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Kanye West Makes a Special Appearance on Jay Leno, One Day After Rude VMA Interruption

Kanye West on Jay Leno 2

Just one day after Kanye West embarrassed Taylor Swift on national television during the VMA’s, he appeared on the Jay Leno Show to apologize. West, Jay-Z, and Rihanna were set to perform on the show later that night but Kanye asked if he could sit down with Leno for a few minutes to address the issue.

Leno worked Kanye over pretty good, even bringing West to tears. But the question still remains if West was, in fact, sincere with his apology. Sure he went on stage and shedded a tear, but the guy has been trying his absolute hardest to stay in the spotlight 24/7. Now he hits a peel in the road after cracking a joke he got no laughs for and he’s suddenly a changed man?

The clip was orignially posted here at the Box but NBC Universal has since took the video off of the internet. Sorry folks, but Kanye West just has that much money.

We’ll see…

….::..By the way – President Barack Obama told an NBC reporter that Kanye West was a “jackass”….::::..::..


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Patrick Swayze Dead at 57


Patrick Swayze’s long battle with pancreatic cancer came to a tragic end today, with his family by his side.

Nothing better than a Friday night with the lady watching Swayze’s 1987 hit, “Dirty Dancing”.

Or hanging with the guys drinking some beers watching Swayze’s 1989 kick-ass  flick, “Road House”.

Or, and this is probably just me, not being able to turn off his 1991 action hit “Point Break” no matter who you’re watching it with.

Is this considered a ‘man-crush’?

Thanks Mr. Swayze.

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….::.Check Out:::…:.SOJA – Born In Babylon

If you like reggae music, then you probably already know about Soldiers of Jah Army (SOJA). From their inspiring start back in 1997 to their chart-topping album Get Wiser, SOJA comes back better than ever with their newest album Born In Babylon. This 15-track album is available exclusively on iTunes and it’s worth every penny.

To learn more about SOJA, or to learn more about great music, …::.Visit …::::…

Check out SOJA’s “Rest of My Life” off the NEW album…

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Shaq Does Pro Wrestling, Provides Amusing Photo

Shaq thought wrestling was “real“.

Although I find this idiotic and absurd, in Shaq’s defense, he looked pretty good for approaching 40-years-old.

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Eminem Has Nude Pictures Of Mariah Carey?

That’s the recent rumor published by Fox News.

Rapper Eminem and pop-star Mariah Carey apparently had a fling back in 2001. Ever since their split, the two have been going back and forth with ‘he-said-she-said’ crap. Eminem has released a new song, titled “The Warning”, that spills the intimate details of the couple’s brief relationship and threatens to leak photos and voicemails if Carey and her clown husband Nick Cannon don’t “back-off”.

Eminem’s new song is a response to a diss track previously recorded by Mariah Carey entitled “Obsessed”. The video includes a character that appears to be Eminem (it’s actually Carey disguised something awful). Carey goes onto to call Eminem “delusional” for implying that he slept with her in his song “Bagpipes for Baghdad”.

It should also be noted that Nick Cannon reportedly “slammed” Eminem for being obsessed with his wife. This comes off as extremely funny to me. The fact that Nick Cannon thinks he can sing/rap/yelp/spit is absolutely ridiculous.

….::Check Out Eminem’s Response Track “The Warning” below….:::….

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The Bachelor Pad: An Attempt of Definition

Bachelor Pad

          The term ‘Bachelor Pad’ is commonly used in our society, usually when a guy gets a place of his own. It’s a big step for men across the board because you’re either leaving the nest, skipping away from the unsuccessful relationship, or deciding it’s time to adopt a new lifestyle. Whichever your reason is, it’s pretty damn cool. But what is the true definition of a ‘Bachelor Pad’? Can you really define something so immense with just a simple phrase? I don’t believe it’s possible, but I’ll try my best…

          Space – Whether you have a lot of space or not, it’s really not that important. Because whether you have 700 square feet or 2,000, you’re going to invite the same amount of people to your parties anyway.

          Friends – You may experience some temporary loneliness in the early days of living at the Pad. But no need to worry, this changes rather quickly. Suddenly your friends are your best friends and your best friends are your new roommates. Neighbors will begin asking to borrow spices that you can’t even pronounce, all in an attempt to attend the next shindig on Saturday. Hell, if you don’t have friends now (and you want some)…get your own place.

          Food – You only need the essentials, nothing more.

  1. Peanut butter and jelly is an absolute must. PBJ can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a drunken snack.
  2. You should probably have some chicken breast in the house. Whether it’s frozen or fresh, chicken is a safe and rather healthy meat to keep handy.
  3. Ramen Noodles continues to be the most commonly consumed food on Earth. At ten cents per pack; can you really afford not to buy it?
  4. Condiments are necessary because they can turn a single dish that tastes like throw-up into a dish that tastes like it was made by angels. I prefer barbeque sauce over all the rest but ketchup, mustard, relish, and random salad dressings will work as well.
  5. Chips and/or snacks are always nice to have lying around. I prefer Cheez-Its and Goldfish but the numerous styles of potato chips does a body good (not really).

          Drinks – You can probably guess these pretty easily. Beer, soda, some kind of sugar drink, and beer. Depending on how wealthy you are, the beer can be either Natural Light or Guinness. For a guy like me, I pay the generous $13 for a 30-pack of brew. One’s personal preference will account for what kind of soda is kept in the house. Having something on hand like Coke or Diet Coke is usually beneficial because it can be drank by itself or as a mixer with alcohol. And finally, the sugary drink is something like Vitamin Water, Gatorade, or Kool Aid. I know that includes a wide range of juicy-type stuff, but you get what I mean.

          Furniture – It’s really not a big deal. As long as you have a bed to sleep in and a couch to sit on, you’re golden. Lights? I guess you could have them just in case, but the illumination from the hundreds of electronics should be more than enough. And you’ll notice, right before you move out, everyone and their mother wants to get rid of furniture that looks like it’s out of a movie from the 1960’s. Feeling retro?

          Entertainment – This is where it gets good, where the ‘Pad’ earns its name. Guys like entertainment and entertainment likes us back. Televisions, computers, radios, Blu-Ray players, DVDs, cell phones, iPod tuners, PS3’s, and cameras, are just a few of the necessities you’ll find around a guy’s place. And this becomes entertaining within itself: just to see if a man’s television cost him more than every bit of furniture that makes up the rest of the house. Usually, and in my own case, this is 100% true. We may be sitting on milk crates that cause our ass to go numb in under 15 minutes, but how great does that Redskins’ game look on that 50” HD?

          So there you have it – the simple bare necessities of a Bachelor Pad. I’m sure there are a few things I forgot, I mean I didn’t even get into kitchen appliances, but this list can get the party started. Leave a comment with ideas, additions, subtractions, or hateful remarks…I welcome it all.

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Lady Gaga looks like a freak show during press conference

She’s the wild young woman that is taking over the radio with her instant pop-classics, “Poker Face” and “Just Dance”. She has stated numerous times that she doesn’t care about her popularity or her looks, she cares only about her music and performance. Well, Lady Gaga has proven that statement true when she appeared in Malta to hold a  quick press conference.

Take a look at this ‘trendy’ outfit….wow. She looks like a mummy of the future. Or like her parents were Darth Vader and a knight from Camelot. What in the hell is up with this girl?

…..::::..this GIRL is a little ODD:::….

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