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It’s Official: Shanahan Is The Man In D.C.

The Washington Redskins and Mike Shanahan agreed to terms this evening, a five-year deal worth a reported $7 million a year for the former Denver Broncos and two-time Super Bowl winning coach. Shanahan was hired as the head coach and Executive VP of Football Operations, the latter title being currently occupied by the newly hired Bruce Allen. Shanahan and Allen will work together to help build the organization but Shanahan will ultimately have the final say in all football matters (hoping this isnt a duplicate of what we had before: a “yes” man for owneer Dan Snyder).

It has also be reported that Mike Shanahan’s son, Kyle Shanahan, will become the new offensive coordinator in Washington. Kyle Shanahan was the former offensive coordinator for the Houston Texans.

Let the games begin!


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Commonly Known ‘Black Monday’ Brings End To Zorn’s Regime In Washington

The Monday following the final Sunday of games in the NFL’s regular season is commonly known as “Black Monday”, mainly because it involves a large dish-out of executive firings, coaching dismissals, and team overhauls. And that was just the case in Washington, D.C. this morning.

The Washington Redskins arrived home this morning around 2:15 am after dropping a close game to the playoff-bound San Diego Chargers in California. Just hours after the team landed, head coach Jim Zorn, executive VP Bill Allen, and owner Daniel Snyder had a meeting at around 4:15 am. And by 4:45 am, sources say FORMER head coach Jim Zorn was being escorted from Redskins park by security officials.

And just like that, the Zorn regime in the nation’s capital has ended, going 12-20 in two seasons. Sources are also reporting that absolutely no one from the current coaching staff at any position will remain with the team for next season and the heavy speculation is that former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan has already signed the papers to become the next head coach in Washington. His rumored right hand men are Mike Zimmer, the current defensive coordinator in Cincy, and Kyle Shanahan, Mike’s son and current offensive coordinator of the Houston Texans.

This is where things get interesting…

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Rumor Mill: Shanahan Signing the Papers in DC?

Rumors are surfacing that Mike Shanahan is the next coach in line for the Washington Redskins. Although ex-Bucs coach Jon Gruden would seem like the sure-fire candidate for the Skins’ job, it seems as though his MNF contract has him staying put, leaving Shanahan as the “next best available”.

Mike Shanahan is a proven winner in the league but him taking orders from an executive doesn’t seem like a job he’d like to have. Shanahan has always been his own general manager and he has said he wants a coaching job with general manager duties included.

Only rumors at this point. Stay tuned.

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Waves begin to crash in KC, Herm Edwards sails

fire-hermWhen Scott Pioli first took over the general manager position with the Kansas City Chiefs, it was rumored that he would give head coach Herm Edwards another shot at turning the team around. Friday proved that rumor wrong.

Herm Edwards was let go by the Kansas City Chiefs after coaching three seasons and posting a 15-33 record. I do believe that Edwards is a good coach but you have to suspect that your fish food once a new GM comes into the organization. Now that Edwards is out, rumors have began to circle that Mike Shanahan is in. Does he fit in KC?

Shanahan was the man in Denver, serving as GM and head coach while leading strong teams to the playoffs and even a Super Bowl win. But if he came to KC with guru Scott Pioli already atop the GM totem pole; how does that sit with Shanahan? Mike Shanahan likes to be in control, build his own teams, the “my way or the highway” deal. On the brighter side, I don’t think the Chiefs are as bad as their record showed last season. They have stud players at the tight end, running back, and wide receiver positions. Their last draft focused on strengthening the trenches on both sides of the ball (Dorsey, Albert) and a young squad such as themselves could learn a lot from an old guy such as Shanny.

With the third overall pick in this year’s upcoming draft, Pioli and Shanahan could make a great pick in the first round and finish it off with Pioli’s signature picks in the latter rounds. I like the potential Shanahan move of going to KC, but of course it’s not up to me. He’ll look long and hard at the situation and will probably bite the line. I still have a question about whether or not Shanny would like a guy above him making all the personnel moves. And I still would have a question of whether Shanny wants to go to a team that needs work or a team that is a little closer to contending than the Chiefs.

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Shanahan fired. Next job?

71465329BB005_Baltimore_RavIf it weren’t for the great relationship between Mike Shanahan and Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen, the recent Shanny firing wouldn’t be so relevant. But because everyone and their mother thought that Shanahan would be the last coach in the league to be fired, it hits all of us with a little shock. Not seeing Mike Shanahan in a Broncos windbreaker, after he wore one for more than a decade, is going to feel a little different. Shanahan has gone just .500 over the past three years and has missed the playoffs in each of those seasons. However, he has coached for the Broncos for 14 seasons and has brought them their only two Super Bowls victories in franchise history. When Bowlen fired Shanny yesterday, he axed his coach and VP of Football Operations – which is what probably ultimately lead to Shanahan’s booting. Because a team is performing below their expectations does not necessarily mean that it is the coach’s fault (see: Eric Mangini). However Shanny did both…and when you put the team together AND you can’t coach them to a playoff game in three years…the owner is going to want a change.

I’m not too sure about where Bowlen is looking in terms of finding a replacement but news has circled with the name ‘Cowher’ floating around. The head coaching job in Denver is said to be one of the best in all of sports, unfortuanately I have never coached there so I am not 100% sure about that. Cowher, to me, seems like a Denver-guy. I’m not too sure what I mean by that statement but it seems to make sense in my mind. As for Mike Shanahan; who knows what road he goes down? He is obviously a good coach, he can scout talent, and there are plenty of teams that need a guy like him – even if the team currently has a coach in place. On the other hand, maybe Shanahan just wants to get away for a while. After 14 seasons maybe he wants to step away from football, possibly do some commentating and then allow his name to get tossed around a few years down the road.

And I have a weird feeling about the coaching job in Washington. Jim Zorn led the Redskins to a 8-8 record in his first year, which doesn’t seem bad, but it was after a 6-2 start. He is currently still employed with the team and Redskins team owner, Dan Snyder, has said his job is safe. BUT, with names like Mike Shanahan swirling around, I wouldn’t be surprised if Snyder backed up on the Zorn idea and took on a proven winner with Shanahan. As of right now Dan Snyder has Vinny Cerrato with the label of VP of Football Operations but Vinny is absolutely horrible. Why not bring in a guy who averaged 10 wins a season for 14 years who can ALSO bring in the right players? Not to mention it could be a little Portis-Shanahan reunion! Wishful thinking for a Skins’ fan, I know, but I it sure is fun.

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