to ‘officially’ give up on JaMarcus and his horrible attitude. Hopefully for the Raiders, an uncapped year will allow them to cut his fat ass along with his fat contract. So there you have it, about a dozen teams that may look towards a quarterback at some point in the draft. 

Now let’s take a look at the QB prospects. Although the talent level drops off drastically about a quarter through the list, that doesn’t mean the late-round guys can’t turn out okay (see: Tom Brady). Here’s a quick list of my QB prospects in somewhat of a personal Big Board rating: 

  1. Jimmy Clausen (ND)  6’3  217 – He’s played in a pro-style offense and he’s been through the up’s and the down’s of a very popular team. He’s played well, progressed even better, and knows what its like to play away from home.
  2. Jake Locker (WAS)  6’3  223 – Good talent at a bad school, Locker knows the game and is pretty athletic. His arm strength is decent but seems like a good decision-maker.
  3. Sam Bradford (OU)  6’4  214 – Other than the injuries and durability as a result, Bradford is a HUGE talent. His accuracy is second to none and he has good decision making. His athleticism is often overlooked because of how little he leaves the pocket.
  4. Ryan Mallet (ARK)  6’6  250 – Michigan transfer that can throw up numbers in bunches. He has lead feet but has tremendous upside. He would be a project but one worth taking on.
  5. Tony Pike (CIN)  6’6  225 – If you didn’t know Pike before this year, you do now. Pike is smart and very accurate. And impressively enough, the guy can move around for his size. The hype may be surrounding him but I think he could turn out.
  6. Jevan Snead (OM)  6’3  215 – One of the most overrated teams in the nation, Ole Miss got a lot of attention because of Snead. He has good arm strength and his upside was going to get him a lot. But after a crappy season in ’09, Snead’s stock has dropped off. Remember this kid couldn’t beat out McCoy at Texas.
  7. Colt McCoy (UT)  6’3  215 – Not another Vince Young. McCoy can put the pass on a dime but may need help with his ability to read a defense. His leadership is impressive and he’s had great college experience. I would say he’s a sure fire West Coast guy.
  8. Tim Tebow  (FL)  6’3  235 – He wants to play QB but it may not happen. His arm strength isn’t anything special and his decision-making won’t work in the NFL. Jacksonville may be his only hope in the first-round.
  9. Christian Ponder (FSU)  6’3  220 – Not a big fan of this guy in college but he has a very accurate pass and he understands the game. Ponder could succeed in this league as long as he doesn’t have to throw the long ball.
  10. Pat Devlin (UD)  6’4  220 – Originally a QB at Penn State, Devlin has a cannon for an arm and is hoping to follow in a certain one’s footsteps.
  11. Jarrett Brown (WVU)  6’4  220 – Big guy, extremely athletic, and able to make the pass. His upside and potential is scary but can he ever learn to read a defense?
  12. Jonathan Crompton (UT)  6’4  224 – The guy got better, I’ll give him that. He has the intangibles to succeed in the NFL but a team will have to take on a project.
  13. Zac Robinson (OSU)  6’3  210 – If anyone falls victim to the ‘spread-only quarterback’, it’s this guy.
  14. Bill Stull (PITT)  6’3  215 – Played well for a former-NFL coach but his decision-making under pressure is what keeps him down.
  15. Sean Canfield (OSU)  6’4  215 – He got better over the year and people got to find out who the Beaver is.
  16. Max Hall (BYU)  6’1  201 – His accuracy shouldn’t be an issue but his size and decision-making are.
  17. Tim Hiller (WMU)  6’5  228 – I actually like Hiller at a higher spot but his lack of competition and weak arm make him a tough shot. Hiller has a great read on defenses and makes decent decisions but he has cement feet and not a great deep-ball. He could prosper in a short-pass oriented offense.  

Where these guys actually end up will have to wait for my annual Mock Draft. A quick breakdown of the running backs will follow soon.


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Washington Wizards Are Screwed In 2009 Draft Lottery

Kwame Brown

The Wizards usually don’t get the better end of the deal, and Tuesday night was no different.

The Wizards had something like a 17.8% chance of earning the #1 overall pick in the draft lottery selection process. So do the Wizards get lucky and receive that #1 pick? Of course not. They fall all the way to fifth. And I say “all the way” because the law of probability says that the Wiz should have received the #2 pick, at least. But instead, the Wizards miss out on the Blake Griffin sweepstakes and the 2009 Draft for Washington Wizards fans just got that much worse.

Most Mock Drafts have the Wizards selecting James Harden from Arizona State. That’s all fine and well, but as a fan myself, I need some time to sleep off the horrendous pick we just received before I start thinking about what to do with it.

Perhaps this is a curse that will haunt the Washington franchise for the rest of its existence? Does anyone remember the last time the Washington Wizards had the #1 overall pick?

That’s right, it was 2001. Probably not one of the greatest drafts to ever come across the table, but the Wiz had the top pick nonetheless. It was the first #1 selection the franchise had ever had. Michael Jordan was in the front office at that time and he had some decision making to do. The first-round was rich with talent, but not necessarily security. Names like Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol, Jason Richardson, Shane Battier, Joe Johnson, Richard Jefferson, Gerald Wallace, and Tony Parker floated around. Who would Jordan select? After (what I assume) about 10 minutes of solid thinking and looking at draftees vitals, Michael Jordan decided to make a young man named Kwame Brown the first-ever #1 pick to be drafted out of high school. And if you know anything about basketball or you watched a single Wizards game in ’01, you know what kind of player Kwame turned out to be. You would also know what kind of players the other mentioned draftees are.

I am convinced that that one June evening in the summer of 2001 has permanently crippled the Washington Wizards franchise for years and years to come. Tough luck I suppose. That’s just the way the balls fall…

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Post Draft Analysis: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


The 2009 NFL Draft has finally come to a close and now thousands of wannabe Mel Kiper’s are wondering how in the world they couldn’t pick better than 22%. The Draft is impossible to predict and it’s just a fun little activity us football fans do in order to better handle our seven-month layoff from football. But now that it’s all said and done, whether you love or hate your team’s picks, it’s time for a post-Draft analysis (much shorter than an actual Mock). Seeing as how the Draft is seven rounds, I’m going to try and focus mainly on the first-round to keep it simple. Here it goes:

Best Move: Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49er’s (10) – I could almost guarantee you that the 49er’s had no clue that Crabtree could fall to them at #10. I had the Niners selecting an offensive lineman (Oher) and they probably would have, but you can’t pass up on Crabtree. The Browns passed, the Seahawks passed, and the Raiders whiffed, the Niners were there with open arms. Crabtree may not have the “burner” speed or the Combine performance of Heyward-Bey, but there is no question that the Niners got the second-best player in the entire draft with the #10 pick.

Honorable Mention for Best Move: Aaron Curry, Seattle Seahawks (4) – The Seattle Seahawks had their name thrown around a lot on Draft Day but they kept it together and wisely selected what came to them. Aaron Curry was arguably the best player in the Draft and he will be able to immediately fill the void of the departed Julian Peterson.

Steal of the First Round: Brian Orakpo, Washington Redskins (13) – Dan Snyder didn’t make the worst move of his ownership days by trading down to get Mark Sanchez, so the Draft was considered a success by most Redskins fans. And by not trading down, the Redskins were able to watch the top pass-rusher in this year’s draft slowly fall to them at #13. Orakpo had top-five talent and would have probably been selected by the Browns at #5 had they not traded out. Orakpo comes from one the best football programs in the country and he has all the tools necessary. He will also join a defense that was ranked fourth just a year ago and he will receive a lot of one-on-one’s because of the attention that newly acquired Albert Haynesworth will receive.

Honorable Mention for Steal of the First Round: Kenny Britt, Tennessee Titans (30) – I was extremely high on Kenny Britt. He has a strong competetive streak, a huge 6’3 frame, great hands, and he is arguably the best route-runner in the Draft. Seeing as how Oakland thought receiver the whole way, I think it’s fair to say that Britt had top-seven potential. The Titans finally drafted a receiver in the first-round and I think this will pay off tremendously.

Riskiest Pick of the First Round: Darrius Heyward-Bey, Oakland Raiders (7) – Easily earning the worst pick of the first round for any team, the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis obviously drafted Heyward-Bey because of his freakish 40-time, but he passed up on far better receivers like Crabtree, Maclin, and Britt. We all know that Al Davis loves athletes with speed, but this pick was ridiculous. I think the Raiders could have gone with Eugene Monroe instead and been far better off.  Heyward-Bey probably is not first round material and that’s why it’s such a risk.

Honorable Mention for Riskiest Pick of the First Round – Mark Sanchez, New York Jets (5) Even more than Andre Smith and Josh Freeman, I think that selecting Mark Sanchez was a HUGE risk for the New York Jets. Every team seemed to be head over heels for this kid and the Jets were the big players to step-up and the get the trade done to get him. New head coach, huge New York market, a winning bidder amongst four or more teams…Mark Sanchez will have a target on his back and so will the Jets franchise. If he does well, the Jets look like a group of MIT grads. If Sanchez is average, the New York media and ESPN analysts will pick that franchise apart. Easy does it…

Most Questionable Selection – Andre Smith, Cincinnati Bengals (6) – What are the Bengals known for? Character issues, of course. With that in mind, does anyone find it odd that the Bengals selected three players with notable character issues with their first three picks? Don’t get me wrong here, the Bengals drafted tremendous talent, but they obviously don’t have the coaches or front office to control these “character issue” players. Andre Smith was the talented tackle with weight issues and the guy who left the Combine early. Rey Maualuga had “starter” ability but some teams thought he was a little wild. And Michael Johnson was a freak athlete that has had reported work ethic issues since day one. They drafted great talent, even better potential, but their attitudes combined with Cincy’s front office is a little questionable.

Honorable Mention for Most Questionable Selection: Larry English, San Diego Chargers (16) – Larry English is one of the best football players of the draft but I think he was late first-round talent at best. His measurements are decent and his game films are nice, but #16 is pretty high for a team with Merriman and Shun Phillips. However, San Diego has drafted well for the past few years so I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

Future Stud Pick of the First Round: Michael Oher, Baltimore Ravens (26) – Oher may not be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to learning the playbook, but he has HUGE potential. I like this guy a lot and the Ravens have the great coaching staff that can really turn Oher into another Jonathan Ogden. He will probably start at right tackle first and then eventually move to the left side, but either way he will strive in Baltimore.

Honorable Mention for Future Stud Pick of the First Round: Kenny Britt, Tennessee Titans (30) – Again, I come back to mention Kenny Britt. I may be completely off the deep-end with this call, but I really feel like Britt can be a huge force in this league. Plus, the Titans need a receiver in Tennessee and Britt is a huge target that can help any quarterback.

So there it is, my attempt at Draft redemption now that my Mock went for about 20% correct. But then again, apparent draft expert and multi-millionaire Mel Kiper didn’t do much better.

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2009 NFL Mock Draft – Only Nine Days To Go


I have recently updated my entire Mock Draft. I added in a few trades to make the Mock a little more interesting, but they are also very possible scenarios. Who breaks into the first-round? Whose stock is steadily dropping? Rising?

You can check it all out here!

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2009 NFL Mock Draft – Wrapping Up The First Round


Rumor mills are buzzing and trading will soon begin as we quickly approach Draft day. It’s almost impossible to keep up with, but here is the last of my first round Mock as it stands right now…

21.) Philadelphia Eagles – Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee : Philly could take Knowshon Moreno here to help out Westbrook and eventually take over, but I can’t see Andy Reid pulling that move. McNabb is back on board and a receiver could really help the Eagles, one good receiver. However, I don’t think any of the top-receivers in this draft are the type of receiver that Philly needs because they don’t necessarily need the “speed” guy. With that being said, watch for the Eagles to select ANOTHER defensive player. Larry English may be big on some people’s boards but Robert Ayers is a more complete player and he comes from the SEC. Solid pick here for the Eagles and they have another selection just six picks later.

22.) Minnesota Vikings – Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois : The Vikings have somewhat of a hole over there at right tackle on the offensive line but that doesn’t seem to bother Adrian Peterson all that much (1,760 yards in ’08). I thought that the Vikings may try to go after a quarterback, but instead they traded for a guy named Sage Rosenfels. I guess that position is considered “okay”…for now. But there is still no doubt that Minnesota needs help at defensive back. The defense is Super Bowl ready but a good corner could propel them. I like Vontae Davis at #22. He’s fast, athletic, the best available, and an absolute steal at this position.

23.) New England – James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State : New England is a hard team to predict, in anything. They could use help at strong safety but it would be a far reach for anyone at that position with the #23 pick. Not to mention the team has an even bigger need at the interior linebacker position. Tedy Bruschi is extremely old and he will need a replacement. Laurinaitis just seems like a Belichick guy to me. He may not be the fastest guy on Earth, but the Patriots make great players out of anyone who has good knowledge of the game, which Laurinaitis has. I know some people will think this is a slight reach, but I really think it fits.

24.) Atlanta Falcons – Brandon Pettigrew, TE, OSU : I think this is a no-brainer for Atlanta if Pettigrew is still around (which he should be). Roddy White is the big receiver, Matt Ryan is the stud quarterback, Michael Turner has brought a ton to the offense, and the defense played much better than expected. I could see Atlanta going after defense in this position but Pettigrew is the piece that is missing from the offense. With his pass-catching ability and blocking skills, he will put this offense over the top.

25.) Miami Dolphins – D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt : I really like Moore out of Vandy. He is a little small (5’9) and his forty time disappointed a few, but I think he will make a good pro player. The Dolphins are very slim at the defensive back position after the departure of Goodman across from Will Allen and D.J. Moore could come in and make a spark. Moore can also provide returning abilities, which he showed while in college. Is it a reach? Maybe. But you’ll notice that many of my predictions in the latter part of the round will receive the “reach” label.

26.) Baltimore Ravens – Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers : Baltimore needed some help at defensive back and they went out and got Dominique Foxworth, which will pay off nicely for them. They need help at defensive end but I think receiver is a bigger question mark. Derrick Mason is on his last games and they need someone opposite Mark Clayton (who just decided to start playing good football at the end of last year). Flacco is a young quarterback that needs a young target, I see Britt as that guy. Kenny Britt has climbed up a lot of people’s boards and I am very high on this guy. He’s 6’3 at 210 pounds and he ran a 4.4 at his Pro Day. He is a great catcher and he could really be the large target for the developing Flacco. Not to mention, Derrick Mason would serve as a great mentor to the rookie in terms of route running and reading defenses. Did I mention he’s only 20-years-old? If Jeremy Maclin slips this far then I would look for Baltimore to grab him. Otherwise, Britt is a really good option at #26.

27.) Indianapolis Colts – Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss : Indy needs to give Peyton a new target to throw to but I think they wait until the second round to address the receiver position. With the #27 pick, I see the Colts improving their atrocious interior defensive line and taking the best defensive tackle at this point in the draft. Peria Jerry seems to be either completely overlooked or chalked in as a future Colt, I think he fits pretty well. Although Jerry may seem to be overwhelmed at times, I think he can serve as a good rusher up the middle for the line.

28.) Philadelphia Eagles – Alex Mack, C, Cal : Everyone is talking trade-up right here for the Eagles. They will no doubt go for an offensive lineman but #28 may be slightly too low to get a really really good lineman. Assuming that the Eagles keep this pick, I see them taking the best offensive lineman on the board and that is Alex Mack. Again, watch for the Eagles to wheel and deal and try to go after Michael Oher. Andre Smith may be another possibility but I don’t think Andy Reid will put up with his bull crap and horrible work ethic. I also would not be surprised if the Eagles go for receiving help here and go after o-line help in the 2nd round, or vice versa. Oklahoma guard Duke Robinson is too much of a reach at this position, in my opinion.

29.) New York Giants – Darius Butler, CB, UConn : The Giants are stacked! This is a very difficult selection to predict. Knowshon Moreno is available and he could be the replacement for the outgoing Derrick Ward. They could also use some help at strong safety but Sean Smith is a free safety (?). With that being said, they could use some depth at defensive back. Sam Madison is getting older and Darius Butler could come in and help out in a year or so. In all honesty, this just a throw-up for me. I really don’t have any idea of what the Giants want to do. They needed some linebacker help but they went out and got Chris Canty, so the position is filled. The defense is loaded. The offense is loaded. With a situation like this, it usually indicates trading the selection or taking the best available talent. Knowshon Moreno is best available at #29 and a trade is very possible.

30.) Tennessee Titans – Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State : Tennessee, I think, still needs receiver help even after the Nate Washington signing but Heyward-Bey is too risky for the first round. The Titans are getting thin at cornerback due to Nick Harper’s age but no remaining cornerback is worth this high of a pick. After that, I like addressing the defensive end position. Jevon Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch are both in their thirties and we all know that these guys can’t play forever. There is a ton of options at this selection for a defensive end including Michael Johnson, Larry English, and Conor Barwin. However, Maybin had an outstanding year and his Pro Day performance has shot him up the boards as of late. Many criticize Maybin by calling him a one-year-wonder and pointing out his questionable size, but I don’t think there is any way you can pass up this potential when it falls in your lap.

31.) Arizona Cardinals – Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia : Will Moreno make it all the way to 31? The Cardinals hope so. Edgerrin James is on the way out and Moreno is the perfect fit in the desert. Moreno is a great pass-catcher out of the backfield and, in case you haven’t noticed, the Cards like to throw it. Moreno is an every-down back and he can breakout at any time. Moreno is a playmaker that would go great alongside Fitzgerald and Boldin (assuming he stays).

32.) Pittsburgh Steelers – Sean Smith, CB/S, Utah : Surprising enough, the Steelers do have holes to fill…but not many. Sean Smith is a BIG safety and he could fit the mold as a Steeler. He has tremendous ability and upside. He’s 6’4 and should be the Steeler’s starter after one year. However, the Steelers’ offensive line fizzled out a little bit last year. To me, the next best available lineman would be Oklahoma’s Duke Robinson but I’m not sure he’s a sure first rounder. Sean Smith is a good talent to be selected here, we’ll keep him at #32 for now.

Stay tuned for updates and my upcoming 2009 NBA Mock Draft!

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2009 NFL Mock Draft – Top Ten Picks


I tried to hold out as long as I could to post my 2009 NFL Mock Draft just to see what I could see in terms of free agency. After the busy and hectic weekend, I have my first ten picks of the first round complete. Of course I will follow up with the remainder of the first round but I will post in increments of ten. My Mock Draft may include the most popular prospects, but I feel that I mix it up a bit. Take a look and tell me what you think.

  1. Detroit Lions – Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia : After the Lions traded/released both Kitna and Orlovsky, I think they made room for another quarterback. They restructured Daunte Culpepper’s contract, which is interesting, but he is certainly not their future. Stafford is still a little raw to me but the Lions can’t pass him here. If they were too pass, they take Jason Smith and wait for next year’s QB class.
  2. St. Louis Rams – Aaron Curry, ILB, Wake Forest : I know that a lot of Mocks have Jason Smith going to the Rams, which totally works, but I think new head coach Steve Spagnuolo is drooling over Curry. They could use more help protecting the QB but they signed center Jason Brown to do that AND the Super Bowl Champs allowed more sacks than the Rams last year. They take the best defensive prospect available.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs – Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas : Kansas City only had 10 sacks last year and they HAVE to get pressure on the opposing quarterback. They may have gone after Mark Sanchez here but they did their trade for Matt Cassel and the position has been filled. I think it’s a no-brainer for Kansas City at this position to take a pass-rusher to accompany Glenn Dorsey.
  4. Seattle Seahawks – Jason Smith, OT, Baylor : This guy is worthy of the first overall pick but will fall to Seattle based on team needs. Walter Jones is 35 and not getting any younger, plus the team has been trying to replace Steve Hutchinson ever since he left. Jason Smith is a fixture on the line for years to come. I would say Seattle takes Crabtree here but they already signed Houshmandzadeh and got their guy. Not to mention, this will allow for Crabtree to fall victim to his expected “drop” in the draft after not being able to run.
  5. Cleveland Browns – Everette Brown, DE, FSU : Cleveland needs defense above all else. Crabtree is there but they are expecting production from Stallworth, Edwards, and Steptoe. The team had just 17 sacks last season and they allowed an atrocious 150 yards rushing per game. Brown will serve as a guy to get sacks and to deter opposing running backs from his side. Without Willie McGinest, the Browns can find their replacement with Everette Brown.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals – Michael Crabtree, WR, TTU : The Bengals lost Housh and they’ll need a replacement. They were 30th in passing yards per game last year and Carson Palmer is due back. They already have middle-of-the-league defense but they need the points, Crabtree can open it up and help you do that. This will be that highly anticipated “drop” of Crabtree that everyone is talking about.
  7. Oakland Raiders – Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri : What does Al Davis do right? Nothing, especially draft. I think they should take B.J. Raji at this position after a dismal performance by big-money Tommy Kelly last season. But instead, Al Davis will want a skilled position player (like always) to help JaMarcus Russell. Al Davis REACHES way over and takes Jeremy Maclin, bringing him to Wide Receiver Hell! They should also think about taking Eugene Monroe right here, they allowed the ninth most sacks in the league last year.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars – Eugene Monroe, OT, UVA : The Jaguars need an offensive lineman and Monroe is a GREAT option right here. Khalif Barnes disappeared after his rookie season and declared for free agency, so the Jags should bring in a better replacement. Monroe could block for Maurice Jones-Drew for many years in Jacksonville.
  9. Green Bay Packers – Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU : B.J. Raji is a good option here but, after ranking in 25th in sacks, the Packers need a pass-rusher first. Tyson Jackson could be a freak and build with Kampman and Hawk very effectively. Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Green Bay went with the ginormous Raji at this spot.
  10. San Francisco 49er’s – Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss : This is a VERY difficult pick to predict. I would say Mark Sanchez here but the Niners seem to be close to signing Kurt Warner. Plus, Sanchez doesn’t really impress me all that much. San Francisco could also use a wide receiver at this position but they would be reaching to get Hakeem Nicks (in my opinion) and the team is all to familiar with Maryland studs who have impressive 40 times at the combine (Vernon Davis), so I would slightly dismiss Darrius Heyward-Bey. I think if Singletary sticks with Shaun Hill, who isn’t really that bad, Oher could come in and help block for him. I understand that the Niners allowed a LEAGUE-HIGH 55 sacks, but J.T. O’Sullivan held the ball longer than any quarterback I have ever seen. I would account a lot of the sacks to O’Sullivan’s extremely poor decision making and overall play. Nonetheless, they are forced to take an OT here.

Stay tuned for picks 11-20, they should be here shortly. Again, email me or leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.

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And The Season Gets Worse For The Wiz

gilbert-arenas-dancingJust when you think the season couldn’t get any worse for the 10-win Washington Wizards…it does. The Wiz are the proud representatives of the NBA’s worst record (10-40) with only four conference wins and zero division wins.

Now, after 50 games of utter disappointment and no excuses, the Washington Wizards are guaranteed a lottery pick in this year’s draft. Sounds good right? At least they can suffer the dismal season and draft a guy like Harden, Thabeet, or Griffin. Well, not so fast…

If the Wizards happened to land the number one pick in the draft, they would be forced to trade the pick (or find another way to clear space) because they do not have the funds to back the #1 pick’s salary. Say what?

That’s right Wiz fans, Abe Pollin and Ernie Grunfeld did such a horrible job with signing players over the summer that the luxury tax is exceeded and we won’t even be able to afford a number one. How can this happen? It happens when you give a guy with a bum knee (Arenas) $111 million dollars because he threatens to leave D.C. for L.A. (Clippers I might add). This happens when you bring in a guy like Mike James who counts for $6.5 million and he knows how to do nothing but shoot. It happens when you pay a beat-up half-decent rebounder (Etan Thomas) between $6.5 and $7.5 million. And of course it could happen when you keep a guy like DeShawn Stevenson employed.

The Wizards are horrible and their front office needs to wake up. There is some serious potential in the 2009 Draft and the Wizards will go on the clock early. With a team this bad, Mr. Pollin and Ernie Grunfeld should be chomping at the bit to land a kid this good.

Just when I thought the season couldn’t get any worse…

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