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General Manager 2.0

scott-pioliI’ll first start out by saying that I have absolutely no experience in any kind of management field, especially that of a professional NFL franchise. I also understand that millions of people across the country log onto a computer each day and voice their opinion about their favorite teams and act like they would be the best candidate for the team’s general manager job. Consider this another one of “those”. My General Manager 2.0 theory is most comparable to those books entitled “Such-and-Such for Dummies” and it only consists of two easy rules. The General Manager 2.0 theory of building an NFL contending team is very simple, very basic, and very much to the point. If you have a couple minutes to waste, please hear me out.

The model can be used for any NFL franchise. I, however, will try my best to use the Washington Deadskins as my example of what NOT to do. Out of all the teams in the NFL, the Skins’ generate the most revenue and are second only to the Dallas Cowboys (due to new stadium) in franchise estimated value. Many people ask the same question; how in the hell are the two highest-valued teams repeat playoff absentees? The answer…money hungry owners who think they can do EVERYTHING. Because Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones and Skins’ owner Dan Snyder think that running an NFL franchise is as easy as running a fantasy football team on Yahoo.. But let’s not get carried away, here’s my take…

Rule #1 – This may not really constitute as a rule technically, but an aspiring GM has to find the job.

Owners should always hire a General Manager. Why? GM’s are an essential part of any football team that is looking to succeed. Whether a team employs a GM/Coach like Mike Shanahan or a one-job GM such as Scott Pioli, a team MUST have a GM. The GM is in-charge of the personnel, not the owner. Sure the owner signs the checks, but the GM is what essentially keeps the team oiled up and working…hence the job title GENERAL MANAGER. Owners must also be aware that they are there for the sole purpose of providing dollars and having a passion for winning. With that said, owners must also understand that their football knowledge is either minimal or not anywhere close to the football knowledge of their GM (assuming the owner hired a GM with some proven skills). Therefore, owners should not be assuming the role of general manager. Take Skins’ owner Dan Snyder for example, he thinks he’s the greatest GM in the country. Is he? Absolutely not. In fact, he is the proof in the pudding that some owners believe running an NFL franchise (the highest grossing) is as easy as a Madden video game. Look at Jerry Jones. Is his input on signing Pacman Jones necessary? No. Any GM in their right mind wouldn’t have signed that idiot. BUT, Jerry thinks he knows more than any GM and he signed Pacman anyway. And, how did that turn out? Now look at owners like Robert Kraft, the Rooney Family, and Steve Bisciotti. Those teams have had great success over the years and their players have come from effective GM’s and their expertise in the world of football. Kraft’s former GM, Scott Pioli, assembled a dynasty of the modern day. You can love or hate the Patriots, but you have to admit that the team was a damn good football team. Pioli drafted guys that no one had heard of and they turned out to be solid players in the league, if not Super Bowl MVP’s. The Rooney Family’s GM Kevin Colbert, has helped build a very solid team in Pittsburgh – a team that has had its fair share of playoff appearances and a Super Bowl win in recent years. And finally, Bisciotti understands that he doesn’t have all the knowledge necessary to build a football team, so he hires a guy like Ozzie Newsome. Newsome’s work with the Baltimore Ravens has made them into one of the most-feared defenses in the league. He has also done an outstanding job with the offensive line, bringing in players that no one thought of and turning them into Pro-Bowlers. Newsome, like Pioli and Colbert, understand that their reputation is built from the players they draft after the 1st round.

Rule # 2 – Build your team through the draft, not through free agency.

 Sure, I understand that free agency is an asset to the league and a decent way to fill a void. However, drafting your players and developing them is the most effective way to build a successful team. Referring back to Dan Snyder’s fantasy football style, he came into D.C. and brought in 800-year-old gargoyles like Mark Carrier, Jessie Armstead, and Jeff George. To put it nicely, it never worked out. Now we take a look at teams like the Patriots, Steelers, and Ravens. The Patriots made something out of nothing, seeing different things in players that no other general managers did (see: Tom Brady). The Steelers are probably the greatest drafting team in the league. Of their 22 starting players, 18 of them were drafted by the franchise. Now, take a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers’ history and success. The Baltimore Ravens have created a defense by drafting players like Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata, and Jonathan Ogden. Free agency is often the most entertaining talent pool to look at during the off-season because of the immediate impact a veteran can have. But one must also remember that veterans are usually late 20’s at best, they have established themselves and have developed their own attitude or play-style, and they have been accustomed to the tradition of their former team rather than yours. If every free agent could come to a new team and play with the exact same style and attitude as their new team, then possibly free agency would be more beneficial. But I believe a kid drafted out of Ohio State to play in New England would be better off in the long run than signing a 29-year-old veteran who has played in Dallas for his first six years (especially under Wade Phillips).

So what I have to say may not really matter to anyone, but that’s why it’s an opinion. The General Manager 2.0 model is short, simple, and easy so that boneheads like Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder can understand it. And the next time you’re researching a successful team, look into their general manager as well.


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Rare case of brain development in Dallas

jerry-jonesDon’t get too excited but I think the front office in Dallas may have developed a few brain cells, perhaps an entire brain all together. ESPN has reported that the Cowboys are contemplating releasing Terrell Owens in the offseason. Say it aint so?!

Terrell Owens may be a Hall of Famer, but he needs to hang it up. Teams don’t want problems, teams want a positive future. T.O. isn’t in the plans for the future of a good Dallas organization. If Jerry Jones can bring himself down from the extremely high pedestal he places himself on, the release of T.O. will pay huge dividends for the franchise.

This may be the point in time where Jerry Jones begins to realize that he hasn’t won a playoff game in more than a decade. Maybe it’s something on his part? Maybe it’s the felons, punks, and cry babies? Quick, someone take note that Jerry Jones is doing something logical!

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Surprise, Pacman is toast


To pretty much no one’s surprise, the Dallas Cowboys have released the extremely troubled Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones. It was reported that his release stemmed from a prior club-shooting that he may have been involved in, before he landed in Dallas. Either way, Pacman is a waste of talent and Jerry Jones hopefully realizes that he isn’t a saint after all.

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Dismal days continue in Big D

op71-2915Now that the Dallas Cowboys are finally eliminated from playoff contention, that’s another year that continues to prove one of my picks correct (see above). It may not have seemed like T.O. was the Cowboys’ dimise throughout those last few games, but he certainly didn’t help the situation. The Cowboys need to be reevaluated and Jason Garrett should be promoted tomorrow. Whether he can handle the egos on that team or not are undetermined but there is no hope with butterball Wade Phillips. Phillips may be a great defensive mind and a successful guy for 33 years in the NFL, but he is the epitome of a “players’ coach”. It has been reported that Phillips and owner Jerry Jones have had their face-to-face meeting and Phillips will remain the coach but there’s no foolin’ this guy. Of course I could be wrong, we all could be, but I don’t think Wade Phillips is the head coach at the beginning of the 2009 season. This 2008 Dallas Cowboys team was one of, if not the, most talented teams in the league and they can’t even make the playoffs. One could argue that Romo’s injury hampered the entire offense throughout the season but I would mention the other 13 superstars as a counter. The point is, Dallas had the tools and they failed to execute, end of story. As long as Jerry Jones continues to bring in egos along with coaches that can’t control them, the team will never fufill its expectations.

In other wonderful Cowboy news, Bradie James roughed up a fan outside the Cowboys training facility after their horrific loss to Philadelphia on Sunday. Apparently the fan was toting a sign that implicated ‘lack of heart’ and ‘Wade Phillips is an embarassment’ which James didn’t like. James asked for him to take it off but the fan refused. James then took it upon himself to remove the sign and wound up busting the guy’s bifocals in the meantime. James then went into the locker room and came back with a pair of Oakleys that he kindly gave the fan he accosted and ended it with a handshake. No charges were filed and the fan was unharmed.

Later on, when James was questioned about the non-meeting that Phillips had with players on Monday and the fact that Phillips said he would make the “necessary changes”, James replied, “If you know a person to be a certain way and then all of a sudden you have an extreme change, I don’t know how well that’s going to be taken. I don’t know what he means by that. Like I said, he didn’t address us, so I don’t know. … Whatever needs to be done, I’m all for it.”  

Good luck Mr. Phillips.

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Roy Williams is worth…3/4 of a draft class?

We all know about the blockbuster trade that occurred today, Detorit sending Roy Williams to the Dallas Cowboys. But has anyone seen what the Cowboys gave the Lions? The Cowboys gave the Lions four total picks, including a first-rounder in next year’s draft. The Lions also received a third and sixth-rounder in the 2009 draft with a 7th round pick in the 2010 draft.

I absolutely love Roy Williams. Not only is he an incredible receiver, but I’m a sucker for Texas Longhorns athletics. There’s no doubt that Roy Williams adds a threat and depth to this Cowboys team, but there is no way that the Cowboys get the better end of this deal. In fact, who ever took over Matt Millen’s old spot as GM of the Lions should receive an extension for stealing right from under Jerry Jones’ nose.

Reports say that T.O. is estatic about the trade for Williams, but that’s all a bunch of nothin’. Sure you can swing it and say that it will draw off the double teams of T.O., but what it really does is take touches away from other guys on the Cowboy offense. That means less touches for Witten (my fantasy team will hate that), less touches for Crayton (who sucks anyway), and less throws to crybaby Terrell.

This is a sign of desperation by Jerry Jones, and I couldn’t enjoy it more. The Cowboys are falling apart and Jerry feels it. I expect Roy Williams to put up good numbers, but they don’t make the Super Bowl. They miss the Super Bowl, Wade Phillips is fired, Jason Garrett is promoted to head coach, and Jerry Jones picks up another convict to add to the roster.

On the other hand, with all of the picks that they gain, Detroit could have a really great draft in 2009. Seeing as how much they suck so far this year, and a new GM, we can expect for the Lions to use their draft picks wisely instead of selecting eight wide receivers in seven rounds. I’m not saying the Lions are on the rise all of a sudden, but this could be the first move towards a positive rebuilding.

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Once Pacman, Always Pacman

Surprise, surprise…anybody? That’s right, Adam “Pacman” Jones is in trouble…AGAIN. Pacman was involved in a fight with a body guard that was assigned to him by the Dallas Cowboys. The altercation took place in an upscale hotel, Joule, in Dallas. No one knows why the hell Pacman was fighting a guy that was there to protect him and probably three times his size.

It was reported that the altercation resulted in the damage to one of the hotel’s bathrooms, and police said that they believed Pacman was drinking. Say it aint so! Pacman is a drinker? This guy cannot, I repeat CANNOT, stay out of trouble. I’m unsure if alcohol is the root of Pacman’s evil, or if it’s just the large amount of air between his ears.

And what’s the oddest piece of the whole story? No charges were filed by the bodyguard. Ya think?! The bodyguard worked for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys organization; you really think he would press charges? Jerry says something along the lines of, “Don’t say a word and you can keep your job”. The big oafy bodyguard replies, “Gotcha Mr. Jones, just keep signing my checks!”. We all know that Jerry will do everything in his power to keep Pacman clean, which in turn makes Jerry look good.

I know it’s all about Jerry and he wants to make himself look extremely smart by taking in a guy who no one wanted and turning him into a top cornerback. But, thinking about it, Pacman has no choice. He MUST stay out of trouble if he wants to keep putting food on his plate. Jerry is a hell of an owner, but maybe not as genius a G.M. as he comes off to be. He gets guys that are between a rock and a hardplace and the ones that have no choice but to keep thier life straight. Either way, Pacman is no where close to being worthy of the huge risk you take on him. But then again, I’m not the gagillionaire that is Jerry Jones. I wanted to give him a chance, but Pacman really can’t get it done.

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