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Clausen Will Enter NFL Draft: A Quick Analysis of the 2010 ‘Potential’ QB Class

With the early departure of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen announced today, the NFL Draft analysis can begin. With that said, my first bold statement of the NFL Draft is that I believe the quarterback class in 2010 will be a lot deeper than most people expect. At first glance, the QB Class may look a bit too cluttered with spread offense gun-slingers. But I would argue that, with the number of teams that may opt for a quarterback at some point in the draft, we’ll be hearing about these kids for longer than expected. 

Taking a quick look at NFL teams that may have a QB in mind (somewhere within the seven rounds), I come up with about a dozen, give or take. Does Denver stick with Kyle Orton? Sure he’s been decent but does McDaniels want his guy? Does Minnesota look into the future? Brett Favre can’t play forever (right?) and Tavaris Jackson isn’t the long-term answer. San Francisco has had a pleasant surprise in Alex Smith but I’m sure they’ll take a gander. Washington’s quarterback situation is always the topic of discussion, with a majority saying Campbell is at least second string in 2010. Jacksonville needs fans in seats, Garrard isn’t cutting it. Seattle has made up their mind about Hasselbeck, it was a good run. Miami drafted Chad Henne but they may take a late project. Buffalo needs another guy not named Trent Edwards. Cleveland drafted Brady Quinn and he may actually win over Mangini by the end of the season. St. Louis is on the desperate list, Bulger is about to fall apart (literally). Jake Delhomme never cut it for me in Carolina, and John Fox will look to move on in 2010. And finally…Oakland. Gradkowski has worked wonders since Russell was benched but it’s time to ‘officially’ give up on JaMarcus and his horrible attitude. Hopefully for the Raiders, an uncapped year will allow them to cut his fat ass along with his fat contract. So there you have it, about a dozen teams that may look towards a quarterback at some point in the draft. 

Now let’s take a look at the QB prospects. Although the talent level drops off drastically about a quarter through the list, that doesn’t mean the late-round guys can’t turn out okay (see: Tom Brady). Here’s a quick list of my QB prospects in somewhat of a personal Big Board rating: 

  1. Jimmy Clausen (ND)  6’3  217 – He’s played in a pro-style offense and he’s been through the up’s and the down’s of a very popular team. He’s played well, progressed even better, and knows what its like to play away from home.
  2. Jake Locker (WAS)  6’3  223 – Good talent at a bad school, Locker knows the game and is pretty athletic. His arm strength is decent but seems like a good decision-maker.
  3. Sam Bradford (OU)  6’4  214 – Other than the injuries and durability as a result, Bradford is a HUGE talent. His accuracy is second to none and he has good decision making. His athleticism is often overlooked because of how little he leaves the pocket.
  4. Ryan Mallet (ARK)  6’6  250 – Michigan transfer that can throw up numbers in bunches. He has lead feet but has tremendous upside. He would be a project but one worth taking on.
  5. Tony Pike (CIN)  6’6  225 – If you didn’t know Pike before this year, you do now. Pike is smart and very accurate. And impressively enough, the guy can move around for his size. The hype may be surrounding him but I think he could turn out.
  6. Jevan Snead (OM)  6’3  215 – One of the most overrated teams in the nation, Ole Miss got a lot of attention because of Snead. He has good arm strength and his upside was going to get him a lot. But after a crappy season in ’09, Snead’s stock has dropped off. Remember this kid couldn’t beat out McCoy at Texas.
  7. Colt McCoy (UT)  6’3  215 – Not another Vince Young. McCoy can put the pass on a dime but may need help with his ability to read a defense. His leadership is impressive and he’s had great college experience. I would say he’s a sure fire West Coast guy.
  8. Tim Tebow  (FL)  6’3  235 – He wants to play QB but it may not happen. His arm strength isn’t anything special and his decision-making won’t work in the NFL. Jacksonville may be his only hope in the first-round.
  9. Christian Ponder (FSU)  6’3  220 – Not a big fan of this guy in college but he has a very accurate pass and he understands the game. Ponder could succeed in this league as long as he doesn’t have to throw the long ball.
  10. Pat Devlin (UD)  6’4  220 – Originally a QB at Penn State, Devlin has a cannon for an arm and is hoping to follow in a certain one’s footsteps.
  11. Jarrett Brown (WVU)  6’4  220 – Big guy, extremely athletic, and able to make the pass. His upside and potential is scary but can he ever learn to read a defense?
  12. Jonathan Crompton (UT)  6’4  224 – The guy got better, I’ll give him that. He has the intangibles to succeed in the NFL but a team will have to take on a project.
  13. Zac Robinson (OSU)  6’3  210 – If anyone falls victim to the ‘spread-only quarterback’, it’s this guy.
  14. Bill Stull (PITT)  6’3  215 – Played well for a former-NFL coach but his decision-making under pressure is what keeps him down.
  15. Sean Canfield (OSU)  6’4  215 – He got better over the year and people got to find out who the Beaver is.
  16. Max Hall (BYU)  6’1  201 – His accuracy shouldn’t be an issue but his size and decision-making are.
  17. Tim Hiller (WMU)  6’5  228 – I actually like Hiller at a higher spot but his lack of competition and weak arm make him a tough shot. Hiller has a great read on defenses and makes decent decisions but he has cement feet and not a great deep-ball. He could prosper in a short-pass oriented offense.  

Where these guys actually end up will have to wait for my annual Mock Draft. A quick breakdown of the running backs will follow soon.


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At Least Limbaugh Likes the Rams

Rush Limbaugh

The St. Louis Rams are currently one of the NFL’s worst franchises, going just 5-31 since 2007. The team is in shambles, attendance is in the crapper, and fans are beginning to diminish. But wait, there’s still hope! Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has teamed up with St. Louis Blues (NHL) owner Dave Checketts in a bid to buy the Rams’ franchise. That’s right, someone loves the Rams!!

The Rams are worth an estimated $929 million according to Forbes magazine but it is unclear whether Limbaugh and Checketts’ bid is for 100% of the franchise or just the 60% that was inherited by the former owner’s children back in 2008.

Whether you love him or hate him, everyone knows Rush Limbaugh is quite the sport fan. In fact, he was an ESPN analyst in 2003 until saying Donovan McNabb was overrated because he was black. Since leaving ESPN, Rush has continued his conservative radio show that has earned him the popular title, “voice of the Republican Party”. Unfortunately for Rush, two thirds of the other NFL owners must  approve the new ownership. Sure there might be a few conservative NFL owners, but many cannot stand Rush as a person or his views.

Time will tell for Rush. More details to follow.

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The Diva Finally Inks A Deal with San Francisco


With the deadline to sign rookies quickly approaching, the San Francisco 49er’s and rookie receiver Michael Crabtree have finally settled on a deal. Apparently Crabtree was using family for his negotiations and we see where that got him. The deal was for a reported $32 million over six years but voidable after five if the cocky wideout doesn’t meet his catch quota. The likely problem was that Crabtree wanted Heyward-Bey type guaranteed money and the 49er’s refused to budge (good for them). Crabtree’s deal includes $17 million guaranteed.

After making a complete fool of himself and living up to the wide receiver stereotypical attitude, Crabtree will be lucky if he even sees the field during the regular season. The kid is good and definitely has the ability, but an NFL playbook isn’t a children’s short story. This is exciting news for the 49er’s franchise but it may take time. Not to mention, can the team, fans, and ownership truly believe that Michael Crabtree laces up his cleats everyday for the love of the game and belief in the team? Hardly.

Good luck Keyshawn Johnson Michael Crabtree.

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Herschel Walker Becomes MMA Fighter

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker was the man, and he still wants to prove it.

According to the fight promotion company Strikeforce, Walker has signed a multi-fight contract. The 47-year-old former NFL star is a fifth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has trained in the combat disciplines of Muay Thai and Kenpo. Walker is due to start a 12-week intense training regiment next month in San Jose California.

Walker said in a statement, “I want to prove to people who sit on a couch and don’t do anything but criticize other people that, if you’re a true athlete or martial artist, you’re not old until you can’t get up and walk aound anymore. I will go in there and test myself against any 20-year-old”.

From The Apprentice to beating the crap out of one another. We’ll have to see how this goes…

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Adrian Peterson: Proof of a Beast

Adrian Peterson ran all over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, going off for 180 yards and 3 TD’s on just 25 carries. One run in particular, a 64-yarder, Peterson made a case for why he should not be allowed to play with the rest of the NFL  because he is simply….too good.

It’s arguable, but I think Peterson breaks SIX tackles on this play, including the taking of one defender’s head and simply tossing him to the ground. That lucky individual? Eric Wright, a third-year defensive back from UNLV. If Mr. Wright had never been embarrassed before, he has been now. I know big hits, stupid plays, and huge blocks happen to men around the league every game. But this particular play was a beast (Peterson) tossing a normal human (Wright).


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A Shot Heard ‘Round the World: Heisman Hoepful Goes Down

Sam Bradford

Not only did Oklahoma lose it’s opening game to BYU on Saturday night, they also lost their star quarterback.

Sam Bradford was driven to the ground near the end of the first half in Saturday’s game by BYU defender Coleby Clawson. The hit was “clean” but resulted in both players landing on Bradford’s right side. Bradford immediately began squirming in pain and clutching his right shoulder. Bradford returned to the sidelines after examination in a sling. He had to sit and watch as redshirt freshman Landry Jones tried to fill the shoes. Jones played well but not well enough as the Sooners fell 14-13.

Although no time table has been placed on Bradford’s return, this does not help his Heisman hopes. Without Bradford, it will be interesting to see how the Sooners carry themselves. If you’re a Texas fan, you cheer.

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Michael Vick Signs With Philly


Finally, the drama comes to an end.

Michael Vick signed with the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday, a one-year deal worth $1.6 million. The deal also carries a team option for the second year worth $5.2 million.

Surprised? Certainly. Philly kept their name out of the media’s mouth for the entire ordeal. The latest reports had Vick signing with either Pittsburgh or Carolina, but no word of Philly.

Vick is allowed to play the last two Eagles’ preseason games and I would expect to see him playing a lot in those games. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that Vick can expect full reinstatement by Week 6 of the regular season.

So what does it all mean? No one can really say. I think it’s a great move by the Eagles. Although Vick comes with a larger price tag than expected, he is a perfect weapon for the NFC East for the simple fact that no other team in the division has one. The Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys don’t have that Wildcat-like player that can come in and make plays. Don’t get me wrong, the teams have “weapons” such as Jacobs in New York, Felix Jones in Dallas, and Mr. Nobody in Washington, but it’s not a Vick-like player. With that being said, we have no idea what kind of shape Vick is in. Has he lost a step? Is he weaker? Does he have any football IQ left? Can he play quarterback again? Bringing in Vick also benefits the Eagles because the organization decides Vick’s future after his first season, meaning there is no financial bindings on the team.

Win for Vick. Win for Philly. For now….

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