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Baby Steam-Rolled by Train in Australia! Watch the Video—>

A crazy video from Melbourne, Australia of a stroller rolling off the edge of the standing section at a metro stop and ran over by a train. The problem? There’s a baby in the stroller. This is a must-see video and proof why we should all believe in miracles…


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Fiancee Of ‘Craigslist Killer’ Will Stand By Her Man


I’m beginning to think that Megan McAllister, the fiancee of the alleged ‘Craigslist Killer’, is just as crazy as her murderous boyfriend.

Fox News has reported some interesting quotes from the increasingly scary 25-year-old young lady,

In the past two short weeks, my life and what I hoped my life to be has dramatically changed. I want to thank my family and my friends who have supported me during this very difficult time. Without them, I do not know how I could make it through this nightmare. I hope they know that I love each and every one of them. I also love my fiancé, and I will continue to support him throughout this legal process.

As if that wasn’t crazy and stupid enough, McAllister went on to say,

What has been portrayed and leaked to the media is not the Philip Markoff that I know. To me and my family, he is a loving and caring person and in the eyes of the law and Constitution, he is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I just can only hope that the criminal justice system will not be overwhelmed and persuaded by what is being put forth in the media. My fiancé’s fate should not rest in the court of public opinion, but rather in a court of law.

Has this woman not seen the frickin’ evidence? It’s not what’s being “portrayed” in the media, it’s what the police discovered. A gun in the apartment that matches the bullets at the crime scene, a pair of the murder victim’s underwear, and numerous security camera screen shots seems like more than enough to put this idiot away for a long time. It shouldn’t take too much longer for this McAllister chick to wake up.

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You Better Like Your Job, Girl Fired After Writing That Her Job Was “Boring” On Facebook


Kimberly Swann, a 16-year-old working for Ivell Marketing and Logistics Limited in England, was fired after she wrote that her job was “boring” on her Facebook page.

Ms. Swann did not include the name of the company she worked for and later said that she actually liked her job, but it was no help. The company’s owner, Steve Ivell, told reporters,”Had Miss Swann put up a poster on the staff noticeboard making the same comments and invited other staff to read it there would have been the same result”.

And the moral of the story folks? We have to like our job? Nah, we all know that jobs can suck sometimes. We just have to understand that our bosses are getting pretty nosey and, what they like to call, trendy. Now they all have Facebook accounts and you can expect them to stalk your life for the rest of your employment with them.

Keep your harsh, but true, feelings to yourself. I know, it’s all malarkey.

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Cartels Are Using “Coffins” To Ship Upwards Of 8 Tons Of Cocaine Per Trip


I found this article while searching the internet. This is as much interesting as it is scary. Watch out U.S. Government! Thanks to Reuters for another quality article. Thank you Reuters, Thank you Reuters, Thank Reuters.
KEY WEST, Fla. – Packed with cocaine and grimly christened “coffins,” sleek jungle-built submarines are steaming their way north from Colombia through Pacific waters to deliver tons of illegal drugs headed for the U.S. market.


Skimming just below the water line, with only a glimpse of a glass-enclosed cockpit or metal tubes visible from above, the semi-submersibles are the latest shipment method used by trafficking cartels to try to elude detection by authorities.

A pilot and three or four crewmen squeeze into the cramped hulls of the craft on voyages from Colombia’s Pacific Coast up to Central America or Mexico, where their cargoes are offloaded for shipment to the United States, the U.S. Coast Guard says.

There is no bathroom or galley and the heat can be searing in the narrow space the smugglers share in the stern of the craft, just a few feet away from the throbbing diesel engines.

“They call it either the coffin or the tomb,” said Rear Adm. Joseph Nimmich, the officer who commands the U.S. Coast Guard’s Joint Interagency Task Force South.

“The intent is to be as low-profile, and to make it as difficult for us to find, as possible.”

It estimates that some 60 to 75 of the fiberglass vessels, also known as “narco-subs” and capable of carrying upward of 8 tons of cocaine when fully loaded, are built in clandestine jungle shipyards in northwest Colombia every year.

That makes the fleet big enough to handle almost all of Colombia’s annual exports of cocaine, estimated by United Nations monitors to total about 600 metric tons a year.

Improving technology
Nimmich spoke to Reuters in an interview last week at a Navy dock in Key West, Fla., where one of the vessels is on display. Fifty-nine feet long and about 12 feet wide, it was caught in the Pacific Ocean with its four-man crew and a payload of about 7 tons of cocaine last September.

The “coffin” nickname for the vessels stems from the fact that some suffered catastrophic hull failures in the early stages of their development.

Nimmich said the boats, originally designed by Russian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan engineers, have become increasingly sophisticated in their seaworthiness, propulsion systems and other features.

The smuggling runs from Colombia to Mexico or Guatemala, where the cocaine is offloaded for shipment to the United States, can take up to two weeks. But that is only because the boats slow their powerful engines to a crawl during the day, to avoid detection of their wakes.

Among other new features, the vessel lashed to the dock at the Key West Naval Air Station had an underwater exhaust cooling system to help the boat, painted light gray with speckles of blue, avoid producing a heat signature that could be spotted by infrared radar systems.

“Very low technological capabilities can have a high impact on our sensor system,” Nimmich said.

Until now, the vessels appear to have been used almost exclusively to run cocaine from the Pacific side of Colombia, Nimmich said. But at least one, with a very large cargo capacity and a twin-engine power plant, had been found on the eastern side of Colombia on the Guajira Peninsula, he added.

Potential for terrorist use
Recent reports of building activity in the Caribbean region have not been confirmed, Nimmich added. He said intelligence pointing to construction of at least one semi-submersible, to run cocaine to Europe out of Brazil’s Amazon River Basin, could also not be confirmed, but that this would not be a surprise.

“We clearly think that there’s going to be an expansion of this technology into other vectors,” the admiral said. The potential for terrorist attacks using the vessels was one possibility, he added.

Some of his colleagues have voiced fears that drug smugglers could soon begin making full-fledged submarines capable of diving deep and navigating even more quietly than the current generation.

But Nimmich said such production was unlikely any time soon, even though a full-blown Russian-designed sub, capable of carrying about 150 tons of cocaine and diving to substantial depths, was found by Colombian police in a warehouse outside the Andean nation’s high-elevation capital in 2000.

“The technological advances to go from a semi-submersible to a submersible are dramatic. It is not easy,” Nimmich said.

In any case, the semi-submersibles may already be as good as they need to be in countering beefed-up efforts to intercept drug-laden aircraft and speedboats running out of Colombia.

For every seizure of a semi-submersible vessel — which cost about $500,000 each and are scuttled when they reach their final destinations — Nimmich said four others were likely out plowing the seas northward with impunity.

“At a very good pace this year, we are probably only about 20 percent effective in interdicting semi-submersibles at this point in time,” he said.


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Shocking News: 11-Year-Old Boy Kills Pregnant Woman

WAMPUM, Pa. – Police in western Pennsylvania say an 11-year-old boy has been charged in the death of a pregnant woman who was found shot in a bedroom of her farmhouse.

Police say the boy is charged with criminal homicide and criminal homicide of an unborn child in the killing of 26-year-old Kenzie Marie Houk. The victim was 8 months pregnant.

Lawrence County police issued a statement saying the boy had been arraigned and sent to the county Jail.

They couldn’t immediately say Saturday whether the boy and the woman were related.

Police say Houk’s 5-year-old daughter found her mother’s body Friday morning in a bedroom of their home in the community of Wampum.

The community is about 35 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

What the hell is wrong with people? What could this kid possibly go through or see at home that would make him want to kill someone? He’s frickin’ ELEVEN! I know we don’t know all the details about the story but I would guess that it may have to do with parenting or lack there of.

[Story provided by the Associated Press. Article found at]

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Shocking: Famous Chimpanzee Shot And Killed By Police After Brutal Attack


You may not be as familiar with Travis the Chimp as some others, but the 15-year-old chimpanzee had quite the life. When he was younger, Travis the Chimp starred in a number of t.v. commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola. He also made a guest appearance on the “Maury Povich Show” and even took part in a t.v. pilot.

All of that changed when the 200-pound ape attacked his owner’s friend during, what the owner describes as, a “freak accident”. Travis’ owner, Sandra Herold, claimed that Travis was acting “agitated” early Monday morning and she thought it would be okay to give him Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug. Police have since concluded that the drug was not prescribed to Travis. Police were also informed that Travis had Lyme Disease.

Travis then got out of the house and Herold called her friend, Charla Nash, asking her to come over and help get the animal back in the house. When Nash drove over to Herold’s and stepped out of her car, the ape began to visciously attack her. Once Herold saw the chimp lunge at Nash, she immediately ran inside to call 911 and came back outside with a knife. Travis continued to maul at Nash’s face and Herold was force to stab the ape repeatedly and whack it with a shovel, but to no avail.

After the initial attack that left Nash extremely bloody and unable to move, Travis began to roam Herold’s yard. By that time, paramedics arrived on the scene to treat the injured Nash. According to audio tapes, the medics were heard saying that the victim “had no face”.

Travis then returned and began to attack the police officers who had reported to the call, the officers quickly retreated to their cars. Once Travis attempted to open the doors of the squad cars, officers were left with no choice but to shoot, killing the movie-star ape.

Herold told reporters that Travis was “all love” prior to the “freak accident”. Maybe it’s because you gave a frickin’ monkey Xanax! What in the hell were you thinking? Or were you? And how many times does it take someone getting hurt until people realize that apes cannot be house pets? A chimpanzee is a damn powerful ape that has so much muscle it is unable to swim. With that being said, what makes you think you have any control?

Charla Nash is in the hospital with life-changing and life-threatening injuries. Sandra Herold attempted to visit her friend but was turned away by the hospital when she arrived. “It’s just been hell,” Herold told reporters. “There’s no way to explain it any different.”

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