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Where In The World Is Ricky Rubio?

Ricky Rubio

It’s more like…where will he end up?

After being drafted 5th overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves, reports have now surfaced that Ricky Rubio may stay in Spain for another year, maybe two! Now he has offers from a Turkish club and Real Madrid; what the hell happened?

It sounds to me like young Ricky may be hiding out in order to hopefully force a trade to a different team, a team that he would prefer. I see it like this:

  • Minnesota drafted Rubio with the fifth pick and then Johnny Flynn with the sixth pick, meaning two point guards in a row. Because I don’t believe that the T’Wolves’ GM is the Matt Millen of the NBA, I have to think that the T’Wolves were thinking of moving at least one of their draft picks. As much as they would like to keep Rubio, I think they may ship him to try and get what they can. Rubio is a pretty hot commodity at this point, especially to Donnie Walsh and the New York Knicks. And I would go out on a limb to say that if Rubio was traded to the Knicks, he wouldn’t be returning to Spain to even pack his bags. Although I can’t think of a trade deal that may take place between the Knicks and the T’Wolves, I would expect to see Rubio in orange and blue before the season starts.

….:::..the drama queen begins his reign….::::…


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NBA Scramble: Knicks Get A Shooter, Magic Land A Point Guard


The last day of trading in the NBA was sure to bring some new faces to new places. The New York Knicks added a scorer to fill the void that was left when they traded Jamal Crawford and the Orlando Magic tried their best to temporarily replace their injured point guard, Jameer Nelson.

The Knicks aquired Larry Hughes from the Chicago Bulls in order to add some scoring to their backcourt. Nate Robinson has been doing well as of late but D’Antoni is always willing to bring on more scoring. If Hughes can stay healthy for a decent amount of time then he can contribute decent numbers.

The Knicks also brought in Chris Wilcox from the Oklahoma City Thunder. They traded Malik Rose (yea, he’s still around and getting paid a lot). I am big on Wilcox (I’m a homer) and I think this trade really works for New York. In fact, I think the Wilcox trade may be better than the Hughes trade. Again, Hughes struggles to stay healthy but Wilcox can go off sometimes. Wilcox’s main problem for not living up to potential was leaving Maryland after his sophomore season, but that’s a topic for another day. Wilcox had productive years in Seattle and I look for him to return to that same form in New York.

And the Magic were unfortunately hit with the injury bug when their starting point guard, Jameer Nelson, went down with a shoulder injury. Nelson really broke out this year and proved to a lot of people what he is capable of doing. Losing him was HUGE, but his temporary replacement aint’ too shabby. The Knicks aquired Rafer Alston from Houston in a three-team deal. Alston can play playoff-caliber basketball, I don’t see anything wrong with this move. The Magic originally brought in Tyronn Lue to fill the space at point guard, but Alston is a much better option. Nelson’s injury certainly affected the Magic’s seeding in the playoffs but Rafer Alston could keep them hovering somewhere around their full potential.

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Mr. Curry…who knew?

eddy-curryNew York Knicks’ center, Eddy Curry, has been the subject of a rather shocking allegation. Curry’s former driver has filed suit against Curry claiming that Curry tried to have sex with him, forcing him to file the sexual harrassment suit.

First off, Curry is married with three kids…which pretty much made me think the guy was straight as an arrow. Times really are changing.

Secondly, the driver also stated that Curry owed him thousands of dollars in unclaimed wages and various expenses that Curry refused to pay back. Curry may be overweight and irrelevant in games, but he still raked in enough money to pay the man.

And lastly, the driver is a prior criminal and Curry has said himself that the guy was desperate for cash – he just didn’t know he was this desperate. Maybe Eddy should take the person’s criminal background into consideration when he hires them for a pointless job. Does Eddy really need a driver? You’re an overpaid basketball player who is decent at best, not Bill Gates.

The driver is looking for $5 million in damages because of Curry’s alleged acts of exposing himself to the driver and referring to him as “cracker”, “white slave”, “white devil”, and “grandmaster of the KKK”. Geez, this story is soooo believable.

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Marbury wants a reunion

stephon-marburyStephon Marbury recently told ESPN that he would love to have a reunion with Kevein Garnett. This amongst the talks that Marbury receives a buy-out from his contract in New York and that the Boston Celtics want to sign the 31-year-old headcase.

“When I was younger, I had a different disposition as far as how I wanted to live life. Reuniting with Kevin is something that I would love. Going to Boston would be great for basketball and for fans to see Kevin and I reunited, like when we were younger. There is some hope, if I can get out of my contract and they’re interested in me. How can you deny the chance?”

Stephon Marbury has the dream job for the last year or so, collecting millions while doing nothing. This guy is the closest thing to team cancer that I can think of. As much as the Knicks would love to get rid of this guy and off the books, the buy-out will still be a ton of money. Not to mention that Knicks’ GM Donnie Walsh has implied that the reason the buy-out has not taken place is because of ineffective negotiations on Marbury’s part. I’d imagine that it’s Marbury wanting a half billion dollars to be released and try to go and ruin another team…

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In a New York Minute

lebronPlease don’t be alarmed, we all knew this was coming. The New York Knicks are currently performing an executive front office strategy called “dumping”. Dumping is when a team makes some trades in order to get some decent players in return with the ultimate goal of trading away some large contracts. New York has dumped Jamal Crawford’s contract and Zach Randolph’s contract. In return, the Knicks receive some guys that have contracts that are due to expire by 2010. Coincidentally, LeBron James will be a free agent in 2010. You’re getting it now, right? That’s right, the New York Knicks will make an extremely hard move to try and sign King James in 2010. I would guess that the Knicks’ main competitor in the King James’ sweepstakes will be New Jersey, which has also dumped some contracts and has LeBron’s buddy, Jay-Z, as a co-owner. Other possible free agents in 2010 include Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, and Manu Ginobili. The most interesting part about all of this is to watch the New York Knicks and see how they finish; are they going after a solid draft pick or trying to win as much as possible? Are they going to make anymore trade splashes? Keep an eye on Quintin Richardson and Eddy Curry as possible guys that might want to get ready to pack their bags. Some deal between New York and Charlotte that sends Curry to the Bobcats may be an interesting find…stay tuned.

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