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Take A Seat: Gilbert Arenas Suspended Indefinitely

NBA Commissioner David Stern announced today that Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas will be suspended indefinitely for his recent involvement with handguns in the nation’s capital.

If you haven’t heard about the latest news surrounding Gilbert (or you just so happen to be living under a rock), Arenas was being investigated by the NBA, the FBI, and D.C. Metro Police for having handguns stored in his locker at the Verizon Center (located in Washington D.C.). Why he brought the guns to the arena is irrelevent (he said it was to get the guns out of his home and away from his kids) in this case because you are NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A HANDGUN IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. And then, to add insult to injury, reports surface that Arenas pulled one of the guns on a fellow teammate in the locker room over an unpaid gambling debt.

Gilbert Arenas acted as if the whole thing was one big joke and I’m glad to see David Stern lay the law down on him. Although Stern said he thought of waiting for the justice system to take its course first, he decided to act early (pro-active). Arenas is suspended without pay and it will cost him about $150,000 for every game that he misses due to suspension.

This could quite possibly be a blessing in disguise for the Washington Wizards franchise. If the new ownership of the Washington Wizards can find some way to void the absurd $111 million contract that Arenas possesses, that would certainly give the management team more money to work with in order to better build a contending basketball team. The worst move the Wizards made (aside from the drafting of Kwame Brown and many others) was when they were convinced into giving an $111 million contract to an egotistical guard with rubber knees. Now we can only hope that the contract including something about maintaining good behavior, having morals, acting as a grown man, and avoiding stupid situations.

Here’s to hoping Gilbert Arenas came with a receipt.


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Arenas To Play This Weekend: Told Ya’ So!


So if you haven’t already heard, Gilbert Arenas will take the court Saturday and suit up for the Washington Wizards. Thoughts?

I have more than a million questions about the situation, here are a few: Will Arenas help us make a run at the playoffs? Will Arenas help us get Blake Griffin? Will Arenas ever play the same, ever? What do you expect to gain from Arenas’ return? When Arenas comes back, does that help Ed Tapscott or his job security? And blah, blah, blah…

I agree everyone, there is absolutely NO reason to bring Arenas back for the ass of the season. But management thinks otherwise. Aren’t you just overflowing with appreciation and excitement?

If Arenas comes back for the remainder of the season, one of two things will happen (and I hope one of these two scenarios actually does happen because the franchise shouldn’t be rewarded for stupidity). One, Arenas will play the first game and drop 17 points in limited action and all fans will become excited. But in just his second game back, he makes a basket cut on his rubber knee and ends his career forever. OR, two, he’ll drop enough buckets to help the Wizards go on a win-streak at the end of the season and completely take the Wizards out of contention for the #1 overall draft pick.

Either way, Arenas coming back is a HORRIBLE idea. But there is a reason, believe it or not. After all the Wizards’ fans voiced their displeasure with the absurd contract that Gilbert received, GM Ernie Grunfeld has found it necessary to shut us up by making Arenas play (even if it’s a game) in the ’08-09 season. And when Arenas takes the court, watch Grunfeld carefully as he snarls to himself, “I told ya so!”

Oh but hey, what do we have to be so upset about? Perhaps it’s because a player who has three knee surgeries within an 18-month span should NOT receive $111 million and they damn sure shouldn’t be signed to a SIX-year deal!

March 26, 2009 at 2:35 am 1 comment

Gilbert Arenas is an idiot

gilbert-in-halo-outfitFor those who haven’t heard, Gilbert Arenas feels like it’s a good idea to just tank this season and ‘be like the Spurs’ and win the lottery to land a Duncan-like player. Whether or not he meant a Duncan-style player or just a player with Duncan’s sudden impact is irrelevant. My question remains the same; why the hell did we pay this guy $111 million? Not only were his knees completely shot, but he obviously has no idea about what winning is all about. Could that be the reason why this team gets clobbered in the first round every year? Could it be why there are arguments as to why Gilbert Arenas is NOT a great player? Sure, he can score, but so can 75% of the other guys in the league.

Wake up Gilbert, you’re a moron. I went from calling you a savior for the sport of basketball in Washington to questioning your honest motivation. I used to think that you played to win a championship and become the best player you can be. Now I feel like your selfish (threatening to leave D.C. for L.A. unless he got his $111 million) and brainless for saying that we should tank the rest of the season.

With such a lack of intelligence, Gilbert, may I inform you that the NBA season is 82 games. The Washington Wizards are 1-8 through 9 games…NINE GAMES! You have 73 more frickin’ games to go, and you suggest tanking? Through nine games, if you really feel like you cannot win another 41 games, then you obviously have no idea about team cohesion, motivation, hard work, dedication, etc. Now that Gilbert has taken all of our money to make any runs at big names in the near future (Bosh), he comes out with awful ideas like this one? And one more thing; who the hell does Gilbert think we can draft? Is there another Tim Duncan in the upcoming draft? Not from what I can see, certainly not through just nine games.

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Haywood done for the Wiz reported today that our Washington Wizards’ center Brendan Haywood could miss the entire season after having surgery on his right wrist today. The surgery was to repair a ligament that was torn in training camp on October 2nd. What does this mean for the Wiz?

1.) Haywood finally came into his own last year and gave a reasoning as to why he was ever drafted. I know you can’t teach 7-feet, but Haywood put up some pretty decent numbers last year too. He also took more jump shots from just outside the box, which he is surprisingly pretty good at. He averaged career highs of 10.7 points and 7.3 rebounds last season and was a KEY part to our success. Without that inside scoring, who do we have in the post? On the offensive glass?

2.) This isn’t the only injury that D.C. needs to deal with this year. Gilbert is expected to be out until at least January. What the Wizards do not need is another injury-plagued season that keeps them from getting a decent, yet pathetic, seed in the East. Gilbert’s resigning and all his personal bull crap is a completely different issue, however, that I would be more than willing to argue with someone about.

3.) Our center position now becomes extremely sketchy. We now have Etan Thomas, Andray Blatche, and JaVale McGee. Etan Thomas didn’t even play last season and he was just as effective as when he does play, so there’s no real help there. I have heard repeatedly that Etan is good trade bait, but I don’t know what Ernie Grunfeld is waiting on. Pull the trigger! Andray Blatche is a guy that I like a lot who I think has the potential to be a pretty good player for us. However, he is tall and somewhat lanky and doesn’t have the same big-body that Haywood had to make his presence felt in the middle. And then there is the rookie, JaVale, who is going from playing at Nevada to playing against LeBron and the Cavs. I don’t see JaVale making a smooth transition but I will certainly hope and pray that he proves me wrong.

You can say what you want about Haywood and his attitude in D.C., the point is that we are loosing a key player of the team. I know it was getting to the point where some people could not stand to read about Haywood, trust me I was one of those people, but he finally did come around and he showed D.C. that he was needed. With him going down we lose a large inside presence. And then you add Gilbert’s injury and we lose a substantial amount of points per game. We do know that we can succeed without Gilbert’s buckets, but I don’t think we can succeed without the shamefully little defense that we had with Haywood in the middle.

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Surprise surprise, Arenas is ready to ride the pine

I really don’t like it when people say “i told you so”, because it sounds so rude. But I will admit that I am definitely thinking about saying it. In fact, I’m repeating it over and over.

I cursed and sweared all over the place when the Washington Wizards decided to pay Gilbert Arenas $111 million. I hated the move because I knew he would NEVER be the same. Well guess what? He’s had his third knee surgery and fans won’t expect him back until January. That’s three seperate surgeries on a basketball players’ knees. Sorry fans, not happenin’. Thanks Gil for what you did for D.C., but this is a business and you don’t fit in with our plan right now. That’s too bad though, he’s stickin’ around to ride the pine! Gilbert is used goods and the Wiz are out of any kind of sweepstakes in the next 2 – 3 years.

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