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Clausen Will Enter NFL Draft: A Quick Analysis of the 2010 ‘Potential’ QB Class

With the early departure of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen announced today, the NFL Draft analysis can begin. With that said, my first bold statement of the NFL Draft is that I believe the quarterback class in 2010 will be a lot deeper than most people expect. At first glance, the QB Class may look a bit too cluttered with spread offense gun-slingers. But I would argue that, with the number of teams that may opt for a quarterback at some point in the draft, we’ll be hearing about these kids for longer than expected. 

Taking a quick look at NFL teams that may have a QB in mind (somewhere within the seven rounds), I come up with about a dozen, give or take. Does Denver stick with Kyle Orton? Sure he’s been decent but does McDaniels want his guy? Does Minnesota look into the future? Brett Favre can’t play forever (right?) and Tavaris Jackson isn’t the long-term answer. San Francisco has had a pleasant surprise in Alex Smith but I’m sure they’ll take a gander. Washington’s quarterback situation is always the topic of discussion, with a majority saying Campbell is at least second string in 2010. Jacksonville needs fans in seats, Garrard isn’t cutting it. Seattle has made up their mind about Hasselbeck, it was a good run. Miami drafted Chad Henne but they may take a late project. Buffalo needs another guy not named Trent Edwards. Cleveland drafted Brady Quinn and he may actually win over Mangini by the end of the season. St. Louis is on the desperate list, Bulger is about to fall apart (literally). Jake Delhomme never cut it for me in Carolina, and John Fox will look to move on in 2010. And finally…Oakland. Gradkowski has worked wonders since Russell was benched but it’s time to ‘officially’ give up on JaMarcus and his horrible attitude. Hopefully for the Raiders, an uncapped year will allow them to cut his fat ass along with his fat contract. So there you have it, about a dozen teams that may look towards a quarterback at some point in the draft. 

Now let’s take a look at the QB prospects. Although the talent level drops off drastically about a quarter through the list, that doesn’t mean the late-round guys can’t turn out okay (see: Tom Brady). Here’s a quick list of my QB prospects in somewhat of a personal Big Board rating: 

  1. Jimmy Clausen (ND)  6’3  217 – He’s played in a pro-style offense and he’s been through the up’s and the down’s of a very popular team. He’s played well, progressed even better, and knows what its like to play away from home.
  2. Jake Locker (WAS)  6’3  223 – Good talent at a bad school, Locker knows the game and is pretty athletic. His arm strength is decent but seems like a good decision-maker.
  3. Sam Bradford (OU)  6’4  214 – Other than the injuries and durability as a result, Bradford is a HUGE talent. His accuracy is second to none and he has good decision making. His athleticism is often overlooked because of how little he leaves the pocket.
  4. Ryan Mallet (ARK)  6’6  250 – Michigan transfer that can throw up numbers in bunches. He has lead feet but has tremendous upside. He would be a project but one worth taking on.
  5. Tony Pike (CIN)  6’6  225 – If you didn’t know Pike before this year, you do now. Pike is smart and very accurate. And impressively enough, the guy can move around for his size. The hype may be surrounding him but I think he could turn out.
  6. Jevan Snead (OM)  6’3  215 – One of the most overrated teams in the nation, Ole Miss got a lot of attention because of Snead. He has good arm strength and his upside was going to get him a lot. But after a crappy season in ’09, Snead’s stock has dropped off. Remember this kid couldn’t beat out McCoy at Texas.
  7. Colt McCoy (UT)  6’3  215 – Not another Vince Young. McCoy can put the pass on a dime but may need help with his ability to read a defense. His leadership is impressive and he’s had great college experience. I would say he’s a sure fire West Coast guy.
  8. Tim Tebow  (FL)  6’3  235 – He wants to play QB but it may not happen. His arm strength isn’t anything special and his decision-making won’t work in the NFL. Jacksonville may be his only hope in the first-round.
  9. Christian Ponder (FSU)  6’3  220 – Not a big fan of this guy in college but he has a very accurate pass and he understands the game. Ponder could succeed in this league as long as he doesn’t have to throw the long ball.
  10. Pat Devlin (UD)  6’4  220 – Originally a QB at Penn State, Devlin has a cannon for an arm and is hoping to follow in a certain one’s footsteps.
  11. Jarrett Brown (WVU)  6’4  220 – Big guy, extremely athletic, and able to make the pass. His upside and potential is scary but can he ever learn to read a defense?
  12. Jonathan Crompton (UT)  6’4  224 – The guy got better, I’ll give him that. He has the intangibles to succeed in the NFL but a team will have to take on a project.
  13. Zac Robinson (OSU)  6’3  210 – If anyone falls victim to the ‘spread-only quarterback’, it’s this guy.
  14. Bill Stull (PITT)  6’3  215 – Played well for a former-NFL coach but his decision-making under pressure is what keeps him down.
  15. Sean Canfield (OSU)  6’4  215 – He got better over the year and people got to find out who the Beaver is.
  16. Max Hall (BYU)  6’1  201 – His accuracy shouldn’t be an issue but his size and decision-making are.
  17. Tim Hiller (WMU)  6’5  228 – I actually like Hiller at a higher spot but his lack of competition and weak arm make him a tough shot. Hiller has a great read on defenses and makes decent decisions but he has cement feet and not a great deep-ball. He could prosper in a short-pass oriented offense.  

Where these guys actually end up will have to wait for my annual Mock Draft. A quick breakdown of the running backs will follow soon.


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Sam Bradford Goes Down Again, Second Thoughts on NFL Jump?

Sam Bradford

Halfway through the 2009 Red River Shootout, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford has yet to return to the game. After throwing just eight passes in the game, Bradford went down on the same right shoulder that put him out for 31 days the first time. Trying to avoid the rush from the left side of his body, Bradford tucked the ball with his right hand and landed on the right shoulder with the weight of himself and a Longhorn defender. Bradford grimaced in pain and was helped off the field. And now, people are really concerned.

Last season, Sam Bradford could have skipped out of college as a redshirt sophomore and headed to the NFL where he would have likely been the first quarterback selected in the Draft (over Sanchez in my opinion). However, the fame, millions of dollars, and stud status wasn’t enough to keep Bradford from the Oklahoma Sooners. He opted to come back and take the Sooners to the championship! Now, two injuries on the same shoulder within two months of each other; could Bradford be re-thinking his off-season decision?

Sam Bradford is only a junior but he couldn’t possibly pass up on ANOTHER chance to hit the NFL, could he? If his draft stock is seriously hurt as a result of his own injuries, he could always opt to return to school. However, the smart thing for Bradford would be to sit out the rest of this season, get his shoulder right, and get ready for the NFL Combine. Although he should have made the leap last year, Bradford entering the NFL Draft this season is a MUST. Look at Matt Leinart who decided to return to school? He’s still behind a 100-year-old Kurt Warner who still has another year on his contract. And then take a look at Mark Sanchez: a guy that really only had one good year at USC and he took the money and ran, even under heavy convincing attempts by head coach Pete Carroll to stay. Now Sanchez is the next “Broadway Joe” doing GQ photo shoots and leading the New York Jets like no one has in years. Hell, take JaMarcus Russell. Russell may be a horrible quarterback playing for a horrible team, but he made the leap instead of returning to school and whether he retired today or ten years from now, he’d be set for life.

It’s one of those situations where all people sit on either side of the fence: stay at school or make the leap? It’s risky either way. Make the jump and end up like Russell? Or return to school and end up like Leinart? Let’s hope Bradford’s injuries don’t do permanent damage.

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A Shot Heard ‘Round the World: Heisman Hoepful Goes Down

Sam Bradford

Not only did Oklahoma lose it’s opening game to BYU on Saturday night, they also lost their star quarterback.

Sam Bradford was driven to the ground near the end of the first half in Saturday’s game by BYU defender Coleby Clawson. The hit was “clean” but resulted in both players landing on Bradford’s right side. Bradford immediately began squirming in pain and clutching his right shoulder. Bradford returned to the sidelines after examination in a sling. He had to sit and watch as redshirt freshman Landry Jones tried to fill the shoes. Jones played well but not well enough as the Sooners fell 14-13.

Although no time table has been placed on Bradford’s return, this does not help his Heisman hopes. Without Bradford, it will be interesting to see how the Sooners carry themselves. If you’re a Texas fan, you cheer.

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Better Scenario: Bradford staying or Sanchez rolling?

mark-sanchezSam Bradford has decided to leave his name off the Draft Eligible list and try to win a National Title with the Sooners next season. Mark Sanchez has decided to roll on USC and try his stuff at the professional level. So, who has the better scenario? It may be closer than you think…

Sam Bradford passes up on a potential #1 draft pick in this year’s draft in order to come back to Oklahoma and take care of some unfinished business (winning a bowl game). It could be that Bradford doesn’t want to go to the Lions, but I think it’s more about his readiness. Bradford needs to work on his mobility and his weight in, what should be, his final year at Oklahoma. Bradford rarely scrambles but I don’t think it’s because of speed. A little more experience will allow for Bradford to develop a new vision of the field that may result in some 7-10 yard scrambles every once and a while. And, although Bradford has the accuracy to hang with many pros, he needs to put a little meat on his bones. The frame that Bradford has now wouldn’t necessarily translate very well into the NFL when he goes against those fierce and extremely fast linebackers. Again, many analysts and “experts” had Bradford as the number one pick. But who is really to say that the Lions would like Bradford over Stafford?

Mark Sanchez is not exactly a proven quarterback, but he played at USC and had an amazing year. 2008 was Sanchez’s first full season as the starter and he made the most of the opportunity (66%, 34 TDs, 164 RTG). Sanchez’s departure leaves the Trojans in somewhat of a rebuilding stage but Sanchez immediately becomes the second selected quarterback in the 2009 draft. The real question is in which round will the second quarterback be selected? 1st round? Second round? Later? Look out for Minnesota, Kansas City, Chicago, and San Francisco – all of which may be addressing the quarterback position in the draft. Especially the 49er’s – homestate kid, familiar with the climate, experience with traveling, etc.

So who has the better scenario? I honestly think that both guys are doing what’s best for themselves. Unless an unexpected injury completely wipes out Sam Bradford, he’s a lock for the number one pick next year (unless you have Brady, Peyton, etc.). With that being said, he really understands that he needs a slight tweak in college in order to better prepare himself for the NFL. He will have to worry about guys like Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow in next year’s draft, both of which are miles behind Bradford. On the other hand, Snachez may be a chance that a team is willing to take due to the lack of quality quarterbacks entering this year’s draft. Sanchez will obviously be selected behind Stafford, but I don’t see him going after Nate Davis, Graham Herrell, or even Josh Freeman. If Sanchez goes to a team like Kansas City, San Fran, or Minnesota – I would say he is in a really good spot.

Good luck to both guys.

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Tides-a-turnin’ in the BCS Championship game?

2009-bcsIf you would have asked me who was going to win the BCS Title Game a week ago I would have probably said the Sooners, not so much anymore. ESPN reported today that DeMarco Murray, the Sooners’ starting running back, would not be able to play in the championship game against the Florida Gators on January 8th. This may not seem like a big deal at first because the Sooners have another great back named Chris Brown that has 100 more yards than Murray along with 6 more TDs. However, losing DeMarco Murray will have an effect on the way the #1 offense goes about running its plays. The Oklahoma offense was dominant for a reason, because it all clicked and everyone worked as a unit. Now, you take away a key component and things are sure to change. There’s no doubt in my mind that Okie offensive coordinators will have to change their gameplans a little bit in order to adapt to the absence of Murray.

Secondly, I saw an interesting statistic on that said Heisman winners are just 1-5 in BCS Championship games – I didn’t even realize! So with a crucial part of the offense sitting on the sidelines combined with the fact that Heisman winners (Bradford) are just 1-5 in the big game lead me to change my pick to the Florida Gators as the next National Champion.

But wait! To me, Alabama missed only a couple opportunities to beat Florida in the SEC title game leading me to believe that they are certainly beatable when facing a team like the Sooners. Also, Dan Mullen, the Florida offensive coordinator, has already accepted the head coaching job at Mississippi State. Can a offensive guru like Mullen focus 100% on the task at hand and not his next job? I’m not implying that Mullen would do anything to compromise the game for Florida, but there is no way he can be focused.

Florida is currently the favorite with a spread of 3 points. 57% of bettors are taking the Florida Gators (-3) and 53% are taking the Florida Gators on the moneyline, all of which makes the #1 team in the nation an UNDERDOG! Not to mention the game is being played in South Florida, which I consider a “home” stadium for the Gators. What does that make the #1 team in the nation? ROAD-DOGS! I love taking road-dogs and Oklahoma may throw their own swamp on the Gators come January.

This could be a possible pick…

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Heisman Predicitons

heismantrophyI don’t want to jump on the bus to cry-baby land because Graham Herrell didn’t get invited to the Heisman Trophy presentation, but I will admit that it was a pretty stupid move. The kid threw all over the place, had the TDs, didn’t have the interceptions, etc. But that obviously doesnt matter anymore.

Who I Want to Win – I would love to see Colt McCoy win the Heisman. He has lead Texas to everything they have earned this year, which should also include a shot at the National Title. He can throw with tremendous accuracy and he can beat you with his feet, making him the perfect college quarterback. He has 500+ rushing yards, 3,000+ passing yards, and 32 passing touchdowns. He is one of the toughest players in the country and everyone knows how hard it is to play QB at Texas…he has won 31 games as a starter with another year to go.

Who I Think will Win – Sam Bradford makes a really good case for why he deserves the Heisman Trophy, with his accuracy alone. He has the greatest accuracy of any QB in the country and he has lead his team (no matter how you want to look at it) to the number one ranking in the country along with a shot at the National Title. He has 4,400+ yards passing and 48 touchdown passes, which is hard to compete with. Although I want Colt to win it and I don’t necessarily agree with Oklahoma as the number one team, I couldn’t argue with Bradford winning the award.

Who Would be the ‘Coolest’ Winner – Tim Tebow is the best college player in the nation and possibly one of the greatest college football players to ever live. I am not a huge fan of him as a quarterback because I don’t really think he has the arm to be compared with guys like McCoy and Bradford, but his leadership is immeasurable. When Tebow gets pumped, the whole team gets pumped. His stats don’t include as much passing as the other guys, but he still boasts 28 TDs to just 2 INTs. He has played eight of the top-30 defenses in the country and he has put the Gators on his back and taken them to the National Title game. Plus, I would love to see another guy win two Heisman Trophies…

Sure I have an opinion and I am rooting for a specific guy, but I can’t see anyone really being upset about who wins the Heisman this year. All three of these guys have the stats, have the toughness, and certainly have the leadership. Whoever walks away with the Trophy will be well-deserving.

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