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The NFL Super Bowl Picture: Would The League Have It Any Other Way?

The NFL playoff picture looked so boring at the start of Saturday and it pretty much stayed that way. Saturday included wins by the Saints, which many expected, and the Colts, which even more expected. Followed by Sunday in which we saw wins from Minnesota, which many expected, and New York, which very few expected. A breakdown of sorts, shall we….

Who Dat Saints – They started the season so hot and created a media buzz that could choke a whale, on the brink of an undefeated year. The Cowboys barge into the Dome and put a hole in the sails. They go on to lose a few more and the country writes off the New Orleans Aints. Why? As if the Saints lost everything they had prior to the Dallas loss? Although the Cardinals were more than a touchdown underdog against the Saints, we all knew the easy money was on the Saints. The Cardinals were unpredictable, up-and-down, and coming off a draining win against the hungry (but not hungry enough) Packers. Not to mention, the New Orleans Saints have very quietly become America’s new favorite team. Ever met a person that said they hated the Saints? Can anyone really say that? They have the support of America behind them and no one would down the Super Bowl if the Saints were involved. And just to help their case, the Saints defense is playing well and their offense is prolific.

Indianapolis Colts – Whether you like him or not, people like Peyton! He’s easily the best quarterback in the league and perhaps the most intelligent passer we’ve seen. Are the Colts necessarily flashy? I would argue no. However, audiences enjoy the happy feet of Peyton Manning and his last-second audibles, which leave defenses simply, well….defenseless. The Colts’ defense is faster than most people give them credit for and the coaching staff for this team could be the brightest in the playoffs. Would the country really not tune into a Super Bowl that included Peyton Manning? Doubtful.

Minnesooota Vikings – I think we all saw this coming. Even before Brett Favre took the field in purple, everyone claimed that the Vikings were just one decent quarterback away from making a Super Bowl run. Soooo, they get a better-than-decent quarterback and land ol’ ageless! Brett has been nothing but spectacular this season, aside from the off-season distracting crap, and he has really made everyone on the Minnesota team better. Take Sidney Rice for example. This kid was about three hairs short of being labled a “bust”, if not labled so already, and suddenly he becomes a Hall of Famer’s favorite target. The Minnesota defense may be a little overrated but they showed otherwise against the Cowgirls and their sissified offensive line. This team controls their own destiny. Picture this: Brett Favre, age 40, leads Vikings in Super Bowl. Whether you’re a football fan or not…is anyone gonna miss the ‘Wrangler Guy’ in the Super Bowl? No way.

New York J-E-T-S – And finally we have the New York, underdog, never-had-a-shot, rookie coach-havin’, rookie quarterback-havin’, no good, stinkin’ Jets. Who’d-uh-thunk-it? The San Diego Chargers were apparently built to win the Super Bowl and the time was now. But then they realized that their head coach was Norv Turner…and that guy couldn’t win a tee-ball game. The New York Jets were told all year that they “couldn’t” and they were told all season that Mark “Sanchise” couldn’t get it done. And now look! The Jets built themselves on the classic football frame – defense and running the football. Now the Jets are in the AFC title game and looking to make history. Would anyone miss the playoffs with an underdog like the New York Jets in the Super Bowl? Um, yes. Although the Jets retain a strong and very supportive fandom, they wouldn’t draw the largest crowd.

So here we sit. Who will be playing in the Super Bowl? I’m no prophet but I predict two scenarios ( not hard to determine if you think about it )…

Indianapolis Colts v. Minnesota Vikings – This one makes the most sense for me. Two Hall of Fame quarterbacks going head-to-head in America’s largest sporting event; who’d miss this? Football people like Peyton and Brett, or at least have respect for their game. And non-football people know Brett and Peyton for their Wrangler and Visa ads, respectively. And did we mention Brett Favre was 40? Every middle-aged man in America will be watching this game and rootin’ for the ol’ guy, even if this is their first ever football game! Rogaine might as well go ahead and buy the largest advertising spot if Brett and the Vikes make it to the Bowl. And can us football fans really make a case that Peyton Manning doesn’t deserve a second Super Bowl ring? This is the best match-up for the audience and the NFL’s pockets.

Indianapolis Colts v. New Orleans Saints – It’s hard for the league to go wrong this year. Even if Minnesota and the original Viking himself, Brett Favre, don’t make it – America’s favorite team will. We all love the Saints! And wow, what a story! A natural disaster literally leaves the historic city of New Orleans in ruins and the fight to rebuild is a long and hard process. The New Orleans Saints have never been so talented and have never given so much to their city. And now, when all their chips were down, the New Orleans Saints make the biggest rebound in history (all statistics aside) and make it to the Super Bowl to represent everyone who is not a Colts fan! And taking on the Saints is the future Hall of Famer that some may call “the best player to ever play the game”. Needless to say, everyone will be watching except maybe a few less uninterested females due to the non-appearence of Brett Favre.

And that’s pretty much it. The league has allowed the underdog Jets to stay in it this long just to make sure that audiences tune in to see if they can “really pull it off”. But in the end, the NFL won’t allow a small-market underdog make it to the Super Bowl over the likes of Peyton Manning and the Colts. The New Yorks Jets are a great story, don’t get me wrong, and they have been absolutely sensational thus far. but the league will have no more. Unfortunately the Super Bowl picture can be too sweet and the NFL’s pockets can be too heavily stuffed.

And with that being said – would the League have it any other way?


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Adrian Peterson: Proof of a Beast

Adrian Peterson ran all over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, going off for 180 yards and 3 TD’s on just 25 carries. One run in particular, a 64-yarder, Peterson made a case for why he should not be allowed to play with the rest of the NFL  because he is simply….too good.

It’s arguable, but I think Peterson breaks SIX tackles on this play, including the taking of one defender’s head and simply tossing him to the ground. That lucky individual? Eric Wright, a third-year defensive back from UNLV. If Mr. Wright had never been embarrassed before, he has been now. I know big hits, stupid plays, and huge blocks happen to men around the league every game. But this particular play was a beast (Peterson) tossing a normal human (Wright).


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Brett Favre Hangs Up His Cleats, Throws On the Wranglers.


Looks like the only field Brett Favre will be taking this year is the sloppy mud pit he plays in with his friends when filming his awful Wrangler Jean commercials.

Brett Favre has finally called it quits, again, after half-way convincing the Minnesota Vikings that he would lace up and take a run at one more Super Bowl. With the Super Bowl in their sights and the players to get them there, the Vikings are only a quarterback away from being a serious NFC Champion candidate. But with Favre’s pull-out just days before training camp, the Vikes’ are left with Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels to compete for the starting role.

I guess it’s the correct time to thank Brett for all the years of entertainment and gun-slingin’…assuming he doesn’t return again. And it’s also the correct time to wish the Vikings luck with their current quarterback carousel. After current Vikings Antoine Winfield, Jared Allen, and Adrian Peterson called and harassed Favre to try and get him to throw on the purple jersey, that can’t leave Jackson and Rosenfels feeling too confident.

Nothing like having the support of your teammates when you have minimal pro football ability.

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Cutler Wants A Trade: Where Does He End Up?


As if you didn’t already know, Jay Cutler wants out of Denver. He had a meeting with new coach Josh McDaniels over the weekend to discuss his future and to settle the riff between the two, however nothing was resolved. In fact, things went from bad to worse when Cutler and his agent asked for a trade.

So the big question is: Where does Jay Cutler end up? Although a trade is not set in stone and the Denver Broncos continue to tell the media that they will not trade Cutler, it could be a fun subject to mess around with. Here’s a few teams that I think may be interested in Cutler with no consideration of what the teams have to offer the Broncos…

  • Minnesota Vikings – I would like the Cutler-to-Minnesota trade. Minnesota has a good defense, apparently Super Bowl caliber, and Adrian Peterson can obviously open up the passing game. Cutler’s HUGE arm would go great with the speedy receivers that the Vikings have. I believe that the addition of Cutler can make the Vikings an immediate threat in the playoffs.
  • Detroit Lions – The Lions need everything, quarterback included. I think the Lions will take Stafford with the first overall pick in the Draft, however I have an idea. Perhaps the Lions could use some of the picks they received from Dallas last season and add in a player in order to try and land Cutler. With the quarterback situation now in place, the Lions could select Jason Smith with the first overall pick and they immediately take care of two GAPING holes.
  • Chicago Bears – This isn’t too bad. After years of hearing Lovie Smith say, ” Rex is our quarterback” or “We’re gonna go with Kyle”, I think it’s safe to say that neither of those guys are the answer in Chicago. I have the Bears drafting an offensive-lineman and taking care of the quarterback position would really help them in the division.
  • Cleveland Browns – This is probably the most realistic of the possible places Cutler could land. The Browns have two quarterbacks to deal to Denver for Cutler, because obviously Denver would need a QB in return (Ramsey is cutting it). Josh McDaniels probably receives good word from Charlie Weiss about Brady Quinn from when he coached him at Notre Dame, McDaniels is going to want a young kid that he can groom, it just all seems to add up.
  • Denver Broncos – Cutler may not be going anywhere. There is a lot of time between now and the start of the season, so many things can happen. Perhaps Cutler and the team resolve their differences and he’s back better than ever? Maybe Denver is serious about NOT trading the young stud that Pat Bowlen obviously liked? Maybe Cutler becomes so much of a headache that the club has no choice but to trade him? Who really knows…

I understand why Cutler is upset, but he also has to come back down to Earth. This is the NFL buddy, anyone is tradeable.

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NFL Rumor Mill: Minnesota And Houston Talk Quarterback Trade


The Houston Chronicle has reported that the Minnesota Vikings have expressed interest in quarterback Sage Rosenfels, again.

Minnesota made an attempt to bring in Rosenfels last year but offered up a third-round pick when Houston was seeking a second-rounder. The talks as of late, however, have the Vikings offering a fourth-round pick for Rosenfels and the Texans taking the offer into strong consideration.

Rosenfels is nearing the end of his contract and the Vikings see enough in the 31-year-old to make him their starter. If he did land in Minnesota, Rosenfels would be surrounded with a lot of fine-tuned parts including Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian, and a run-stopping defense.

But whenever I think of Sage Rosenfels, I first think of how bad he was with the Redskins. Then I think about how horrible it was when he single-handedly lost the Texans game against the Colts last season. I know, I know, too critical. He comes off to me as a slinger…he should fit in Minny.

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NFC Wildcard Sunday; lets turn it around

donovan-mcnabbThere’s nothing like going 0 for 2 on football picks, but I won’t let that keep me down. I’m going to try and even it up with Sunday’s games.  Unfortunately for Atlanta, their lack of experience really stood out in their loss to Arizona on Saturday. They couldn’t execute, they dropped passes, and committed three turnovers, all of which will cause any team to lose. And the Chargers held strong even without LT, which I thought would eventually lead to their defeat. Back-up running back Darren Sproles had 328 all-purpose yards and helped his team to victory in overtime. Let me try to shake it off and pick my Sunday winners…

Baltimore @ Miami (1:00pm) – After watching Atlanta and rookie quarterback Matt Ryan, trends would imply that Ravens’ rookie Joe Flacco doesn’t get the win. Miami has done very well this season because they protect the football and base their offense off efficiency. Baltimore has one of the best defenses in the NFL and Ed Reed, alone, could collect some takeaways from the Dolphins. I have been fortunate enough to watch a lot of Ravens’ games and I think this team could do some things in the playoffs. I’ll take the Ravens to win the game based on the defense they bring on the field and their overall physicality.

Philadelphia @ Minnesota (4:30pm) – Does anyone really have faith in a banged up Vikings team with Tavaris Jackson at the healm? Apparently not, the team was on the verge of a blackout because of the weak fan support. But they do have one guy named Adrian Peterson who I think is pretty good. Too bad for AP, he may not be able to beat the #3 Eagles defense by himself. And don’t forget that the Vikings’ defense then has to stop McNabb, Westbrook, DeSean Jackson’s speed, etc. Philly is Philly and I never go into a season thinking they aren’t a threat, and this year is no different. McNabb needs to do big things in order to stay in Philly, there’s no better time to do it.  Philly wins the game in the half-empty Metrodome.

Good luck.

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Caught Speeding, on Monday Night Football?

I couldn’t help but notice the awesome feature that Monday Night Football put up for the game tonight between the Saints and Vikings. The game has been pretty entertaining and Reggie Bush is stealing the show with his two (extremely close to three) punt return for touchdowns.

The MNF crew replayed Reggie’s second punt return and tracked his speed in MPH. I am unsure if this is brand new or not, but I have yet to see it. I thought it was great. For those who haven’t seen it, the crew replays the action with a yellow streak under Reggie’s path to paydirt. As he runs the play, a small speed clock tracks just how fast he is going. The dude was clocked at 22 mph, which I first thought was fake. However, the speed increases and decreases (what seems like) correctly as a defender touches him or when he makes a speed altering move.

Anyway, I found it awesome. Check it out if you can, I couldn’t find it on YouTube yet.

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