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The Official Broken Record

terrell-owensThe same ol’ thing happens each and every year with Terrell Owens, he’s a cry baby. No matter what team he goes to, no matter how much he gets paid, no matter who throws the ball to him, he is NEVER satisfied and he is ALWAYS complaining.

In training camp, Owens spoke highly of Tony Romo and said that they had a great relationship. Now, after a down season thus far, Owens is crying about how Romo throws more to tight end Jason Witten than he does to Owens himself. The statistical breakdown in my eyes? Owens has 10 less catches than Witten. Owens drops passes, A LOT. Witten is a tight end and is used not only as a reciever, but also a check-down or dump-off at times. Romo throws more to Owens than Witten, but Jason Witten catches the passes – end of debate.

Owens needs to shut his mouth and play football. He is a horrible teammate, he poisons locker rooms, and he trashes teams from the ground up. Only Jerry Jones was dumb enough to give this idiot $34 million. Mark my words with this bold prediction, the Cowboys will not win a championship with Terrell Owens.


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Plexiglass Plaxico shoots himself…

plaxico-burress1Plaxico Burress, in my opinion, is one of the most stupid and worst teammates to have on your football team. He doesn’t practice, he misses meetings, he falls asleep in meetings when he does show up, and he always seems like he’s playing half-ass. But I must say, I thought his stupidity stayed within the realm of football…I was wrong.

New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress has told the team that he accidentally shot himself Friday night, a league official told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio.

The incident happened at the Latin Quarter nightclub on Manhattan’s East Side. The club is a sprawling 15,000-square foot, two-story restaurant and club located in the Radisson Lexington Hotel. Katia Laine, a manager at the hotel, told The Associated Press that police officers had been to the club.

Burress went to the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, where he stayed overnight. He was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon.

Now that we are all aware that the wound is not life-threatening, this is extremely comical. I have never liked Plexiglass and this gives me even more of a reason to keep that mindset. What the hell was he doing with a gun? And why was he messing with it to the point where it fires into his leg? The details will probably surface a little later on but the more interesting aspect of the whole deal will be to see how this effects Plexi’s roster spot with the Giants.

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Gilbert Arenas is an idiot

gilbert-in-halo-outfitFor those who haven’t heard, Gilbert Arenas feels like it’s a good idea to just tank this season and ‘be like the Spurs’ and win the lottery to land a Duncan-like player. Whether or not he meant a Duncan-style player or just a player with Duncan’s sudden impact is irrelevant. My question remains the same; why the hell did we pay this guy $111 million? Not only were his knees completely shot, but he obviously has no idea about what winning is all about. Could that be the reason why this team gets clobbered in the first round every year? Could it be why there are arguments as to why Gilbert Arenas is NOT a great player? Sure, he can score, but so can 75% of the other guys in the league.

Wake up Gilbert, you’re a moron. I went from calling you a savior for the sport of basketball in Washington to questioning your honest motivation. I used to think that you played to win a championship and become the best player you can be. Now I feel like your selfish (threatening to leave D.C. for L.A. unless he got his $111 million) and brainless for saying that we should tank the rest of the season.

With such a lack of intelligence, Gilbert, may I inform you that the NBA season is 82 games. The Washington Wizards are 1-8 through 9 games…NINE GAMES! You have 73 more frickin’ games to go, and you suggest tanking? Through nine games, if you really feel like you cannot win another 41 games, then you obviously have no idea about team cohesion, motivation, hard work, dedication, etc. Now that Gilbert has taken all of our money to make any runs at big names in the near future (Bosh), he comes out with awful ideas like this one? And one more thing; who the hell does Gilbert think we can draft? Is there another Tim Duncan in the upcoming draft? Not from what I can see, certainly not through just nine games.

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Once Pacman, Always Pacman

Surprise, surprise…anybody? That’s right, Adam “Pacman” Jones is in trouble…AGAIN. Pacman was involved in a fight with a body guard that was assigned to him by the Dallas Cowboys. The altercation took place in an upscale hotel, Joule, in Dallas. No one knows why the hell Pacman was fighting a guy that was there to protect him and probably three times his size.

It was reported that the altercation resulted in the damage to one of the hotel’s bathrooms, and police said that they believed Pacman was drinking. Say it aint so! Pacman is a drinker? This guy cannot, I repeat CANNOT, stay out of trouble. I’m unsure if alcohol is the root of Pacman’s evil, or if it’s just the large amount of air between his ears.

And what’s the oddest piece of the whole story? No charges were filed by the bodyguard. Ya think?! The bodyguard worked for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys organization; you really think he would press charges? Jerry says something along the lines of, “Don’t say a word and you can keep your job”. The big oafy bodyguard replies, “Gotcha Mr. Jones, just keep signing my checks!”. We all know that Jerry will do everything in his power to keep Pacman clean, which in turn makes Jerry look good.

I know it’s all about Jerry and he wants to make himself look extremely smart by taking in a guy who no one wanted and turning him into a top cornerback. But, thinking about it, Pacman has no choice. He MUST stay out of trouble if he wants to keep putting food on his plate. Jerry is a hell of an owner, but maybe not as genius a G.M. as he comes off to be. He gets guys that are between a rock and a hardplace and the ones that have no choice but to keep thier life straight. Either way, Pacman is no where close to being worthy of the huge risk you take on him. But then again, I’m not the gagillionaire that is Jerry Jones. I wanted to give him a chance, but Pacman really can’t get it done.

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Now Accepting: Nominations for World’s dumbest athlete

Hitting sport talk everywhere is the story about the recently leaked comments of Dallas Mavericks’ forward, Josh Howard. We all know that this guy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, which stems from the interview where he admitted to smoking the happy grass on a regular basis. Do you have a brain Josh? Or is your headband waaay too tight? You’re a professional athlete for an extremely popular, and contending, NBA franchise. However, you feel it is A-okay to let the world know that you’re a pot head. I can’t think of a better message to send the millions of kids that call you their inspiration. But in fact, this comment by Howard is not the most ridiculous thing he has ever said publicly. That’s right. Josh Howard is actually more unintelligent than his old weed quote demonstrates.

A recent video, leaked on YouTube, films the Mavs’ star at a charity flag football game hosted by Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony. During the singing of our national anthem, a man (supposedly a Baltimore-based rapper) walks around with a camera and gets a reaction from the participants of the game. First of all, I always thought that people were supposed to stand be quiet during the national anthem. Right? I mean, if I’m at a sporting event buying a ridiculously priced sausage with peppers and onions, I will stop dead in my tracks and raise my hand to my heart during the national anthem. Apparently these guys think otherwise. As the guy puts the camera in Howard’s face, Howard says “Star Spangled Banner goin’ on right now. I don’t even celebrate that shit. Because I’m black.” He then ends it with some nonsense about how he’s “down with Obama” and what not.

I was absolutely speechless when I heard this. I actually heard it on the radio first and then I immediately went to a computer because I just had to hear it myself. I was thinking maybe it was taken out of context or misquoted, what us fans usually want to plead when an athlete sounds brainless. But no, Josh Howard is that brainless.  Whether or not he thought this footage would get out to the public is beside the point. This puts the nail in the coffin for determining the immaturity of Josh Howard. If it weren’t for this country Josh, you wouldn’t make an eighth of what you do now. If you weren’t in this country, you wouldn’t have that multi-million dollar estate that you go home to every night. If you weren’t in this country, you probably wouldn’t have gotten off so easy when you were caught street racing in North Carolina. And if you were in another country and you disrespected the flag and national anthem, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t get to laugh at the situation like you are now.

I have never been a Mavs fan, or particularly a Josh Howard fan, but I do love the game of basketball. However, this comment has made me completely hate Josh Howard and any team he happens to play for. I apologize in advance if you like the Mavs or if Howard happens to be traded to or signed with your favorite team, but this is possibly one of the most absurd and ridiculous comments I have ever heard. It’s simple if you’re Josh Howard: if you don’t respect America, you have the freedom to leave.



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