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Thursday Night’s Three-Ring Circus: The Eagles


Word has it that Michael Vick will play the entire first quarter of tonight’s match-up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Let the chaos begin.

Thursday night’s game can easily be compared to a circus. A traveling circus that is, with bearded ladies and family bands. Head coach Andy Reid will play the role of the robust freak show, temporarily demoting the singing bearded lady (although similar in stature). Michael Vick will serve as the Dog Entertainer, screw juggling. And ol’ Donovan McNabb will serve as the crash dummy, the poor man who is along for the ride and gets the worst of the bumps.

With protestors and radical PETA members storming the gates, tonight’s game will be nothing shy of entertaining.


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Michael Vick Signs With Philly


Finally, the drama comes to an end.

Michael Vick signed with the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday, a one-year deal worth $1.6 million. The deal also carries a team option for the second year worth $5.2 million.

Surprised? Certainly. Philly kept their name out of the media’s mouth for the entire ordeal. The latest reports had Vick signing with either Pittsburgh or Carolina, but no word of Philly.

Vick is allowed to play the last two Eagles’ preseason games and I would expect to see him playing a lot in those games. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that Vick can expect full reinstatement by Week 6 of the regular season.

So what does it all mean? No one can really say. I think it’s a great move by the Eagles. Although Vick comes with a larger price tag than expected, he is a perfect weapon for the NFC East for the simple fact that no other team in the division has one. The Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys don’t have that Wildcat-like player that can come in and make plays. Don’t get me wrong, the teams have “weapons” such as Jacobs in New York, Felix Jones in Dallas, and Mr. Nobody in Washington, but it’s not a Vick-like player. With that being said, we have no idea what kind of shape Vick is in. Has he lost a step? Is he weaker? Does he have any football IQ left? Can he play quarterback again? Bringing in Vick also benefits the Eagles because the organization decides Vick’s future after his first season, meaning there is no financial bindings on the team.

Win for Vick. Win for Philly. For now….

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Update on Michael “K-9” Vick

If I have to hear one more time that Michael Vick is signing with someone by the end of this week, I may just order one of those personalized jersies with Vick’s name on the back and start my own ‘official’ rumor. It’s getting to be a little much. Does it really matter where Vick ends up? He won’t come into the season until week six, and then people expect him to take over at quarterback?!?! Gimme a break.

Vick, because I do believe he will be signed, will be used as a jack-of-all-trades if for anything at all. He may play a little quarterback, a little receiver, a little decoy, whatever — but the guy will not be a starting quarterback this year. And for those who think Vick will be a substantial upgrade to your team, think again. His input will be very minimal and he just so happens to be human, meaning his production will be minimal as well.

So, as a close and dear friend of Michael Vick and one of his many trusted advisors (lie), I have come up with a plan that will really help Mr. Vick get back on his feet. (Drumroll…) Michael Vick becomes the newest addition to the hip-hop world when he changes his name to ‘K-9’ and starts dropping platinum rap albums!

I don’t want to lie and say I thought this through, but I did spend about six seconds on it. But please, hear me out! Instead of keeping the football fanbase guessing on where the hell Vick will end up, he becomes a rapper and eliminates all 32 teams. Instead of Vick getting paid the league-minimum, he gets paid like all the other rap artists and collects royalties. And instead of struggling in the league only to be ridiculed by millions of fans, ‘K-9’ can spend his time showing you around his mansion on MTV Cribs. Doesn’t sound all that bad, huh?

I think the main problem with Mike Vick and his “comeback” is that he thinks that football is all he has — and this is obviously not true. How do I know this? Well other than the fact that I’m his friend, advisor, and all that jazz; Vick’s first interview since being released from prison was actually conducted with hip-hop mogul ‘Young Jeezy’. That’s right, instead of interviewing with ’60 Minutes’, ESPN, or sitting down on Oprah’s couch, Vick decided to hop on camera with Young Jeezy during his  ‘America’s Most Wanted Tour’. Did Tony Dungy advise that?

I can see it now: “K-9 Tops Charts with Hit Song, ‘It’s Just A Dog’.”

Note: I am not a Michael Vick “hater”. I support Michael Vick and I thoroughly believe that he has paid his debt to society for being a complete frickin’ idiot. He does deserve a second chance in the NFL. However, using your rapper friends to get yourself into the hip-hop game just sounds a little easier.

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Michael Vick is Apparently Close To Signing With Team


According to Michael Vick, he is “close” to signing with a team. As Vick left a courtroom today, because that’s his second home as of late, a reporter asked about his future in the NFL. Vick responded simply, “We’re close”. What Vick forgot to mention was that the team he is “close” to signing with is located in Orlando and is part of the United Football League.

But in all seriousness; who are the potential suitors for Vick? Realistic suitors that is, and ones that exist in the NFL.

  • San Francisco – Mike Singletary is the head coach and we all know he doesn’t play. The 49er’s aren’t as bad as they may appear (that’s a bias statement) and having Vick wouldn’t downgrade the team. The problem falls within the city itself – San Fran has a lot of PETA support. Expect protests every home game.
  • Pittsburgh – They have won Super Bowls, they have role model players, they have the reputation, and they have earned the respect of being an intelligent ball club. Some teams may sign Vick and experts would bash them for being “stupid”. If Pittsburgh or New England signs Vick, it’s considered a wise move and they’ve suddenly taken a risky diamond in the rough.
  • New England – As stated above, New England has the reputation for being an intelligent team. If Vick goes to New England, they’ll keep him straight. Plus, New England has a record of taking other team’s trash and turning them into treasure.
  • Washington – I don’t even like to talk about this because I really don’t want it to happen. However, you can’t deny the fact that Dan Snyder is the owner and he runs the Redskins like he’s in ‘Franchise Mode’ of the Madden 2009 football game.

The question isn’t whether Michael Vick will behave himself. He made some stupid decisions in his life but I don’t think he’s a stupid person. He’s not Pacman. He won’t go out and fund another dog-fighting ring. The main question when discussing Michael Vick is the risk of your organization’s reputation. As a team owner – are you willing to sit through the home game protests for Vick’s first season (because they have to stop eventually)? Your team may lose support from fans that also happen to support PETA, but die-hard fans are die-hard fans and they’ll stay that way with or without Michael Vick.

Closing argument – Michael Vick signs with San Francisco

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Michael Vick Begins His Journey Back To NFL Stardom

Mike Vick

Mike Vick was released from prison today after serving 19 months for financing an illegal dog fighting ring. Will Vick ever return to stardom? I doubt it, but he should certainly work on it.

Vick has about $24 to his name at this point and his future in the NFL is uncertain. However, at 29-years-old, some NFL organization will take on the risk that is Michael Vick. But which one?

It’s hard to say at this point which team will actually take the chance, but it’s not hard to determine what characteristics the organization needs to have.

  1. More than likely, Mike Vick will never play the quarterback position again. Rather, he’ll serve as a receiver and/or athlete. However, in order to avoid any confusion, Vick’s future organization should have a quarterback set in stone (i.e. Manning, Brady, Rivers, Roethlisberger). If Vick went to a place like, say Minnesota, he may cause some ruckus about playing the QB spot (and against Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson, he’d have a good argument). But then Minny would have an “ex-con” at the game’s most popular position.
  2. Vick’s next team has to have a hard coach. The term ‘hard’ can go one of two ways, either a guy like Coughlin or a guy like Dungy (I know Dungy is out of the game). Coughlin is the hard coach because he’s loud, harsh, and not afraid to get in your face (somewhat like the stereotypical high school coach). Dungy, on the other hand, is the hard coach that you just don’t want to disappoint. Both coaches are on different ends of the spectrum but Vick would need a coach like that from either end in order to succeed.
  3. A huge part of Vick’s future will be what city he’ll call his new home. Obviously a place like New York or Denver (apparently an athlete’s hot spot) would not be an ideal location for Vick. His agent should look into a place like Buffalo (where there is absolutely nothing to do) or Green Bay (where there is absolutely nothing to do, except eat cheese). If Vick ends up in a city that is full of distractions, it just increases the risk.

My personal opinion about the Michael Vick situation is that he has paid his debt to society and he deserves that second chance. Although I’ve never met the guy, I tend to think that he’s a good person. In no way do I believe that Michael Vick is a convict, felon, murderer, or anything of the sort. What he did was wrong, sure, but some athletes have done A LOT worse. I’m not trying to say that animals aren’t important or that PETA is crazy (maybe they are a little crazy), but I am saying that he wasn’t doing this to human beings. And besides, Vick was charged with financing the fighting ring. However, much of the media dove into the “life” of dog fighting and saw how the dogs were treated (electric shock, drowning, etc.). Once people saw the disgusting videos, they automatically placed Michael Vick drowning a dog…not true.

No matter which side of the fence you stand, second chance or not, Vick will play in the NFL again. Unfortunately for Vick, he was made an example by the NFL and law enforcement. He paid his dues and a message was sent. “Athletes can get it too.”

Oh, and good luck to the team that hires Vick. They should go ahead and hire a security force to fight PETA during every practice, game, and team function. Those PETA people are relentless.

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